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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

john-wick-chapter-3-parabellum-2019Director: Chad Stahelski

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Main Cast: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Anjelica Huston

Plot: Directly following on from the previous movie, John Wick is now on the run after killing another member of the international assassin’s guild. Men and women worldwide are now after him, and there’s a $14m bounty on his head.

My Thoughts: I was dragged into the John Wick franchise just before the second movie came out. The husband wanted to go see it so we watched the first one together the night before. It was pretty good! I don’t mind action movies, I don’t often rave about them but they’re enjoyable enough. When the second one introduced all that world-building, I was sold, I think I enjoyed it more than the first. So I was dead excited to see Parabellum! Just as I was leaving the house my husband said: “Oh just so you know, Keanu Reeves can’t run and you’ll never be able to unsee it now”. Thanks!

The opening scene in Parabellum? Keanu Reeves running through New York City. Are you kidding me? Sorry to anyone else who now can’t unsee his Phoebe run. ANYWAY. Let me tell you about how much I loved this movie. I freaking loved every minute – it’s honestly on par with Avengers: Endgame right now. This is the standard that all action movies should aim for!

John Wick beats up a guy and snaps his neck with a book in a library, slaps a horse’s rear so hard that it kicks back and kills another guy, and then he rides that horse in the rain down New York’s busy streets, taking out assassins on motorbikes. All that happens in the first 20 minutes. I was exhausted by the end of the movie! The choreography of the fight scenes is just absolutely second to none, if ever there was an argument to be made for an action movie Oscar this is the time.


Best Bit: The knife fight was my favourite of all. I’m normally a quiet cinema-goer but even I gasped out loud several times, it was so brutal! You thought John Wick was good with guns? Man knows how to toss an axe!

Worst Bit: Have the bad guys in this franchise really not learned their lesson yet? You don’t hurt the doggos!

Fun Trivia: When shooting in Essaouira, Morocco, the set was besieged by hundreds of stray cats. According to Chad Stahelski, the crew had to build literal walls of cages to house them and, more importantly, to keep them from distracting the dogs featured in the scene.

My Rating: Guns. Lots of guns. Actually only 5 guns…but that’s still full marks from me!


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