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Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

beauty-and-the-beast-2017-reviewYou want to know the only thing that moving house hasn’t stopped me from doing? Going to see my all-time favourite childhood movie being turned into a live action remake! Plus, with the week off work we’ve had, it meant getting to see it while everyone else was either in school or work. Empty screen, result! Also meant that I could sing along without being kicked out, bonus!

Normally our cherished movies being remade is a reason to sulk and moan, but I’ve been so excited since Disney announced Beauty and the Beast was the next to be revisited. I didn’t need a new angle, a new story, I just wanted to see that wonderful old animation get the live action treatment. I was so impressed with the casting! Hermoine was my idol growing up so I knew Emma Watson would nail the role, and Josh Gad is so perfect for LeFou I swear his animated counterpart was drawn with him in mind already. Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen could do no wrong in my mind, and although I wasn’t 100% on board with Luke Evans as Gaston, I was open-minded.

Thankfully, the story hasn’t been changed much at all. The plot holes that the die-hard Disney fans picked up on have been filled, and we got a lot more backstory into the Beast and Belle herself. We didn’t need it of course, but it was interesting at least. I’m sure it’s going to be a sour point for some critics, but this is how I feel; I love cake and chocolate, and if someone gave me more than I could eat, I don’t see that as a bad thing.


Let me tell you what I loved. Hearing my favourite songs remade. I genuinely shed a tear during Belle’s song, it was perfect. Yes, Emma Watson has been through the auto tune several times, but she probably still sounds better than I do singing in the car. Gaston! Luke Evans completely won me over, I’m converted. LUMIERE. That wonderful candlestick went from being an okay character in the original to completely stealing my heart in the remake. He stole the show in every scene he was in! Also, that snowball fight was brilliant.

Here’s my little nitpicks. I was so excited to see Josh Gad, but he completely overdid LeFou, and I didn’t like the voice he put on for it. The bromance was already evident in the original, and I just don’t see the need to push it so hard like he did. They changed Gaston’s song too, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. Still, when that’s all I can really complain about, it’s not half bad is it?


All in all, I loved it. These live action remakes really are strong. I wasn’t a massive fan of the original Cinderella and Jungle Book, but the remakes won me over, and Beauty and the Beast was just as strong. I’m excited for whichever one is next! This movie gets 4 and a half out of five dozen eggs.


16 thoughts on “Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  1. Nice review! Love your eggs rating! The original BATB is one of my all-time faves. I was so excited to see this and it didn’t disappoint. The songs were slightly changed but they’re all still catchy. It’s a shame Disney autotuned Emma so much because when her voice shines through, it’s lovely. The cast was marvelous, and the backstories were a nice touch. And I just want to live in that castle or have some of those props. It’s nice to be able to watch a remake and like it as much as the original. 😀


    1. I was going to go with a roses rating but eggs came to mind and I couldn’t stop laughing at myself!
      Since seeing it the songs have grown on me more, but that might have something to do with me brainwashing myself with the soundtrack! I’m really glad you enjoyed it too, I hope the other remakes stay at this kind of level 🙂


  2. I love Beauty and the Beast, it’s always been one of my favorites but Emma Watson is awful. I don’t want to see her ruin Belle, that’s the only thing stopping me from seeing it. (Though with all the clips Disney released, I feel like I have seen it already.)


    1. Yeah I’m completely biased because I kind of love her, but that said with the amount of times she’s gone through the auto tune I’d love to hear what her singing voice is really like!!


  3. I’m gonna catch it on DVD for the cast but I wish that trend of making live action versions of movies stopped. The CGI isn’t eve that good, the Beast looked ridiculous in the trailers. But I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    1. I hated the beast to begin with but I kinda warmed to him. I’m still on the fence about all these adaptations, but it’s getting a younger audience interested in classics they might skip otherwise, and I think that’s a half win at least!


    1. I agree with you there, we don’t need them at all, but the quality has been great so far! Plus, it’s getting a young audience into Disney classics they might have skipped otherwise 🙂


  4. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen this! Or Cinderella! But I loved the new Jungle Book so I guess I’ll have to watch those two sooner or later.


  5. Hey Allie, I enjoyed this one too, though I still think the animated version is eons better. I mean, the finale is far more emotional to me, and it’s a cartoon!

    I agree about Le Fou, it’s just way over the top and it just stops being funny after a while.


  6. I finally get to see this next week! This is my favorite Disney classic, so I did carwheels when they said they are remaking it. Curious to check out the changes. I might just cry during the song. And my ultimate crush Dan Stevens being the Beast? All the YES


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