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Going off Topic (#5) The chocolate on my biscuits has melted…


It’s just too warm! I’m in the UK, it’s currently 29 degrees, (84 Fahrenheit for those that use it) I’m practically dying from hayfever, and I’m pregnant enough now that everyone I meet is asking me “how are you coping in this heat?”. Not well, thank you, I can’t sleep at night and my nose is at risk of dripping with no warning whatsoever. I can’t even enjoy a fruit cider or cocktail slushie in the garden, so go away and leave me to sulk!

Obligatory British-weather rant over.

So, I’ve kind of got back into the swing of blogging on a regular basis again! I had to take a break because I just found myself not really watching any movies, and that kind of makes it hard to actually blog about movies, you know? However, I’ve found my mojo again, even though I STILL haven’t seen Wonder Woman. The universe just doesn’t want me to. I’ve got plans to see it tonight actually, mainly as an excuse for cinnamon buns ice cream and an air-conditioned room. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I might be there tonight!

giphy (13)

I’ve kept fairly on top of blogging about everything that I’ve seen lately. In case you missed them, this month so far I’ve reviewed Shimmer Lake (2017), Fist Fight (2017), Before I Fall (2017), The Belko Experiment (2017) and Baywatch (2017). I doubt I’ll review it but I watched Tower Heist (2011) on a whim the other week. My husband and I stuck on a DVD, a trailer for that came on and we thought ‘eh, let’s see if we can watch that instead!’. It was alright, kind of what you’d expect with that title, but had some good stars in. I also watched CHiPS (2017) over the weekend, I kind of enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as heavy on the comedy as I thought it would be.

Last night I watched Personal Shopper (2017). I knew the name just because it was mentioned a lot in Cannes Film Festival posts I’d read, but I honestly had no idea what it was about. It stars Kristen Stewart, and with the title, I thought it would be some kind of ‘Devil Wears Prada’ kind of movie but it’s actually a spiritual ghost story! Not what I expected at all. It’s got a lot of depth and a very cryptic ending, which didn’t sit well with me, but made sense when I researched it afterwards. Not my cup of tea if I’m honest, but I wouldn’t begrudge anyone who loved it.


TV wise, I’m loving the hell out of Fargo Season 3. I struggled with the first episode but it’s just gotten stronger each week. I’ve never seen David Thewlis like this before, in fact I actually struggle to watch some of his scenes. Ewan McGregor might just be my favourite actor of 2017 at this rate, and I’m dying to dig up some more of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s filmography. The finale is this week, arghhhhh! I’m hearing a lot of good things about Twin Peaks, can any readers recommend that I give that a go once I have a Fargo-shaped hole in my life?

I wouldn’t ramble at you for 500 words without giving you something good to read at the end of it all, so here are some of my favourite posts from the last week or so:

Cinematic Corner reviews Wonder Woman – and she’s got me so hyped for it!

Two Dollar Cinema reviews The Mummy – I haven’t seen it myself but I can guarantee his review is more entertaining than the blockbuster itself!

Dell on Movies writes a moving post following the death of Adam West this month.

Life of this City Girl reviews my favourite food-related movie, Chef. Aaaaand now I’m hungry again.

20 thoughts on “Going off Topic (#5) The chocolate on my biscuits has melted…

  1. First off, once you have the FARGO shaped hole in your life – I’d wait a few weeks for season 7 of Game of Thrones. I stopped watching the 1st go round of Twin Peaks when it was originally broadcast early on because I didn’t like it and have no desire to watch this new iteration at all – so I’m not one to judge.

    As to Mary Elizabeth Winstead – she is a terrific actress who has been working a LOT – both in TV and films – so much to choose from there if you want to wee more of her. She’s in Final Destination 3 – those movies are always a treat for what they are – and very well done – but not exactly an acting showcase for anyone involved. She’s also appeared in 2 of the DIE HARD series, playing John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) daughter, but neither is one of the better ones in the series – so skippable. Good movies she’s in: The Spectacular Now, Kill The Messenger (with Jeremy Renner – true story about a journalist who gets himself in a tight spot), 10 Cloverfield Lane (excellent). On TV – prior to FARGO – she was in the miniseries (2 seasons I think) MERCY STREET – set amongst doctors, nurses, caregivers in the south during the American Civil War and also last summer in a crazy enjoyable series (single season) called BrainDead which was created by the Kings – who did The Good Wife. It’s kind of a sci-fi/horror/political hybrid – gory, funny – and she’s the lead (in a very good cast) and terrific in it.

    Hope that helps.


  2. I really hope you finally get to see Wonder Woman tonight.

    Yes, Fargo season 3 is amazing, I’m loving both David Thewlis and Ewan McGregor, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead, oh god, she’s something else! I can’t wait to see more from her. And I’m pretty sure you saw it, but just in case you didn’t, check out 10 Cloverfield Lane, she’s terrific in it and the film is good too.

    Unlike Michael, I’d recommend Twin Peaks. I have to say that season 2 wasn’t good, but I’m loving this new season so far. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on, more weird than ever, and I think the pace is even slower, but it’s engaging and it gets better each week.


    1. I finally got to see it! So worth the wait πŸ™‚
      10 Cloverfield Lane is the only other thing I think I’ve seen her in, and ugh isn’t she just amazing? I hope she lands some big roles in the near future πŸ™‚
      I think I’ll definitely watch Twin Peaks, there’s just too much chatter about it to keep me away.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hugh is currently in London. There’s your reason for that hot weather. He affected the entire damn island.

    I spent my entire week off work re-watching Twin Peaks and now I finally reached the new season which is amazing. But I recommend watching whole season 1 and season 2 without the second half other than the series finale. It’s just filled with so much filler you can just read on wikipedia if you need info for season 3.
    Hope you’ll like Wondy and thanks for the link!


    1. Goddamn that explains it – will you please locate him and take him away?!
      Thanks for the heads up with Twin Peaks – I think I’ll be starting it next week πŸ™‚
      Wondy was wonderful!!


      1. God I’d love to…he left now, though I think he is in NYC with his lucky dogs and even luckier wife. He stopped by Spain so it was probably hot as hell there too this week.


  4. Cinnamon buns ice cream???
    That’s a thing???
    I do hope you’re well and perfectly cool just at the moment. It’s been hot and humid here too, but I love it, Canadian winters are harsh, so I take every ounce of heat I can while it lasts.


    1. I KNOW RIGHT! It’s Ben & Jerry’s and that specific cinema is the only place I’ve ever seen it sold.
      I certainly don’t envy your winters, although some of the photos I’ve seen are absolutely stunning πŸ™‚


      1. this has nothing to do with cinemas that serve ice cream – because when I go to the movies – it’s to watch the movie (which explains why I’ve never been to a drive-in…) and not to eat. But Ben & Jerry’s makes my favorite ice cream flavor EVER – Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz. If you like coffee, or coffee flavored things – I highly recommend it. Superb!


  5. Hang in there, mama. It’s tough being pregnant when it’s hot as Hell. Well…it looks tough. (my wife had our kids on the last day of July…and the last day of August).

    I was interested in Personal Shopper when I thought I had a chance at seeing it at the indie theater near where I live. It came and went too quickly…but I’m glad to hear that you…uh…sort of/possibly enjoyed…some of it?

    Thanks for the link! Hopefully you see Wonder Woman….and avoid the damn Mummy.


    1. Oh your wife is a warrior for sure! I’m grateful that I’m just over halfway through pregnancy in this heat, it’ll be much more bearable in October when I’m due πŸ™‚
      You should definitely watch Personal Shopper! I can’t put my feelings about it into words very well, it’s just one of those endings that doesn’t give you closure at all.


    2. I haven’t been able to see Personal Shopper because it never played anywhere near where I live (and i’m within 3 miles of 2 theaters with a combined 21 screens), but not sure i would have had I been able to. The last Kristen Stewart movie that I heard good buzz about was The Clouds of Sils Maria – and I DID see that one and was bored out of (what’s left of) my mind.


  6. That weather must be so unpleasant with the pregnancy. We are freezing here in South-Africa – my mornings start at 05:00 and then it is 3 degrees, which naturally feels like -500 degrees to me.

    Oooh I hope you get to see Wonder Woman! It is SO GOOD. Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for the link!! Chef is such a delicious movie.


    1. Oh wow! Shows how ignorant I am, I thought it was always warm in South Africa!
      I got to see it!! The air con (and ice cream) made it worth it but Wonder Woman was SO GOOD! I love that soundtrack so much πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sadly not haha. I think compared to the Northern Hemisphere’s winters we definitely get lighter winters, but it still feels super chilly for me.

        WOOHOO! That soundtrack is excellent and complements the film perfectly!


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