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Movie Confessions Blogathon

Two weeks ago I asked all you lovely bloggers to send me your movie related confessions. You delivered, big time, and boy oh boy did you shock me along the way! Let’s get straight to it, shall we?


Firstly, there’s a heck of a lot of ‘must see’ movies that you haven’t seen. In fact, I hold you all personally responsible for making me sit through The Godfather a couple of years ago, because I thought I’d be a blogging fraud if I couldn’t hold a conversation about it.

“As of this blogathon, I have not seen any Studio Ghibli film.” – Drew’s Movie Reviews

“As of this blogathon, I have not seen any Terminator movie outside of short clips.” – Drew’s Movie Reviews

“I’ve never watched any of the Godfather films. I know they exist and that they are excellent, but they just keep passing me by. One day I’ll manage.
And neither have I watched Forrest Gump. To be honest, unless it just happens to be showing on TV, I doubt I’ll actively seek it out. It has just never appealed enough to get me to watch it. Despite hearing all the wonderful reviews. And, if I watch it I’ll probably wonder why it took me so long.
…Or Shawshank Redemption. Or Silence of the Lambs.” – Thoughts All Sorts

“I have not actually yet seen Citizen Kane, nor The Godfather films for that matter.” – This Is Madness!

Shocking, guys. Shocking. You also had a lot of love to share, some guilty pleasures, and some movies that just deserve more love all round!

“I love Dirty Dancing so so much, as well as Grease, Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, Wayne’s World 1 and 2, the Bridget Jones trilogy and Miss Congeniality. If any of these movies are on TV and I happen to be flicking the channels, I just have to watch them.” – Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews

“My friend and I became obsessed with Suite Francaise and we saw it three times at the cinema. I thought it we saw it enough times, the ending would have been happier.” – She Likes Movies

“In my opinion, the X-Men franchise beats the MCU any day of the week. Any. Day.” – The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

“I prefer George Lucas’ Star Wars (prequels included) over Disney’s Star Wars.” – This Is Madness!

“When Garfield the movie came out, I made my aunt take me to see it. There was only 4 other people there. I absolutely loved the film, mostly because of Bill Murray but I know it’s a most hated film. My aunt has never forgiven me for making her go.” – She Likes Movies

Realweegiemidget has so many guilty pleasures that they sent me a whole list! Read it here.

I’m getting a warm, fuzzy feeling from all this love right now. Oh wait, I just left my fan heater on behind my desk. My bad! Hold on tight, things are about to get rough now as we head into the things you find completely overrated.

“I find many best picture Oscar nominated movies to be overrated.” – Drew’s Movie Reviews

“I think Meryl Streep is overrated. She’s not a terrible actress, but a bulk of her greatest performances were at the beginning of her career. Her roles since Out of Africa or Sophie’s Choice are just okay. She doesn’t wow me like everyone else seems to be…” – Anonymous

“All the ‘hype’ around La La Land has actually put me off the movie. The Trailer didn’t help catch my attention either.” – Thoughts All Sorts

“I’m probably the only person in the world who didn’t enjoy Moonlight and was saddened when it won Best Picture this year.” – Movie Rob

Ouch! It’s not getting any better from here, folks. Here’s what you absolutely hated. Fans of Birdman, beware…

“I really didn’t enjoy Terence Malick films. I value a very strong plot/screenplay in a film, and I feel that he focuses too much on the cinematography and visuals for my taste.! – Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews 

“I really hated Birdman.” – Life of This City Girl

“I strongly disliked Birdman. I just couldn’t connect with it. I really enjoyed what is considered to be one of the worst Best Picture winners of all-time, The Greatest Show on Earth. Who would want to miss seeing Jimmy Stewart in a clown costume?.” – Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews

“I absolutely hate the James Bond series. And in fact, it is the only series of films that I refuse to watch, no matter how good everyone says certain entries are.” – This Is Madness!

Can someone go check to see if Michael Keaton is okay, please? These next few don’t fit into any particular category, but they’re still great. My apologies go out to Katie at She Likes Movies because I’m still laughing at her Back to the Future confession, even though that movie is probably ruined forever for her.

“I was really disturbed by Inland Empire so when I had an argument with a close friend of mine, about films, when we sorta made up, I said she could have my copy, thinking it was a punishment as I was still angry with her.” – She Likes Movies

“My blogging friends know more about my movie ‘addiction’ than my friends and family in the real world do.” – Movie Rob

“I feel like I have overactive tear ducts, so if there is any kind of emotional scene in a movie, I will at the very least get watery eyes.” – Drew’s Movie Reviews

“I once had an awkward encounter while Back  to the Future was on in the background. Things ended so badly with the guy that I couldn’t watch the film until years after. And I love Back to the Future.” – She Likes Movies

Last, but by no means least, one of my all time favourite bloggers, known as Lady Sati over at Cinematic Corner had so much to confess (seriously girl, how did you have anything left?) that she needed her own section. Are you ready for this?

“1. Big Little Lies is overhyped as hell. Spoilers – the idea in this day and age Jane didn’t know what her friend’s husband looks like and that he would lose his cool so bad and just started beating those women up buried the show. And Vallee music video filmmaking style is fine in 2h movie but it was a nightmare to get through when I saw the 7 episodes in one sitting.”

“2. I judge people who tell me they like Chris Pratt. All you need to do is google the chihuahua him and his wife abandoned or the cat he gave up on twitter because he knocked his wife up. I wish these two never worked in Hollywood or anywhere else again.”

“3. I think Amy Adams is the most overrated actress on the planet and if she wasn’t there every single Oscar season doing tons of interviews and round tables no one would nominate her on merit of her performance. Gary Oldman is 100x better than her but he doesn’t do award circuit promo thing. He has one nomination, she has 5 and everyone cries that she didn’t get a 6th one this year. It’s ridiculous.”

“4. I think people who doubt how Jennifer Lawrence went from doing indie films to doing big profile movies over night even after they saw her casting couch photos are naive.”

“5. I never saw Citizen Kane and I don’t think I will. The idea you need to sit through some old, boring movie – from all accounts I heard – just because you are a movie fan is stupid.”

“6. I have The Heat in my top 100 and Logan in my top 25 and yes they are both higher than Psycho. Because when I come home and want to see something to entertain me – the film that does a better job at that is gonna be higher on my favorite movies list than a better/more acclaimed film.”

“7. Seeing how Hugh Jackman on his own makes Les Miserables watchable makes the fact the Academy chose to give overrated DDL his third Oscar for mediocre performance in Lincoln even more ridiculous.”

“8. And finally I have little respect for people who 1. take the money 2. lose weight/do crazy things/put their health at risk 3. ramble on during talk shows how much they suffered when not only did they not do those things for free, out of their own free will but usually they get awards for it which leads to more roles and more money. If you ate a carrot a day, it’s because you chose to. No one forced you. Now please, shut up about it.”

“Oh and one more! 9. Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation to a rapist Roman Polanski. Praising her for her ‘anti-Trump speech’ during Globes was so cringe-worthy. She stood up and clapped for a rapist. She has no moral authority over anyone.”

Everyone, I can’t thank you enough for taking part and spreading the word! I thought I would have to pad this post out with my own confessions but you’ve outdone all of my expectations! I’m thinking we’re going to have to make this a yearly tradition.

45 thoughts on “Movie Confessions Blogathon

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Here’s Allie’s post for her Confessions Blogathon. There are definitely some shocking confessions on this list! Tnx Allie for letting me take part!


  2. That was a crack up. I can’t remember if I posted that I’ve never seen The Sound of Music, but I hope you do this again because I’d love to be able to say that after True Romance, I’ve HATED Quentin Tarantino’s smug, condescending attitude, his face and almost every movie he’s churned out on the road to “I’ll do 9 and call it quits”. Please Quentin, after you last “epic” western which left me cold – why not hang it up right now. I had an inkling that after casting himself as George Clooney’s brother (in WHAT possible universe do these 2 share anything resembling genetic material?) in his ridiculous vampires in a desert bar crapfest – that this was a guy whose ego knew no boundaries.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Paul – I live to serve. Glad I could be of service. Quentin is his own biggest fan. I find him a pretentious and pernicious idea borrower who pawns things off as homages when in fact they are blatant rip offs. Comes from his film education as a clerk behind the counter of a movie rental shop. The fact that he’s a 2 time Oscar winning screenwriter (who BTW – has NEVER joined the Writers Guild) makes me nauseous. The Academy – sometime in the near future – will look back at the Original (??!!) Screenplay Oscar it bestowed on him in 2012 for “Django Unchained” (a ridiculously racist and overtly violent pseudo-western which single-handedly kept a bunch of squib-making special effects houses in business) and say, “What the HELL were we thinking?” In the year of Zero Dark Thirty, Flight and Moonrise Kingdom – it will go down in Oscar annals as one of the more dunderheaded awards in their history. Right up there with “The Greatest Show on Earth”, “Around The World in 80 Days” and “The Artist” (sorry – but there’s a reason they don’t make silent movies any more) as Best Picture winners.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. The Hateful Eight also left me cold! It was too long. I usually like out of sync storylines (eg. Memento) but this had minimal purpose. It would have been better to just put it all in order to minimize the confusion. I thought Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance as Daisy was definitely formidable, but other than that I thought it was so overrated.


      1. Tarantino made a big deal out of tracking down camera lenses that hadn’t been used in 30 years – so he could shoot 90% of the movie claustrophobically trapped inside the rest stop. Earlier, he went ballistic when he gave out the script to a handful of actors and it leaked on line – and then he threatened not to make the movie at all. Like you said – this was an epic length movie without an epic story to tell. QT’s big reveals weren’t worth the effort and not very surprising at all. My surprise – when I saw it on cable TV – was – how the hell did Leigh’s performance rate an Oscar nomination? If it had been written as a man – spewing f-bombs and getting his teeth knocked out – it would have moved across the award season radar without a blip.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Awesome work here, Allie. Really cool of you to compile this together, and there’s some really good ones here, too. I’ll have to see if I can come up with some more for the next one of these that you do. 🙂


  4. Hi Allie, what a great idea for a blogathon. I missed this but I do have a confession… I actually have not seen a single P.T. Anderson films!! I feel so bad as my lead actor and director were talking about how good his films are, so I really should check out Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love soon!


      1. With Anderson – skip every other movie. Then you’ll see the OK ones and miss the bad ones. I should say – that overall – I’ve never been a big fan.


    1. I thought BIRDMAN was exceptional – if for nothing else than the acting (as you said) and the unbelievably fluid movement of the camera and the long flowing single takes. Wow. I’ve seen plays in the St. James Theater in NYC and it is amazing to me that they were able to pull it all off. As to the film itself – it is a pretty strange storyline and Keaton’s character leads the way to bizarre-ville. That being said – you can start out thinking that a lot (most?) of the craziness is in his head and a manifestation of his losing his mind – but when it takes a turn at the end – and other characters share the “visions” – all bets are off. Overall, I found it fascinating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m with you Michael! At first I loved it for the camera work alone, it really is quite spectacular, and then I really got into the characters on the second watch. One of my all time favourites!


  5. Allie this is so awesome!!! And Lady Sati rightly so deserved her own section – so good!

    Hahahah glad I made you laugh – to be honest, looking back, the BTF thing, it was amusing.

    You gotta do this again!! I actually have plenty more confessions in me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I had such a good time reading this! I agree with Charlene, Malick’s films are visually stunning but they barely have a plot so they usually bore me. And yep, Sati really deserved her own section, hers are my favourite confessions!

    I’m sorry I didn’t take part but I couldn’t come up with any confession. But I won’t stop thinking about it, you know, just in case you decide to do this again.


    1. Don’t worry at all! I’m glad the turn out was good enough that I didn’t need to pad it out with my own confessions because I’d struggle – I tend to be far too honest on this blog anyway!


  7. Awesome turn-out! It’s interesting to see how many people find the Best Picture nominations overrated, especially Birdman. I have a love/hate relationship with that one. If you do this another time, I’d love to participate again. Thanks for hosting this blogathon! 😀


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