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Mini Reviews: The Snowman (2017), Lady Bird (2017) & Call Me by Your Name (2017)


Not that I want to jinx it or anything, but I’ve been doing better than I thought at watching movies these last couple of weeks! Mainly thanks to it being awards season and wanting to at least have a clue about what’s what of course. The BAFTAs are in a week’s time and I still have a few nominated movies I’d like to catch (Phantom Thread, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool & I, Tonya) but I’m closer than I’ve ever been I think.

I do like to write a little something about each movie I’ve seen but some of the award movies are so hard to write about, so I thought it would be a good time for a Mini Reviews post! Every now and again though I need something a little lighter to watch in between these powerful movies, and that’s how The Snowman has found it’s way here.


The Snowman (2017) is one of those movies I saw the trailer for ages ago, got super excited for it, and then forgot all about it. That is, until it started cropping up onto everyone’s ‘Worst of 2017’ posts. Torn between taking everyone’s advice and punishing myself, I decided to give it a go anyway. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Read this next bit in a Janice voice. Oh. My. God.

It should have been something I loved. A crime/mystery where Michael Fassbender is trying to solve a series of murders where a snowman is left behind at the scene of the crime. You know, one of those whodunit movies. Only The Snowman just didn’t make any sense. The start was so weird I questioned whether I was even watching the right movie! Plus, there’s throwing in some red herrings and there’s making half the plot completely pointless. Ugh!


I didn’t know anything at all about Lady Bird (2017) until Saoirse Ronan was on the Ellen Show promoting it, and then I knew I had to see it. I also spent the next hour trying to work out how to even pronounce Saoirse (it’s sur-shah if you were wondering). Gosh, it’s like Domnhall Gleeson all over again! Bless you lovely Irish people.

Anyway! Lady Bird is a beautiful coming of age movie in which Saoirse plays a seventeen year old girl wanting to escape her small home town and live out her dreams at college in New York. I loved every single minute of this. I usually feel luke-warm about these kind of movies but I saw so much of myself in Lady Bird. It’s one of my favourites of the year for sure and I so hope Saoirse wins the Oscar!


So, Darkest Hour was the one I was least excited about seeing, but after that it was Call Me by Your Name (2017). I know everyone loves it, but I need my romance to have a splash of comedy, and it didn’t look like this was going to give it to me. Set in beautiful northern Italy, a young lad named Elio falls in love with his Father’s research assistant Oliver.

It’s such a slow burn, and I really struggled to stay alert through the whole two hours plus of it all. I can appreciate the beauty in it, and if anything it really makes me want to visit Italy myself, but this just wasn’t the movie for me. Plus I can never, ever eat a peach again without thinking about that scene. Shudder.

10 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Snowman (2017), Lady Bird (2017) & Call Me by Your Name (2017)

  1. I have put off The Snowman multiple times. It sounds like I need to keep putting it off! LOL. I kept wondering if it could really be as bad as everyone says. Apparently so!


  2. If it’s on TV, I’ll just watch The Snowman just based on curiosity just to see what the fuck happened as I heard the production was troubled and that Tomas Alfredson was only able to use little of what he had. It was fucked up film as I just want to see what… not to do.


  3. I want Saoirse to win that Oscar too! That would be wonderful. I still haven’t watched The Snowman, I’m really tempted to see how bad it is. I read the book last year and it wasn’t great.


  4. I don’t think I can look at a peach the same way again after watching Call Me By Your Name. Lady Bird was such a good film; I’m looking forward for more works written and directed by Gerwig. I didn’t bother with The Snowman; I read one of the books in the Harry Hole series and wasn’t into it. That plus the reviews turned me off from watching it, even it seems like it’s something I’d enjoy.


    1. Oh boy, I was hoping the books were really good and they were just translated badly onto the big screen!
      It’s my go-to genre and it was just such a let down. You should give it a go though if you’re tempted!


  5. Hated the Snowman but laughed so hard at that smash cut to the concert where Fassbender takes that kid whoever the fuck that kid was
    I found Lady Bird to be hugely forgettable. Call me By Your Name is disgusting (peach, underwear on the head?!, making out right after that kid puked) and boring as hell


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