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Going Off Topic (#4) I fell off the blogging wagon and landed in Disneyland Paris


I’ve been for a while, and I’m so sorry! Turns out being pregnant kind of sucks sometimes. Between all the sleeping, nausea, bathroom breaks and panicking, I wasn’t leaving myself with much time to actually watch anything, let alone blog about it. I’m into the second trimester now though, and feeling more lively, which was good timing as I’ve just got back from Disneyland Paris!

It was a trip I’ve had booked for a long time now with my husband and 4 of our friends. In fact, it’s the first holiday we’ve been on as a group of friends! We had the best time and got far too much shopping done, but we couldn’t resist the pins and a couple of outfits for our baby girl! That’s right! We had an elective gender scan booked the night before we traveled, and we’re having a girl. I’m over the moon!


Although I haven’t been watching much, I’ve got some reading done over the last few weeks. I read the first book in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy, Mr. Mercedes (LOVED it) and I’m actually over halfway in to the second book now, Finders Keepers. In between those books, a blogging friend of mine, Chris Widdop emailed me and asked if I would be interested in reading one of his novels, Velcro: The Ninja Kat. I jumped at the opportunity and Chris kindly gifted me the whole trilogy. I’ll have my review posted soon! Chris, you’re a talented guy.

I watched the first episode of Fargo: Season 3 before flying to Paris.ย I’m a huge fan of Season 1, and I thought Season 2 was pretty good too, but half way into the first episode of Season 3 I almost gave up. Too many characters were being introduced with no hint of a real plot, but I’m glad I stuck it out because I was hooked by the end. I’m really interested to see where this leads.

Also on my radar is 13 Reasons Why. This seems to be the show on everyone’s minds right now and I’m trying to stay away from reviews until I can watch it myself. I get the gist of what it’s about and the news of a Season 2 has confused me, but I won’t look into it any further. I have a feeling this show won’t take me long to get through!

I’ve been avoiding talking about movies because of how terribly I’ve done. I’ve watched 3 movies in 2 weeks! How bad is that! I watched Aladdin with my husband before our Disney trip because he hadn’t seen it since he was little, and I forgot how much I love that movie. Adam Driver’s SNL sketch of ‘A Whole New World’ has ruined that scene for me though. No, no, that’s a bad choice of wording. I’d actually prefer Adam Driver’s version slotted in to the original movie!

I FINALLY got to watch Get Out, after feeling like the only person in the world who hadn’t seen it. I went in virtually blind as many of you recommended, and I enjoyed it. I wish I loved it though, but I think the hype killed it for me a bit. It was fascinating, and funny in a ‘should I be laughing at this’ kind of way but the twists weren’t so shocking to me. That ending was absolutely genius though, I’ll give it that!

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on opening night at our nearest IMAX, and it was hella fun. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Rocket any more than I already did, but I just fell for that little trash panda! I still prefer the original, but I knew more of the soundtrack in that one, and I’m a sucker for an origin story. Unless it’s Batman. I’m so fed up of his origin story.

So, I’ve been playing catch up on everyone else’s blogs, but here are some of my favourite posts that I read today:

The Punk Theory shared 5 of her Favourite Shows from when she was little.

The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger reviews my all-time favourite romcom, Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Rambling Film reminded me that Odd Thomas needs to be pushed to the top of my watch list.

Epileptic Moondancer reviews Get Out perfectly!

Two Dollar Cinema reviews my favourite trashy movie of the moment, Collateral Beauty.

9 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#4) I fell off the blogging wagon and landed in Disneyland Paris

  1. I missed the posts where you mentioned you were pregnant. Congratulations, Allie!! I feel like I’m late to the party. -_- Pretty soon you’ll have your own little nerd to running around!

    Aladdin is one of my all-time favorite moves. That’s a great one to have watched before your trip to Disneyland. I can’t wait to read your review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!


  2. Congrats on the baby girl! That’s wonderful. I’m currently on vacation too and haven’t had a chance to do much blog reading. I’ll see Guardians on Wednesday.

    Thanks for the link!


  3. Sometimes we need a break, and I think you’ve got a good enough excuse to warrant one, lol. (Congrats, btw!) Sounds like you had a fun trip, though. Been a while since I’ve been to Disney myself, I should really probably go back one of these days.

    I actually just finished 13 Reasons Why not to long ago. Pretty good series, though I do have some FEELINGS about certain things in it, lol. I will say though that even after seeing it, you’re still going to be just as confused as to the announcement of a second season, as I certainly am. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the new Guardians. Dug it quite a bit myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, thank you for the kind words! I can’t wait to see your full review of the Ninja Kat. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. What a lovely post. Congrats on having a girl. When we were having our second, I really wanted another boy…but my daughter is the best thing in the history of time! I realize she’ll probably hate me in ten years, but right now she is so insanely adorable and…girly? I crack up just thinking about her.

    Thank you so much for the link! Me and you, Allie. Me. And you. The rest of the world refuses to acknowledge this movie. Oh, and Dell. He’s kind of onboard, too.

    (uh, totally jealous about vacationing with friends, too…that’s so rad…vacationing…and having friends)


    1. Thank you! I’m already preparing for this little girl to hate me. I bought her some ugly flowery leggings that will come back to haunt her on her 18th Birthday, I’m nothing if not prepared! ;D


  5. Congratulations on having a girl! That is so lovely! I still haven’t finished Fargo 2 and I liked it a lot so I’ll probably never get to season 3


  6. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Disneyland looks like so much fun. Holidays with friends are always such entertainment, and it looks like you all had a blast.

    Don’t worry, I still haven’t seen Get Out. I feel like I need to watch it soon though!


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