Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#3) Coming out of Hiding…


I’ve been living in a box for the last 2 weeks, guys. Okay, slight exaggeration, I’m not homeless, but my life has been surrounded by cardboard boxes for far too long now. We get the keys to our new house today, and we’re moving over the weekend. Exciting, right? NO. I really, really don’t want to move. I love the new house, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t see what’s so fun about it all right now. Plus, it’s taking all my movie and blogging time away!

moving-boxes-cat-fortSo, a huge apology for just disappearing off the face of the planet this month. If the move goes smoothly and our internet is running sooner rather than later, hopefully I’ll be back in full force very soon. Good old life, getting in the way huh? To give you an idea, this is what my living room looked like this morning. The cats are loving their life right now, and I wish I could tell them to make the most of it before they move to a house that a dog used to live in, and that they’re going to be housebound for 2 weeks. Ah, they’re going to hate me…

Thanks for not ditching me while I’ve been gone. I can see you guys have still left me comments, and I have some emails and Twitter messages to go through too, which I’ll get round to asap. Thanks for being patient with me!

Movie wise, I’m doing fairly terrible. I saw Logan though, for what that’s worth! Honestly, I’ve never been into the X-Men but Logan was pretty darn awesome. Kind of saw those sad parts coming though, although did anyone not? I’ll tell you what I really loved though, Kubo and the Two Strings. I was gutted to have missed it at the cinema, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get round to. I laughed, I cried, and then I sobbed for about 10 minutes, much to the bewilderment of my husband, because I was sat next to him with my headphones in.

I also finally saw Split! I’d been trying to avoid spoilers like the plague, and I was doing so well, the only thing I’d read (about a million times) was that everyone seemed to mention Split and Unbreakable in the same sentence. Well, if you’ve seen Split, you’ll know that I was hugely disappointed to have put two and two together in the first twenty minutes. I’ll just put on my big girl pants next time and see something like that in the cinema…sigh.

And honestly? That’s pretty much it! Are there any new DVD releases you guys can recommend for me so I can catch up?

13 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#3) Coming out of Hiding…

    1. It’s wonderful now we’re done and unpacked but urgh, that really wasn’t fun! Anyone who ribbed us for booking a whole week off to do it can go to hell haha.
      I’d love to know what your thoughts on Split are if you get round to it!


  1. Oh man,. Those twitter messages are just notifications from me because I’m harassing people with RF hype. I saw Logan too and Hugh Jackman STOLE MY SOUL AND HEART NAD THE REST OF MY DIGNITY. So there’s a lot of that going on now.

    I love that picture! I cannot imagine moving and packing and unpacking…I’m sure it will be worth it by the end


  2. Moving can be energy-sapping, I’ve been there. Don’t worry about your absence, we understand and will still be here when you return.

    new dvd releases in UK? hmm, American Honey (20 Feb) I really liked and should have got a Best Picture nom! Arrival (out March 20) I recommend as well. I remember you are a Potter fan and Fantastic Beasts is out March 27 on dvd r2. Hope that helps.


  3. I commented here already, my message got deleted /: Hope your moving is going according to plan. Recent dvd releases in uk? I recommend American Honey. I enjoyed it and I think should have been nominated for Best Picture.


  4. Hey Allie! Congrats on your new home. I know moving is a pain but I think it’ll be worth it once you settled in.

    Glad you love Kubo and the Two Strings. I absolutely loved that too, wish I had seen it on the big screen!


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