Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#7) Identity Crisis

This might just be the longest I’ve gone without blogging. Pregnancy is hard, you guys! I’ve got just less than 4 weeks till my due date now, and I’m at that point where I don’t remember what life was like not being pregnant. I don’t remember sleeping through the night without needing to pee, or being able to get off the sofa without effort, discomfort, and grunting noises.

I’ve watched very little movies lately – I just haven’t had the energy, and that got me thinking long and hard about what I want to do with this little blog of mine.


First things first, I’m finding my passion for movies again. That happened fairly soon after a friend asked me about an upcoming release that I realised I hadn’t even heard of, let alone seen a trailer for or had on my watch list. I feel so out of the loop! It made me quite sad tell the truth, so that’s the start of getting back on top of things for me.

One thing I have been doing more of though is reading books. It might take me over a week to get through one because my reading time is so fragmented, but I haven’t loved reading so much since I was a kid in school, so I’d like to blog some more about what I’ve been reading.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I know fairly soon the life I know is going to be turned upside down. I love to write and I need to make more time for it, but my go-to subject of movies might get difficult to blog about for a while.


I might start blogging more and more about my life in general, because it helps me, and it serves the purpose of a journal too – something I used to love doing when I was younger.

I’ll still blog about my hobbies as much as I can – but I hope you guys are also okay with me sharing some life stories more often than I normally do.

12 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#7) Identity Crisis

  1. Glad to see you check in! I watched a ton of movies and TV when I was on maternity leave. I remember I expected my blogging to drop down so much and I ended up increasing it a bit because it was something I loved to do when I got a moment to myself.


    1. Thanks Brit! My last day of work is tomorrow and whilst I’d love to not be pregnant anymore, I definitely hope this kiddo stays put for a couple of weeks so I can mong in front of the TV and catch up 🙂


  2. I would love to hear more about life – especially with a sweet baby in it. I’ve never been pregnant but I see how difficult it is and my thoughts and sympathies are with you.


  3. Glad to see you around here again 🙂 I love reading posts about people’s lives, and I like writing them too. It’s so fun!

    So wonderful about your little human arriving soon. My sister is pregnant (due in January) and we are just so super excited right now.


  4. Happy to see you check in! I think if follow your gut and we’ll all love to see where your blog goes. I hope you’re able to enjoy your maternity leave and check out the movies you want to see before your lil girl arrives!. 😀


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