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The Memory Shop by Ella Griffin

Continuing my reading mission with the help of Amazon’s 99p daily deals, I found myself reading The Memory Shop by Ella Griffin. It’s a warm a fuzzy piece of fiction and very different to my usual go-to genre, but it sounded quite charming when I read the description and at such a bargain price I couldn’t really go wrong.


Nora’s Grandmother has recently passed away and with her mother off traveling around the world, it’s left to her to sort through the house in Dublin and its treasure trove of belongings. Just before Nora leaves she finds out her partner has been cheating on her, so she arrives in Dublin in quite a state. In her 6 month stay, she sets up a shop to sell her grandparent’s belongings, using her artistic talent to create beautiful shop window displays. As she meets more people as they visit the shop, she learns more about her grandmother’s mysterious past.

Yes, there’s a mystery involved. I just can’t help myself, but at least it’s not a murder amongst friends that’s being written about for a change. I hope I haven’t made the book sound boring because it’s anything but. It’s a beautifully charming read and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Nora is a wonderful character who I think almost anyone could relate to or look up to, and there’s a wealth of side characters with interesting stories of their own.

In fact, that’s my only criticism of the book. There are so many characters thrown in that sometimes I had to go back and re-read a few pages to try and work out who I was reading about. Eventually, though each one is linked to either Nora herself or Nora’s family in some way, so it all makes sense eventually.

The ending does find itself at risk of being a little too melodramatic and ‘romcom-y’ but by the time I got that far I found myself so invested in the characters that I didn’t mind too much. In fact, I was actually kind of gutted when I reached the end because I wasn’t ready to leave Nora behind, I wanted to stay with her!

I definitely recommend The Memory Shop, if it’s your usual kind of read or even if it isn’t, I’m sure there’s some element here you’ll enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Memory Shop by Ella Griffin

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