Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018

It’s that time of the year already, just before the awards season really kicks in when bloggers everywhere are posting their Top 10s for the year. I’ve always gone by UK release dates for my lists as we often have to wait weeks for a lot of releases, but honestly, it’s so hard to keep track of so this year I’ll be using the general release date. What I’d like to do then is revisit my list later in the year when I’ve caught up on more movies.

Let’s save the best for last and kick off with this year’s stinkers. I think I’ve done quite well to avoid a lot of the bad movies this year but I still managed to put a list of 10 together without any troubles.

Some of these are simply terrible, others are disappointments, and a couple just weren’t for me.


#10 The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Cate Blanchett was the only real saving grace of this movie. I’m also still plagued by nightmares of Jack Black’s head on a baby’s body.


#9 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I had decent expectations for this sequel, but the second half was so ridiculous I found myself laughing for all the wrong reasons.


#8 Red Sparrow

You know – I can’t even remember anything about this movie. It was slutty and it had spies…and that’s the best I can do.


#7 The Commuter

I love all of Liam Neeson’s action movies, even if they are all kind of the same. This one, however, was just boring!


#6 The Old Man & the Gun

I’m sorry – I know lots of people loved this movie. It’s just…for a heist movie it was quiet, slow and dull.


#5 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

JK Rowling needs to step up her game. I hope the backlash this movie got makes her look really hard about how this series moves forward. Perhaps she could start by reading her own books again.


#4 Life of the Party

Another year, another Melissa McCarthy comedy that I’m either going to love or hate. You can all guess where this one fell.


#3 Fifty Shades Freed

Confession – the Fifty Shades series is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. However, I didn’t really love the third book and the movie was even worse.


#2 How It Ends

Hey Netflix, if you’re going to make a post-apocalyptic movie without a real ending, how about you don’t call it How It Ends?!


#1 The Happytime Murders

Melissa McCarthy, you messed up twice in one year. I’m so, so mad about The Happytime Murders because it could have been brilliant, and witty. Instead, it was just vulgar and unfunny.

I’ll be back early next week with my Top 10 Best Movies of 2018!

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018

  1. Of the films in that list, I’ve seen Red Sparrow which was shit with the exception of Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons (where it was obvious they were both pretending to be in other films and out-act everyone without anyone noticing) and some of Fifty Shades Freed (BLECH!) and Life of the Party (it’s OK). I don’t blame the Harry Potter fans for being angry at Rowling. I haven’t seen the film but I read the synopsis of the film and she’s gone George Lucas. I am not looking forward to the next 3 films as I think she needs to take a step back and do other things for a while. Leave the Harry Potter universe alone for a while and get back to it when she’s ready and with a clear vision.


    1. It’s so funny how she’s being compared to George Lucas, I’ve never felt the hate towards the Star Wars prequels that the big fans have but then I didn’t even get into Star Wars until recently.
      Now with the Fantastic Beasts movies I’m here crying and ranting about how JK has ruined the whole series and suddenly I know how the Star Wars fans feel!


      1. Exactly. I’ll just stick with the original books and create ideas for dumb fan fiction such as an older Harry Potter going to New York City to solve a mystery in a neo-noir style which I think would be a good idea for a film.


  2. So here’s my plan. When I get around to watching Fallen Kingdom, I’d just stare at Chris Pratt’s face (hopefully there some ab work in here too? haha). And with Fantastic Beasts, I’d stare at the gorgeous Zoe and her cute 1920s hairdo. 🙂

    Hmmm, for me I don’t think I’ve that many movies that I’d consider as worst. There’s Netflix’s The Kissing Booth which I loathed for being so dated in terms of its views on sex and teenagers. And Midnight Sun which has all the imaginable sentimental, melodramatic teen movie cliches possible. That’s about it.


    1. Oh yes, there’s definitely something to enjoy about Fallen Kingdom in the form of Chris Pratt! Plus Zoe is the best part of Fantastic Beasts by far so you may be on to 2 winners there, haha!
      You’ve done well to have only seen 2 movies you didn’t enjoy! I have a terrible habit of finding joy in watching terrible movies…


  3. I kind of like House with a Clock in its Walls but yeah Jack Black’s head on the body- that might have been one of the scariest images of the year. Or at least downright creepy.
    Also I think you have a pretty good tagline for Red Sparrow there- it’s slutty and has spies. That actually makes it sound more fun than the movie was!


  4. After reading your Top 10, I had to go back to this one–I agree with your opinion on all the ones here I watched, but I’m holding out for Fantastic Beasts, which I haven’t seen yet–I hope it’s not as bad as you think, but your judgement is usually pretty close to mine!


  5. Awesome list of picks! I love your descriptions for Red Sparrow and The House with a Clock in Its Walls. I’m happy to not be the only one who hated How It Ends.


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