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TV Rambles: Fargo Season 3

Aw geez, I’ve been looking forward to Season 3 of Fargo even more than Game of Thrones this year and I can’t believe it’s already over! Where did 10 weeks go? I deliberately stayed away from every bit of news as I could so everything would be a surprise. In fact, by the time Episode 1 aired, all I actually knew was that it starred Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


I gotta say, the first half of Episode 1 didn’t get me at all. I loved the fact McGregor was playing both brothers, but I felt like so much information was being thrown at me with no links whatsoever. That all changed the second David Thewlis came onto screen. I had no idea he was even in this season and it took a full minute for my brain to register it was even him. What a character! It was a wild ride from that moment on.

Just like the previous seasons, this one is an entirely new story set in an entirely different year, but still linked to the bigger Fargo universe. Also joining the cast is Carrie Coon, a newbie to me, playing Gloria Burgle. Gloria is the former Chief of the local police department, and together with traffic cop Winnie Lopez (Olivia Sandoval) she is the force that just won’t quit when she knows to trust her instincts.


I think Season 1 will always hold that key place in my heart as my favourite season, but this one is only just so slightly behind. The story was as brilliant as you can expect, but it was the characters this time round that really made it special. I’ve never seen David Thewlis play the bad guy, let alone a guy so disgusting in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Some of his scenes were honestly difficult to watch (though it may just be pregnancy nausea on my behalf) and so I have to give him a shout out for that.

Ewan McGregor also shone in both of his roles, managing to play the 2 Stussy brothers so well that it was easy to forget they’re played by the same person. I’m actually tempted to say he did a better job than Tom Hardy did in Legend!


The real MVPs for me though were Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Carrie Coon. These ladies just steal every scene that they’re in, and they kick ass. Both of their characters go on such emotional journeys, and they’re just a pleasure to watch. I seriously hope these ladies land some big roles in the future, because they’re ones to watch for sure.

I won’t go into of course, but can I just mention that ending? Perfect. I love it and I hate it at the same time, because we’ll never know what happened after those 5 minutes. Arghhhh. Now I have a Fargo-shaped hole in my life. I really hope we get a Season 4 in the future!

6 thoughts on “TV Rambles: Fargo Season 3

  1. Agree with you across the board on the standout acting in season 3, but you can pretty much say that about any season of FARGO. As for ranking them, this had some brilliant Fargo-esque sequences scattered throughout – but I’ve been more impressed by the baddies in the first 2 seasons. The plotting here was a bit more convoluted and although the threads did intersect for the most part – it seemed to be a tad more spread out across the Minnesota map. It was a clear bronze medal finisher for me. Coon, Winstead, McGregor and Thewlis were already standouts. And if this is the first time you’ve seen Thewlis as a “bad guy”, you haven’t been paying attention to his career. Including something even more recent than Fargo 3. I can’t say any more without ruining the surprise. Let’s just say – turn off the TV and see some movies for a change of pace. As for the “ending” – we concur on the love/hate aspects of that. I’m leaning a bit more toward the hate. I’ve never cared for ambiguity with endings in TV or movies. To me – it’s lazy writing. You take an audience on an incredible journey for X amount of hours – don’t make them do the heavy lifting at the end. Not saying it all has to be tied up in a neat bow – but if I’ve invested my time – giving me just a bit more than a guessing game conclusion. The space ship in 2 had me scratching my head, but this non-ending, Carrie Coon with her Mona Lisa smile and a ticking clock fade to black had me a bit tick(tock)ed off.


    1. In regards to Thewlis and playing the ‘bad guy’ – if you’re referring to a veeery recent movie, I deliberately didn’t mention it for fear of spoilers!
      We’ll agree to disagree on the ending, but my work colleagues feel the same way that you do. What do you think about the ending to Inception? Obviously that had a bigger impact but the general idea is still the same.
      I keep meaning to ask, have you got a blog of your own Michael?


      1. Yes – I was referring to a veeery recent movie. You are quick on the uptake. I didn’t know how much to say either – or whether to mention it at all. As to the ending of INCEPTION, I’ve only seen it once – when it came out – at a theater. A spinning top? Wasn’t crazy about that ending either. I found the whole movie visually stunning – but very confusing. Never had any particular desire to revisit it to figure it out. And no, I do not have my own blog. Not sure I even know how to get one up and running although I’m sure it would be fun. I spend so much time commenting on others, as well as run and gun comments on Facebook and a ridiculous sleep-depriving addiction to late night forays onto Twitter – that I’m not sure I’d have the time to properly devote to one of my own.


  2. I agree with a lot of what you wrote. This wasn’t the best season but it was still very good TV. The actors were wonderful, though I’ve grown to kind of dislike David Thewlis quite a bit recently lol


  3. Nice review, though I will say, I really struggled with this season story-wise. The actors were amazing. Mary Winstead was my absolute favorite and her character was incredible…but I don’t know, something between the twins and Thewlis’s character just didn’t resonate. I felt lost. Happy you liked it though!


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