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Going Off Topic #12 – Snap Back to Reality

It’s been a weird week. I went back to work on Monday after being on Maternity Leave for 9 months, and on the same day I dropped my little girl off for her first day of Nursery. She’s going to be there 3 and a half days a week so I can carry on working full time and it’s so hard to come to terms with. On one hand, she’s having an amazing time there and has developed so much in just a week, so I know it’s going to be a great place for her to be. On the other hand, I wish I could spend more time with her, and not have to pay the extortionate amount per month so I actually had some spare cash!


Anyway, Monday morning was horrific and after dropping Daisy off, I tried to drive to work but had to stop at a car park to have a cry, and then I realised I was going to be late so I cried on the way to work! To be fair, once I got into the swing of it all I was far too busy to carry on worrying, and dropping her off since hasn’t been anywhere near as bad.

What’s really killed me is the fact that I struggled to get all of my life admin sorted when I wasn’t at work 40 hours a week, so now that I am everything seems a bit impossible. I tried to carry on as normal and ended up just tiring myself out beyond manageable. Not wanting to be defeated I went to see Mission: Impossible – Fallout on opening night and fell asleep!

I have never, ever fallen asleep in the cinema before. I’ve spent years mocking those who do, because how can you fall asleep in such a public place with a huge bright screen in front of you blasting out sound and music for 2 hours? But I was that exhausted I just dropped, so I can’t do a decent review for it until I’ve seen it again. What I did see was great though!


I had a super early night last night and feel much better. Now I know to just take things a bit slower while I find a new normal, and to take a sugary drink with me the next time I go to the cinema!

Onto something more positive, I don’t have any other movies to talk about because I’ve been blogging about them straight away – huzzah! TV Shows have just fallen by the wayside for now. However I’ve just finished reading The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware, and it was great! I had a hunch of what would happen early on which turned out to be right, but so many things were thrown in that made me change my mind and that made it a really satisfying read from start to finish.

Does anyone have a recommendation of what I could read next? I love a good mystery!

I’m a little behind on reading all the blogs I follow so I need to catch up, but here are some of the posts I’ve loved reading in the last week…

Brittani at Rambling Film reviews Sorry to Bother You and now I can’t wait to see it!

Sati at Cinematic Corner breaks down the Aquaman trailer for us all.

Jay at Assholes Watching Movies reviews Father of the Year and saves us all from having to sit through it.

Natasha at Life of this City Girl reviews one of my favourites, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as part of the Blindspot Series.

And last but of course not least, Drew at Drew’s Movie Reviews wraps up his 5th Christmas in July Blogathon, so be sure to check out everyone’s posts!

11 thoughts on “Going Off Topic #12 – Snap Back to Reality

  1. Glad you got that first separation out of the way. Won’t be long before you’re rushing to drop her off to anyone willing to take her for a few hours so you & hubby can have date night, lol. And that gif is just too perfect.


  2. I fell asleep in Assasin’s Creed at the theater and it wasn’t my first week back to work and I don’t have kids 🙂 So that was all on the movie! It feels like all my mysteries are piling up for fall and cold weather but I’ve heard good things about The Broken Girls by Simone St. James and I’m hoping to jump back into the Diviners series the first one was quiet enjoyable.
    Hope you get to see Fallout soon!


  3. I fall asleep frequently at the movies but I did stay awake for Mission Impossible, unlike my son’s girlfriend, who snoozed through it! It was good but predictable. I’m glad you got through those first few tough days—it’s often harder than us than it is on them:-)


  4. Thanks for the shout out! 😀

    It is lovely that you could spend 9 months with your little girl. My sister’s baby girl also went to preschool recently and it really develops them so well.

    I cancelled going to see Ant-Man (2) because I knew I would just sleep through the entire movie haha. Exhaustion is real!


    1. I’m so grateful for those 9 months, but I know nursery is going to be great for her. She’s only been there a week and she feels older already!
      I’ve honestly never known tiredness like it! I’m taking a sugary drink with me tonight, ha!


  5. Oww so sorry you are missing your little one! Dont feel bad about fallling asleep I have absolutely nothing going on in my life and sometimes struggle to stay awake in the cinema too 🙂


    1. To be fair it’s getting easier dropping her off, and she is having an AMAZING time so I feel a bit less guilty! I drank so much sugar before my last cinema trip that I barely even slept that night, ha!


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