Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic #14 – 1,000 Movies Later

So this is quite exciting! Since I opened a Letterboxd account around 3 years ago, I’ve not only kept a movie diary to log all the movies I watch (and my ratings) but also put a good few hours into logging every movie I’ve seen previously. Whilst I can’t say for sure I managed to remember them all – I’ve spent enough time on it to be able to say I’m 99% confident that I located them all.

Why is this exciting do you ask? Well, when I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last week and logged it in my movie diary, I realised it was my 1,000th movie! I have officially seen 1,000 movies in my lifetime. I know that number means very little to a lot of movie bloggers out there but it’s a pretty cool milestone!


It also marks the 81st movie I’ve seen this year…I’m hoping the festive period will give me the final push I need to make my target of 100 for the year!

Speaking of the end of the year on its way…I’m gearing up for the festive season! I’m off to see The Grinch tonight (an odd choice maybe for the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas) and on the weekend we’re going to get stuck into Christmas shopping and decorating the house. Last Christmas was really odd having such a small baby so I’m extra excited for this year! Santa has already started getting presents ready…

Do you know what’s weird though? I don’t feel like this year has a big Christmas release at the cinema. We had the Hobbit movies for 3 years running, then Star Wars Episode VII, Rogue One, Star Wars Episode VIII…and then what? Fantastic Beasts is out next week, that’s too early. I’m looking forward to Aquaman but I don’t feel the hype…Disney really should have let Solo have a Christmas release.

Anyway, however you’re spending it, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

22 thoughts on “Going Off Topic #14 – 1,000 Movies Later

      1. Well, since I started blogging I watched most of those I think…for the last couple of years (except this one) I watched over 300 a year….


  1. Nice! I use Letterboxd for the same thing, to count how many movies I’ve seen. I started a list this year too to track all my first time watches in 2018. I’m at 137, I think. lol. Keep going!


  2. I think it would be interesting to see how your viewing may have changed over the years. For me a type of movie may not have hit home, say three or four years ago, but now that I’m a little older and wiser it’s become my thing.


  3. Congratulations for your Letterboxd record! That’s so cool! Did you gradually search for movies you’ve seen before and add them to your watch list? I might consider doing it. 🙂


    1. I mainly started with searching my favourite actors and actresses and marking off which of their movies I’d seen, and then when I had built up quite a few I started looking at other users movie logs and finding those hidden, lesser known movies I’d forgotten about. It took hours but I’m so glad I did it!


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