Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#10) 28 Days Later


I realise it’s been longer than 28 days since my last off topic post, but I at least wanted to try and stay movie-related, and a zombie is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately! Just allow me one more ramble before I get back to actual blogging.

So, I’ve been on my medication for 4 weeks now and after roughly 10 days of feeling more ill and tired than I think I ever have, I’m starting to finally feel more like me again. It’s coming to the weekend and realising I’ve had more good days than bad, and even the bad days are easier to actually deal with. Plus, I’m finding more enjoyment in it all. I mean, having a kid is actually pretty hilarious at time.


Speaking of the little devil angel, she’s 5 months old now and she’s grown so much! She sits up with support, smiles, laughs, grabs whatever she can get her chubby little hands on and actually plays with things. She hates nap time, and believes sleep is for the weak, but hey, no one’s perfect. Besides, as a parent you can get your own back in small ways. Ways like:

– Buying her an Easter egg, telling her she’s far too young for chocolate and eating the whole thing before Easter even arrives, because you’re the grown up of the house.

– Using her as a shopping basket whilst going around the shops because hey, I need to buy stuff and my arms are occupied in pushing her around.

– Filming her trying to sit up by herself but failing miserably and falling over, and laughing about it because a) she’s safe on the sofa and b) it’s bloody hilarious.

– Getting her dressed for the day, realising in bright red and blue she looks like a garden gnome, and not only leaving her like that for the day but taking a photo and showing everyone.

There’s bound to be more, but that’s all I can think of from the top of my head. Karma gets me back for this in the nighttime by the way.

So, yeah, that’s kind of where I am right now. I’m hoping that from next I can get back into watching a few more movies and catching up on all the blogs I follow. For a few years now movies has been my little hobby and I’m known in my family and friends group as being their little movie expert, and I feel like a bit of a failure when they’ve all seen more of the latest releases than I have!

That’s all for now – hopefully I’ll be back again real soon!

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