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Destination Wedding (2018)

destination-wedding-2018-movie-posterDirector: Victor Levin

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 87 Minutes

Main Cast: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, DJ Dallenbach, Ted Dubost, D. Rosh Wright, Greg Lucey

Plot: Frank and Lindsay are two miserable people who first meet at the airport on their way to a destination wedding, that neither of them actually want to be at. They instantly dislike each other, but fate seems to have brought them together.

My Thoughts: Oh, here we go. John Wick: Chapter 3 has brought on a Keanu Reeves obsession, and for the foreseeable future I’m now going to be watching as many of his movies as possible, good or bad. I’m actually watching Knock Knock whilst writing this so yeah, the fever has set in. Send help. Or don’t. Just send recommendations. So I’m a little in love with Keanu, and I’m a long time lover of romcoms, so Destination Wedding was an easy place to start.

I’ve always loved the whole enemies to lovers kind of plot, so the movie didn’t disappoint on that front. In fact, the entire movie consists of Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves bickering and throwing sassy remarks back and forth, and I was loving it. There’s not really much else to the movie, and my husband claimed it was rubbish – although he watched pretty much the whole thing so he was definitely lying.

Can we get another Ryder/Reeves romcom please, movie gods? Just one with an actual plot and some side characters next time? There really isn’t much to this movie at all – but it’s short and there are much worse ways to spend an hour and a half. (Like watching Knock Knock, probably. I can already tell this is going to be a trash movie).


Best Bit: I could fill an entire post with quotes from the movie but the bickering is the funniest I think I’ve ever seen in a movie. What’s worse than being stuck with your most unflattering pyjamas when spending the night with Keanu Reeves? Having Keanu Reeves insult you twice for it!

Worst Bit: That was literally the most uncomfortable and awkward sex scene I’ve ever watched – hilarious, but so damn cringy!

Fun Trivia: While promoting this film, Winona Ryder claimed that her and Keanu Reeves might actually have been married to each other in real life when they filmed the marriage scene in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) because a real Romanian Orthodox priest was used. Francis Ford Coppola, who directed that film, agreed that this could be true.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 mountain lions. Or was it a lynx? Leopard? Who knows – it’s no match for Keanu, anyway!


16 thoughts on “Destination Wedding (2018)

  1. I loved this one, it didn’t hurt how gorgeous Keanu looked here. The lines were so good especially “what the fuck happened to urban planning here? Did they just give up?” “D oh man, Knock Knock. You are really crushing bad over him, same as me, there is no other reason to watch this one 😛


    1. My blog really seems to hate it when you leave a comment – ha! I’ll keep checking my spam now 😀
      And yes…I’m crushing bad…I’m falling into a pit of despair and terrible Keanu movies! Although I watched Speed on the weekend and that was pretty damn good.


      1. I dont know why WordPress hates me and puts me in spam folder it happens on every blog I follow. I always check my spam folder because Blogger aint much smarter 🙂 . I cannot wait for you to watch The Matrix sequels 😂


  2. Dude yes! It’s one of those romcoms you can watch without too many expectations and leave without feeling too disappointed. And ohmygawd, yes can we please get another Reeves romcom!?


  3. I wanna see this mainly for Keanu and Winona. Plus, I heard they’re actually married in real life and didn’t know about it until years later. I hope they stayed married.


  4. I go on vacation and come back and everyone is obsessed with Keanu lol. I haven’t seen this, I LOVE your blog look, btw!


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