Christmas in July Blogathon – Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Originally posted on Drew’s blog here as part of his Christmas in July Blogathon – be sure to check out the other posts!

Opening my laptop this morning, trying to decide what to write about for Drew’s annual Christmas in July blogathon (which I am once again fashionably late for) I was horrified to read the news title “Bruce Willis CONFIRMS Die Hard is not a Christmas movie”. Aca-scuse me?!

The terrible statement was made during his appearance on his very own Comedy Central Roast. Come on, Bruce! This is something us movie fans have been arguing about for years, in fact, YouGov even ran a poll on it, in which over 50% of people also claimed Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.


If you haven’t guessed, I am firmly in the Yes camp. In fact, I only watched Die Hard for the first time fairly recently, because I’d been told it was a Christmas movie and so it felt wrong to watch it in any month other than December. In my eyes, any movie that takes place during Christmas counts. That’s why you’ll find me rewatching Love Actually, Just Friends, and Bridget Jones’s Diary every single year.

I’d really love to settle the debate once and for all so please let me (and Drew!) know – is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Now, the best part of Drew’s Christmas in July blogathon is the after-party. We’re allowed to bring 1 guest of our choice. My previous guests have been Dan Stevens, Oscar Isaac, and Chris Pratt. I would bring Bruce Willis this year but there’s no chance now he’s trying to ruin my festive spirit so his invite is in the bin. As I still have another year and a half to wait to see him again in Star Wars, I’ll bring Adam Driver with me this year! Drew can you make sure the heating is on, please? He’s decided to come shirtless!


8 thoughts on “Christmas in July Blogathon – Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

  1. Of course it’s a Xmas movie. It’s set during the holidays. Miracles happen. They acknowledge that it’s set in the Holidays and good triumphs in the end. How can anyone not say it’s a Xmas movie?


  2. Nope, not a Christmas movie. But then again doesn’t it just depend on everyone’s personal criteria? For me Christmas movies are actually about Christmas or something distinctly Christmas-related. Not just set on that day, etc.

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  3. I support your claim that “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. I think this question is very subjective. If some people only regard a movie as Christmasy if someone decorates a Christmas tree every 10 minutes and gets a family together with presents in that story, there is something very wrong with that since there are not many films that do both, etc.
    I also like Adam Driver as your guest. I think there was so much heating now for him in that room that he looks like he needs a refreshing cocktail 🙂


    1. You’ve said it perfectly! I think those kind of Christmas movies can get quite ‘samey’ after a while so I’m always looking for more subtle Christmas movies.
      I think all that heat was from me – I need a cold shower!

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  4. I’m always quite confused about people’s criteria for Christmas movies. I feel like if the movie has enough holiday elements, it’s a Christmas movie. I’m in the yes camp for Die Hard!


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