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Thursday Movie Picks: Place in Title

Thursday Movie Picks

It’s the first Thursday of the year and I’m starting as I mean to go on. Since Wandering Through the Shelves started this series a few years ago I’ve dabbled but never really committed. 2019 will be my year!

This week’s topic is Place in Title. I sat with my pen hovering over my little blogging notebook for ages trying to think of a single movie, and then all three came to me at once! Here are my picks…


In Bruges (2008)

I love this movie so much, and yet I only watched it for the first time quite recently. So many people had suggested it to me but I never saw the appeal. In Bruges is dark humour at its finest – and a must watch! At the very least you should check out the bell tower scene.


What Happens in Vegas (2008)

How weird – another 2008 movie. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched What Happens in Vegas, but they were all from 10 years ago with my High School bestie. We were obsessed with it for ages (it sparked a bit of an Ashton Kutcher obsession for me) and if you ever mention the word ashtray around us we can quote you the entire scene!


The Florida Project (2017)

When I watched The Florida Project last year I was completely besotted, I never wanted little Moonee’s adventures at the Magic Castle Motel to end. If you’ve ever been to Disney World it’s hard to imagine that there are children living such tough lives right around the corner. One of the best movies of 2017 for certain.

21 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Place in Title

  1. I’ve seen all three of your picks! I adore In Bruges, it’s one of my favorite movies and I liked The Florida Project too.

    I hope you stick with TMP. For me, I find it helps to write a bunch in advance. lol


  2. I’ve only seen In Bruges but love that film! The performances are just spot on and the location filming adds so much flavor to it.

    I haven’t seen the other two. The lead pair in Vegas are not favorites of mine so I gave it the skip and I’ve heard various things about Florida Project.

    To help narrow down I went with a theme within the theme.

    Shanghai Express (1932)- In Peking, China, during a civil war, British Capt. Donald Harvey (Clive Brook) meets his old flame Magdalen (Marlene Dietrich) and learns with dismay that she has become a prostitute known as Shanghai Lily. Both are traveling to Shanghai via train, and while they grow reacquainted, they remain unaware that they are traveling with spy and rebel army leader Henry Chang (Warner Oland). On Chang’s orders, his forces attack the train, terrorize the passengers and hold Donald hostage. Full of atmospheric cinematography and amazing costumes with both Dietrich and Anna May Wong extraordinary.

    The Shanghai Gesture (1941)-Weird hothouse drama about gambling house/brothel boss Mother Gin Sling (Ona Munson)-originally Mother Goddamn in the stage play this was based on-who out of spite degrades her British ex-lover’s (Walter Huston) daughter (Gene Tierney). Last completed American film of famously difficult and exorbitant director Erich Von Stroheim.

    The Shanghai Story (1954)-When a police raid in search of a Communist spy strands all westerners within a hotel in post-WW2 Shanghai disillusioned American Dr. Dan Maynard (Edmond O’Brien) initially clashes the Tangier-born Rita King (Ruth Roman). But they are drawn together as Rita attempts to use her connection to new police chief, Colonel Zorek (Marvin Miller) to outwit their interrogators and armed guards to help their group flee to safety. Standard adventure is boosted by the strength of the performances of its two lead performers.


  3. In Bruges and The Florida Project are fantastic. Both floored me for different reasons. Love those picks. I never bothered with What Happens in Vegas. An Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz rom-com just sounds like a complete disaster to me. The trailers I remember for it didn’t help.


  4. Love In Bruges which really shows off the town but also the acting chomps of the lead characters. I have yet to see The Florida Project and am still waffling but I have no desire to see the Vegas flick since I can’t stand Ashtray…hahahaaa


  5. In Bruges is one of my favourite movies 😀 I saw What Happens in Vegas a long time ago but I remember enjoying it but being gross out by that Kutcher/popcorn scene. I’m glad to hear The Florida Project worked for you, I hated it.


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