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Review: A Cure for Wellness (2017)

a-cure-for-wellness-movie-review-2017Some movies look really promising when you catch that first trailer, and then they fall off your radar. Some movies look like they’re definitely worth a watch, but when you see the runtime you feel put off. 5 months after it’s release in the UK, coming in at a whopper of 2 hours and 26 minutes, A Cure for Wellness hit both criteria for me! Thankfully, my Flick Chick Jenna came to stay over the weekend and recommend that we give it a go! It’s amazing how much easier a long movie is to watch when you can have several snack and chat pause breaks.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that A Cure for Wellness is a weird movie. Dane Dehaan plays an ambitious young executive known as Lockhart, sent by his company to retrieve their CEO from a mysterious wellness centre in the Swiss Alps. When he arrives, things seem a little…off. Although the residents are known as ‘guests’ free to leave whenever they wish, no one has actually ever left, and they all seem quite odd. In fact, you could almost say they look ill, which surely can’t be right?

Dane Dehaan has always reminded me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio for some reason, so with that in mind it was impossible to not try and compare this movie to Shutter Island. It has it’s similarities for sure, but they’re very different movies.



Perhaps it was the dessert and the company, but I didn’t feel like this was a particularly long movie. There were definitely scenes that didn’t add much to the narrative of the story, but what they did provide was their ability to give you the creeps. There’s a mystery to solve here in the mountains, and the pieces of the puzzle are fed to us slowly in a way that helps us put it all together, but the atmosphere of it all leaves us wondering if we can trust our own judgement or not, which is exactly what’s happening to Lockhart.

Some scenes are difficult to watch, and one in particular (involving a dentists chair and a drill!) was impossible! We had to cover our ears, look away and make noises until it was all over. I peeked every now and again, and wished I didn’t.


Is it the best mystery/thriller out there? No, and I feel like it might even be a bit of a love/hate kind of movie for most, but there was enough here to keep me interested and guessing as to how it might end. I think I had a much better experience watching it with someone – I don’t think I could have put up with it solo. Right at the very end we’re left with a very confusing scene which opens up a whole bunch of questions. My favourite thing about these kind of endings is that everyone will have their own take on it!

I was pleasantly surprised by The Cure for Wellness, and so it gets 4 out of 5 glasses of water (that you should absolutely NOT drink) from me.


14 thoughts on “Review: A Cure for Wellness (2017)

  1. Hello Allie! I haven’t seen this one yet but it didn’t really interest me. I also think Dane reminds me a lot of young Leo, esp his eyes. I’ve only liked him in a couple of films, the last film he did, Valerian, looked dreadful!


  2. I also thought of Leonardo right away! For me the movie also didn’t feel that long, however, my friends complained after we walked out of the cinema. I have to admit, I had hoped for a bit more with this movie but it wasn’t too bad!


    1. Yeah I wonder if it would have felt longer if I saw it at the cinema?
      I really enjoyed it but my hype died after it was first released, the trailers looked more promising 🙂


    1. It definitely started to fall apart in the second half! I’m not sure how that could be fixed but one thing’s for sure, it reminded me about Shutter Island and how great it is 😀


  3. That was one creepy movie But it was also strange – a copy of so many films but at the same time very ambitious. I thought it was a mess but at least it was atmospheric. And yes, that drill scene was the worst.


  4. This one was really never on my radar. It wasn’t well reviewed when it came out and it didn’t interest me. But now that it’s on video I’ve read a couple of reviews like this, wherein it’s really not so bad so maybe I’ll give it ago. Are you ladies available for dessert?


    1. I think it’s definitely worth a watch! Whether it’s something you’ll enjoy or not I can’t say. I really liked it but I can definitely see why a lot hated it.
      Jay, we are ALWAYS available for dessert 😀


  5. A friend and I once had an obsession with Dane Dehaan and started watching most if not all of his movies. Even the Metallica concert movie that he was in. I have long since not caught up with his growing filmography, but I still think he is fantastic! I love him in Chronicle. He does have that Leo way about him, but he also kind of reminds me of James McAvoy too.

    And I might just hold off on watching this movie. I mean I’d probably watch that Valyrian thing (slash Jupiter Ascending all over again?) thing first, over this. I mean dentists and drills are kind of a deal breaker. Haha.


    1. Chronicle was the first thing I saw him in, and straight away I thought, this guy is good, I need to follow him! Not literally of course, that would be weird.
      Ughhhh I’m getting the shivers just thinking about the drill scene again! The movie itself is worth a watch for sure, but avert your eyes when you hear the drill start!


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