7 Things I Wanted To Do After Watching The Greatest Showman (2017)


I’m just too giddy to try and write an actual review of The Greatest Showman you guys. Not that my reviews are serious, well-written or articulated in the first place, but I can’t even bring myself to ramble about it. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE. I’d been excited to see it since the very first trailer, but I never thought it would suck me in like it did. Maybe motherhood has turned me into a big sap.

In fact, Jenna is up for writing on Flick Chicks again so I might be reviewing it over on that blog anyway!

Instead, I thought I’d share 7 things I wanted to do as soon as those credits rolled.


1. Jump up out of my seat, sing and dance. It was the first movie I’ve ever seen where everyone clapped at the end. I live in the UK, we don’t normally do this. We pick up our empty cups of tea and quietly shuffle out of the room.


2. Find the soundtrack on Spotify and play it as loud as possible. I did this on the drive home, then did it again the next day, only quiet because you know, baby in the car and all.


3. Go and see it again. I don’t think it’ll happen, but my husband has been warned that he’ll be made to watch it as soon as it’s out on DVD or VoD.


4. Re-watch High School Musical. Has anyone else missed Zac Efron singing and dancing just as much as me?


5. Tell everybody about it until they hate me. Also, pronounce Hugh Jackman’s name as HUGE? ACKMAN? whenever possible.


6. Visit a circus show. Get disappointed when it’s nowhere near as good.


7. Daydream about Hugh Jackman (I’m trying not to say it…) in that red jacket. I do love a man in uniform…

25 thoughts on “7 Things I Wanted To Do After Watching The Greatest Showman (2017)

  1. Awesome post, Allie! Glad to finally see someone else who loved this movie as much as I did (hell, possibly even more, from the sounds of it here). I, too, have had the album on repeat since seeing this thing. X)


  2. Hugh Jackman and Zack Efron were amazing, the showmanship fantastic. Michael Gracey skillfully brought together the best music, choreography, cast, cinematography and visual effects I have seen in recent years, all fresh and original, and integrated them into nothing short of a masterpiece. I could watch repeatedly for the journey it takes me on, and for movie musicals. This movie deserves to be considered an instant classic.


  3. I was excited for this movie, then the controversy made me sad but damn, I LOVE musicals. So now I’ll definitely try to catch in cinemas this week before it goes away from my local.


  4. I related to all of this big time! It was such a good movie! (Though I gotta ask because I couldn’t tell if you just joking or not: do Brits really drink tea at the movies?)


  5. I’m so glad you loved this.

    Infectious is probably the best word, as whether you it to or not, this film charms the pants off of you.

    I thought it was silly, but I had a great time watching it. My 8 year old loved it!


  6. Great post! I have yet to see this. On the High School Musical front, I still can’t believe they dubbed Efron with another singer in the first movie. His voice sounds so much better in HSM2

    It’s so embarrassing that I have watched those. lol


  7. Awesome post! I was about to see this last weekend but had to change plans last minute. But listening to the soundtrack gives me all of these feels. I hope to see it before it leaves theaters! πŸ˜€


  8. YAY!! Another enthusiast!! I loved this film I am using double exclamation marks!! I am still listening to the Soundtrack, I fell in love with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron (I miss him in his singing days too). I also saw on another review that this was one of the only films where the entire audience sat transfixed and everyone was paying attention. I was legitimately sad when it ended and wanted more. When the DVD is out, it is ALL MINE and I will watch it on repeat!


  9. Great post soooo true this movie is AMAZING!!! I could watch it for a week straight and still be hyped up!!! Love the soundtrack wish I could have felt the vibes in the theater but I didn’t see it til two years later 😭😭😭😭Yes I am in love with this movie and Hugh Jackman was AMAZING !!!!!!! Love the quote from Night at the Museum!! I think of it every time I hear Hugh Jackman!!

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