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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

You know when you’re desperate to get back into a fitness regime, and you treat yourself to some new trainers or a new gym top to give you that little bit of motivation and inspiration? That’s what I did over Christmas, but for books. I treated myself to one of the basic Kindle Fire tablets in a bid to get myself reading more. Is mid/late February too late to actually start your resolution?


The Hunting Party is the story of 7 friends who spend New Year’s together (as they have done every year) at a hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands. At the start of the book, we learn that a dead body has been found, but we don’t know whose – and we don’t know how. The book flicks back and forth between present day and a few days prior, until the climax at the very end. It’s quite a fascinating read!

I love a mystery and when I saw the Kindle version on sale for 99p, I bought it faster than you can say ‘whodunnit’. You’d think I would eventually grow tired of the genre or at least be able to work out the twists by now but no! Although it wasn’t perfect, I whizzed through the book quite quickly and I would definitely recommend it.

What I loved the most was how the characters were revealed as the pages went by. With stories like this the pace can sometimes be painfully slow if the reveal isn’t until the end, but I didn’t feel that here. We learn that none of these characters are angels, and so for a long time, it genuinely feels plausible that any of them could be the murderer. It isn’t until the last few chapters that you can confidently cross some of them off your suspect list.

I guess that’s the book’s biggest strength, but it also leads onto the only real criticism I have of it. Because these characters have all done bad things, some of them terrible, I couldn’t help but start to care less and less about them. That ends up leading to a climax that although very cleverly written, doesn’t have the biggest impact. I was left with a feeling of ‘well, they kind of deserved that’ rather than being outraged, if you get what I mean.

Still, it’s a solid read, well worth my 99p!

5 thoughts on “The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

  1. Sounds very Agatha Christie! I read something similar called In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware–I like books of this genre, although I’m not a fan of Ware’s writing style:-)


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