My 5 Least Favourite Movies of 2017

You can’t have a ‘Favourites of 2017‘ list without a Least Favourites one, right? This one was more difficult to put together to be honest, because having less time for movies generally means you avoid ones you know you aren’t going to enjoy. That said, this list was originally 8, but that doesn’t sit well with me, so a few movies had a lucky escape from being included.

I would say these 5 movies aren’t technically bad, they just massively disappointed me. That’s kind of worse, isn’t it? It’s like when your parents or teachers aren’t mad at you, they’re disappointed in you. That shame sticks with you!

But anyway, let’s kick off…

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Is it commonly accepted that the first Pirates movie was cool as hell? I hope it is, because it’s true. But it’s a franchise that’s been used too much now, and this one just didn’t excite me at all. Doesn’t help that I’ve missed one of them along the way either!

4. Home Again


Normally I’m totally down for a rom com starring Reese Witherspoon and 3 hot guys, but Home Again was just lame. I didn’t care about any of the characters, so it all got real boring real fast. Stick with This Means War!

3. Fist Fight


Now I’m mad. Fist Fight had all the right ingredients to be a half decent comedy that you might rewatch on rainy days, but the only remotely funny parts were all in the trailer. Plus, why on God’s green earth was it called Fist Fight when the saying in the movie is Teacher Fight?!

2. The Dark Tower


UGH. Matthew McConaughey just RUBS me up the wrong way. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed The Dark Tower if he wasn’t in it, but it was mediocre at best. Plus it has the worst dialogue…
“Did you miss me?”
*shoots and misses*
“I guess you did”

1. Song to Song


One of my most hated movies ever. 2 whole hours where no scene lasts longer than 5 seconds, no one smiles, nothing makes sense. It has the most amazing cast and still sucked. Not even Ryan Gosling making a turkey out of a napkin could save this for me.

So tell me guys, what was your most disappointing or hated movie of 2017?

18 thoughts on “My 5 Least Favourite Movies of 2017

  1. My father and I got 20 mins into Song To Song before we rage quit. It was awful. We also rage quit Fist Fight but that was more on my insistence. We survived Home Again, but like you said, it was boring and weird. 2017 may have had some great movies but it also had some awful ones.


  2. Well, your list of movies looks actually decent compared to the worst movies of my 2017, which I hope you haven’t seen and won’t see. The Snowman, Snatched, Fifty Shades Darker and many many more.


    1. Haha but it’s always fun to hate blog about bad movies! Fifty Shades kind of falls into so bad it’s enjoyable for me, but I’m gutted to hear from you and loads others that The Showman sucked cos I liked the trailer! Probably won’t bother with the movie itself now!

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  3. I watched Home Again last week I think and it was terrible. It’s definitely going to make it to my worst list.


  4. I haven’t seen any of those films though Song to Song is a film I really want to see. It’s Terrence Malick. I’m a Malick fanboy and I’ll watch anything he does though I can totally understand why people hate it. His recent films have been very experimental as it’s a phase he’s now getting out of as his next film is going to be more of a traditional narrative.


      1. Wow… that wasn’t a good introduction to Malick. I would suggest Days of Heaven as the best introduction to Malick and then go into Badlands, The Thin Red Line, and The New World. Then The Tree of Life. Everything else after The Tree of Life will not be for everyone as it’s Malick working without a script.


  5. Song to Song is the best and worst Ryan Gosling movie. Best because it’s like a dream date with him. Everything I imagined, I can live vicariously through Rooney. But it’s the worst because I have to sit through all the other scenes that exclude him. lol


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