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Thursday Movie Picks: Secret Agents/Spies (TV Edition)

I fell behind on Thursday Movie Picks this month but I’m not giving up yet! Hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, the last Thursday of every month is dedicated to TV Shows. These weeks are the ones I find most tricky as I honestly don’t watch a lot of TV, whatever spare time I get I tend to dedicate to movies instead.

This week’s theme is Secret Agents/Spies. There are a lot of shows out there in this theme so I’m looking forward to picking up some recommendations this week. I’ve got 2 of my own suggestions to share, and my third pick is a bit of a cop-out because I haven’t seen it, but recent events have brought it to my attention and I really want to see it!

So, without further ado…


The Night Manager (2016 – )

I thought this was a one-series special but IMDB doesn’t seem to have an end date. Anyway, like a lot of BBC miniseries, The Night Manager took social media by storm and if you worked in an office and weren’t watching the show, you may as well accept you weren’t going to part of any conversation. I loved the first few episodes but the hype dragged it down a bit for me. It also didn’t help that the episodes kept leaking online early so spoilers were everywhere. Watch this for Elizabeth Debicki who is incredible in every single way.


Archer (2009 – )

If you’ve never seen an episode of Archer then you really need to. I haven’t seen all of the episodes, and I haven’t watched any in the right order. When I was in college my group of friends watched Archer religiously so I caught quite a few episodes that way. It’s rude and hilarious, and I should get round to watching it properly. Also, I’m pretty sure I heard they’re trying to make a movie.


Chuck (2007 – 2012) 

This is my cheat choice. I’ve been told several times over the years to watch Chuck but never got round to it, and then when Zachary Levi was cast as Shazam!, this show was all over the place again. If you didn’t already know, I loved Shazam!, I’ve seen it twice now and Zachary Levi was great in the lead role, and I’d love to see more of his work, so I think this might be the final nudge I needed to give Chuck a go.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Secret Agents/Spies (TV Edition)

  1. So happy to see the love for Archer today! Love that show so much, I saw all of the first 6 seasons so I have like 3 seasons to watch left 😀


  2. I haven’t seen any of these but I’m intrigued by Night Manager, its got quite an impressive cast. I’m not an animation fan so Archer is out but I’ve heard of some good things about Chuck so maybe I’ll catch up with it some day.

    The 60’s were rife with spy shows so I went with three from there including my first which started the craze.

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964-1968)-Secret agents Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) work for secret international counterespionage and law-enforcement agency U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) under the direction of Alexander Waverly (Leo G. Carroll) to battle evil organizations such as THRUSH and other nefarious forces that threaten freedom with much gadgetry thrown in. A trendsetting hit in its day this received a decent big screen treatment in 2015.

    It Takes a Thief (1968-1970)-Sleek international thief Alexander Mundy (Robert Wagner) temporarily incarcerated is offered a deal by Noah Bain (Malachi Thorne) head of the Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA) to be free if he steals important information or objects for the government. Breezy, stylish series globetrots around the world providing a time capsule of 60’s high fashion and high quality guest stars (among them Bette Davis, Teri Garr & Suzanne Pleshette) and in the later episodes Fred Astaire as Mundy’s master thief father Alistair.

    Get Smart (1965-1970)- Maxwell Smart (Don Adams), a highly intelligent but bumbling spy works for CONTROL, battling the evil forces of rival spy agency KAOS with the help of his chic and competent partner Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) while their often exasperated Chief (Edward Platt) looks on. Daffy fun with Adams’ deadpan delivery even under the most extreme conditions priceless. Tons of cool gadgets, gotta love the shoe phone!


  3. Welcome us both back! Archer is all over the place this week. I need to give it another shot. I saw a couple of eps, thought it was okay, but didn’t love it. I knew the title Chuck, but had no idea it involved spies. Haven’t even heard of your other pick.


  4. Oh my gosh, CHUCK! I absolutely LOVE that show and highly recommend it. Gosh, so much awesome going on there. Been contemplating rewatching that recently.


  5. The Night Manager is the only one I’ve seen. I had not been spoiled but there was an expectation for it to be great because there were so much buzz about it. However it fell a bit flat for me. Not quite the suspenseful thriller. I think they’re trying to bring it back for a second season due the first’s success, but it would probably take awhile.


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