My 15 Favourite Movies of 2017

I might have completely fallen off the movie wagon in the latter part of 2017, but I’ve been catching up as best as I can, and although there are still some big ones I’m yet to see, I’ve seen and enjoyed enough that I can put together a list of not just 10, but 15 movies I loved in 2017!

Please remember I always stick to UK release dates on this blog, so some inclusions here I realise were 2016 releases around the globe, and others have only just been released (Three Billboards for example) so won’t be on my list until next year.

I’ve tried to rank these as best as I can but I would probably change the order every single day depending on my mood! But without further ado, let me celebrate my favourite movies of 2017.

15. A Ghost Story


Weird and wonderful, and got me thinking for a long time afterwards. Not just about pie. Pie still makes me feel uneasy after this…

14. A Bad Moms Christmas


I love Christmas movies, and this is no exception. Plus I’m a bad Mom myself now too, so it’s totally relatable. I didn’t get to sit on Santa’s lap this year though.

13. Battle of the Sexes


Took me completely by surprise! Loved every minute of this story about Billie Jean King, I don’t think I’ll ever not enjoy a movie with Emma Stone or Steve Carell.

12. Hidden Figures


Who knew a true story of such a powerful band of women could be amazingly entertaining at the same time!

11. Hacksaw Ridge


One of 2 war movies in this list – and I don’t like war movies! It made me laugh (thanks Vince Vaughn), cry and crap my pants. I still have nightmares about that green flare.

10. Wonder Woman


I haven’t loved any of the DCU movies until now. Wonder Woman kicks ass and brings some much needed humour too. Plus I now have a massive girl crush on Gal Gadot.

9. Lion


Although I was looking forward to seeing Lion, I didn’t expect the story to steal my heart in the way that it did. The ending is amazing, especially when you learn why the movie is called Lion in the first place!

8. Logan


2017 brought a few new things when it came to superhero movies, Logan being one of them! It was about time the grown ups got to see Wolverine being a badass.

7. Colossal


Colossal is such a cool movie that not enough people have even heard of, let alone watched. If Anne Hathaway controlling a giant monster unintentionally isn’t enough for you, I don’t know what is.

6. Beauty and the Beast


A remake of one of my favourite Disney movies, and although it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I loved it. The casting in particular was spot on, and the inclusion of new/extra songs gave it a fresh feel.

5. Baby Driver


Who knew that guy from The Fault in Our Stars could be such a cool, leading guy? Cool is the most accurate word I can use to describe Baby Driver. Side note – it was also the last time I went to the cinema whilst being hugely pregnant!

4. Dunkirk


I think I’ve lost the right to say I don’t like war movies now I have 2 in this list. Whoops. What more can I say about Dunkirk? It’s an experience, and an experience everyone should witness.

3. The Greatest Showman


Oh you guys, I’m still riding the hype from seeing this movie. The soundtrack is my go-to for all my park walks with the pushchair. The more I go on about it the less and less my husband wants to see it with me when it comes out on DVD, boo!

2. La La Land


It’s hard to believe La La Land was actually a 2017 release in the UK, I must have seen it at least 5 times by now! One of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen, and it’s always a joy to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together on screen.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi


I can’t help it. It was always going to by my number 1 spot. There’s no other movie I was looking forward to more, and no other movie that will get obsessively re-watched as The Last Jedi. The next 2 years are going to be a killer wait!

I’m predictable I know, but I could honestly have these in a completely different order by tomorrow so I have to call it somewhere. Next I’ll be working on my least favourite movies of 2017 which will most likely be a little shorter, as having less free time means I’ve been a little more picky about what I watch. It still hasn’t stopped me being massively let down a few times though!

21 thoughts on “My 15 Favourite Movies of 2017

  1. Hi Allie! I finally got a chance to post my top 10 list and so now I can check out others’ as to not get persuaded one way or another, ahah. Interesting that you have some of my 2016 faves here, given the varying release dates between UK and US. I LOVE Hidden Figures, La La Land and LION from last year, glad we share Dunkirk, Logan and Wonder Woman from 2017.


  2. Nice list, Allie! Love the inclusions of A Ghost Story, Logan, and The Greatest Showman. You might be the only other person I know to actually include the latter on their end of year list. And of course I dig the La La Land inclusion, even though that made my list in 2016, lol. What a back to back pairing though, that and TGS. XD


      1. I was going to say! Half of your movies feel like such a long time ago. It’s not great here either – movies technically come out on Christmas day to qualify, but in 2 theatres. It’s mid-January before they appear anywhere else, so it really screws up the year end.


      2. I’m tempted every year to stick the the general release date instead but it would mean in that year I would miss some movies out entirely so I can’t bring myself to do it!


  3. Great list! So good to see Dunkirk so high. It was pretty high on mine too! And A Ghost Story cracked my Top 10. Love that film.

    I keep forgetting how different the release dates are. La La Land is a gem.


    1. I love the lesser known films that really take you away, and A Ghost Story was definitely one of them this year.
      The release dates are so annoying! I’ll have the same sense of wonder when Three Billboards finds it’s way onto my 2018 list.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dunkirk is so well made and happy I managed to see it on the big screen which is the format it was meant for. Glad you appreciated it too and I agree it’s an experience.

    I’m one of the few who didn’t connect with La la Land though it did have its moments. I especially enjoyed the opening on the freeway featuring my favorite from the soundtrack Another Day of Sun


    1. I totally get that La La Land isn’t for everybody. It’s so funny though, Another Day of Sun is one of my favourite songs, and I always make sure to play it in my car when good old England is providing it’s usual downpour of rain. Just a bit of irony I enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh what didn’t you like about Hacksaw Ridge? I haven’t seen enough of the great war movies to have much to compare to be honest, but I know you’re certainly not alone in your dislike of BatB!


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