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Thoughts on Sherlock: The Lying Detective

I’ve had the WordPress editor open for about 2 hours, just trying to get my thoughts into order. My brain is kind of sleep-deprived today, thanks to last nights episode of Sherlock. I don’t remember the last time I lost sleep because of a TV episode! After last week’s episode (which you can read my thoughts on here) I wasn’t as giddily excited for The Lying Detective, in fact my family were deep in holiday planning discussion when we realised it had started!

It seems obvious to me but I should warn you just in case, big, boy racer spoilers ahead for last night’s episode of Sherlock. Steer clear if you haven’t seen it yet. Or if you appreciate good writing. There won’t be any of that today I’m afraid.

giphy (2).gif

That’s about as much as I can type without beginning to lose it. Because last night’s episode was JUST SO GOOD. Literally, from the word go, I knew this was the kind of story that was missing from last week. Straight away we were introduced to our bad guy, AKA Culverton Smith, AKA Toby Jones, who seems like one of the nicest guys on earth yet plays some of the nastiest human beings ever on TV.

Now I’m really struggling, this is kind of what’s going on in my head right now:

Mary isn’t dead?! Mary isn’t DEAD?!
Oh. Never mind. John you need to get yourself some help, buddy.

Sherlock’s a mess too. Is it wrong to miss druggie Sherlock? He’s kind of hot in that weird, rugged way. Now I need some help too.

It is proven, by the great Mr. Sherlock Holmes himself, that a bag of chips solves all of life’s problems. However, it is absolutely not okay to put ketchup on top of the chips! Ketchup belongs on the side, for dipping.

I feel like a very bad person for liking dead, imaginary Mary more than alive Mary.

Deductions! Deductions everywhere!


YAAAAAS Mrs Hudson! I call BS on anyone who claims they knew it would be her to step out of that car. Also, if all it takes is a cup of tea and some handcuffs to get Sherlock into your car… *cough* I’ll stop there, my Mum reads this blog. My husband, too.

Speaking of my Mum, 10 points to Gryffindor because she worked out that Culverton’s daughter (pretend daughter?) and John’s therapist were the same person before any of us! May she be forever known as Mumcroft from this day forth.

She didn’t however, work out that said therapist was also the same lady John cheated on Mary with. Or that she was also THE THIRD HOLMES BROTHER SISTER. It’s like Predestination all over again!

“It is what it is”
Is now my favourite saying ever.


Who gets to remind John that he started a relationship with Sherlock’s sister? The mere thought is making me giggle.

Finally, how on earth am I going to make it through this week until the next episode? More importantly, how am I going to make it through the next 3 or more years next week when it’s all over again?!

This Sunday is going to be special though. We’re heading to our local cinema which is screening the final episode, with an extra 15 minutes of bonus footage. I can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Sherlock: The Lying Detective

  1. Hey Allie, I’m skipping your review as I haven’t caught up w/ the latest SHERLOCK yet. Btw have you seen Black Mirror? I’m catching up on that now and boy that is quite a provocative series.


    1. Ooh yes, I’m so glad you skipped because it’s such a good episode and definitely one to be seen knowing nothing about it! I’ve heard of Black Mirror, and I’m looking for some new shows so I’ll be sure to check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!


      1. Yeah, w/ Sherlock it’s always best to know as little as possible and be surprised. Black Mirror is a UK show I believe, SO many great British actors on there.


  2. I LOVED this episode. Omg when Mrs. Hudson stepped out of that car, I still cannot believe it. And that ending twist was fantastic and I didn’t see it coming. I can’t believe next week it’s over again 😦


  3. I “awwed” when John and Sherlock hugged. I’m sure the Johnlock shippers loved that. Personally, I love the undertones of Mycroft getting laid. That was hysterical to me.

    I really loved this episode but I hated that Mary still appeared. I wanted to be done with her. Toby Jones was a great villain though.

    Great post!


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