Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#11) 5 Weeks Left…


You might have noticed that I’ve been pretty active on this blog for the last 2 weeks, more so than I have been all year! I think I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back. Officially, my maternity leave is over in 2 weeks, but I’ve tagged on leftover annual leave so I actually have 5 full weeks till I’m back at work. I can’t believe it! The first 3 months felt like 3 years but the rest of the time has flown. I’m going to miss my little girl so much!


If you’ve read one of my recent movie reviews you’ll see the format of them has changed. I’ve been struggling to write my usual free-flowing posts so moving to an actual structured format has really helped me to focus my thoughts on what to actually write. I think I’ll be sticking to this format for a while now, I’m finding posts much easier and more enjoyable to write.


I haven’t watched as many movies as I usually would recently but that’ll change now I’ve made the vow to complete my ‘watchlist’ before the end of the year. Plus, last night I took the plunge and signed up for Odeon’s Limitless card. If you haven’t heard of it, for £17.99 per month you get to see as many movies as you like.

Of course, this means I’ll be making a lot of solo cinema trips, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to me anymore but a few years ago I would have looked at you in horror if you suggested I go alone. Does anyone else take solo trips? Also, do you think I should put on my big girl pants and go see Hereditary? I’m so tempted!


I took the mention of books out of my blog banner a while ago because I haven’t read any for months. I’ve decided though to give myself half an hour each night in bed to do some reading and to stick to one-off novels rather than trilogies and other series’ just to keep myself motivated. I’ve started reading The Outsider by Stephen King, and I’m really getting into it so far. It’s a murder mystery story where the case seems like it’s solved before it’s even begun, but I know that won’t be how it goes.


Right now, life is good. My little girl is 8 months old today (I can’t believe it) and she’s such a bundle of joy to be around, most of the time. She’s an early riser (yawn) but she’s so playful and cute that I can’t be mad at her for it. We have a proper weekly routine now including soft play, swimming, sensory, the library and singing time, so we’re always busy! I’ll genuinely miss it all when I go back to work.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell! I’m really looking forward to being more active here again, I just hope I can keep it up and not keep disappearing for a few weeks! Hope you’re all having a good June so far.

16 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#11) 5 Weeks Left…

  1. I’ve done solo cinema trips before, but only whenever I find myself out of town/not in the place where I live and work. You know, where people I know might run into me and judge me for going to the movies alone. Heehee.I know I have to get over this because I would end up missing on movies I want to see just cause I couldn’t find anyone to go with. Sad!

    I have been slow when it comes to upping my book count too. Ugh. And I should establish some sort of routine for this too. 😊

    Also, hi to little girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ii think that’s what stopped me before! I remember being a teen and pointing out people in the cinema alone and wondering if they didn’t have any friends…now I understand they just really love movies!
      I find book reading is one of those things you really get into for a while, and then when you fall out of the routine you end up stopping completely!


  2. Awwww…adorable stuff over here. Your daughter looks so lovely.

    I go to the cinema alone all the time, and I rather enjoy it (other people are nice, too). Now that I’m on summer vacation from school, I’d love to go see EVERYTHING…but I’m going to have to contain myself.

    I wish I would give myself 30 minutes a night to read, but I’m probably gonna just put the time into movies instead. Lame.


    1. Aw thanks!
      I’m actually quite looking forward to a solo cinema trip now, just to have that bit of time to myself!
      With so many movies in the world to see, I don’t blame you for giving them as much time as you can 🙂


  3. Solo cinema trips are always fun! Nothing like a little me-time. And I’d say Hereditary is a good choice. Then again, I love getting terrified, haha. Lovely photos, by the way! 🙂


  4. These days, I almost exclusively go to the movies alone. You definitely get used to it. 😛

    Nice to see you’ve been active on your blog. Nice keeping up. Wish I had more to blog myself these days, but alas, as I’ve been exploring other creative outlets, that well has seemingly run draw, lol. Oops.


    1. I’m so glad that going solo to the cinema isn’t as rare as I thought. I’m making my first trip tonight!
      Hey, as long as you’re using your time doing something that makes you happy, that’s all that counts!


  5. I have never understood what the big deal is about people going to the cinema/lunch/coffee alone haha, so enjoy that Odeon card! Glad to hear everything is going so well with you nad your daughter, I wish you the best. I am looking forward to reading The Ousider sometime, I do so love me some King.


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