Thursday Movie Picks: Undercover

It’s probably about time I admitted that I’ve been undercover all this time. Secretly, I’m actually a great blogger who writes concisely and elegantly and keeps to a strict writing schedule in order to post consistently. Just kidding, sloppy, incoherent and inconsistent me is the real me – nothing is going to change about that!

I do always try, though, and keeping up with Wandering Through the Shelves’ Thursday Movie Picks is at the top of my list. This week’s theme is Undercover, and whilst there have been many iconic, serious movies that fit the subject (Reservoir Dogs, The Departed, etc) I’m not going to talk about those today. My picks are pure fun!


21 Jump Street (2012)

2012 was a magical year for Channing Tatum. He was obviously already well known for the Step Up movies but in 2012 he not only stole the hearts of women everywhere with Magic Mike, he broke those hearts with the romantic weepy movie The Vow, and then cheered us all up with the surprise hit, 21 Jump Street. It’s a remake of an 80s show where Channing and Jonah Hill play 2 cops going undercover as High School students to take down a drug ring. It’s honestly one of the best comedies of the decade!


Miss Congeniality (2000)

I just love Sandra Bullock. It doesn’t matter what the movie is, if she’s in it I’ll watch it. I haven’t seen Miss Congeniality in years but Sandra basically plays a tough cop going undercover in a beauty pageant, and it’s as funny as you can imagine. It must have done well at the time because they made a sequel, but it’s sadly nowhere near as good as the original…as always!


Point Break (1991)

Sometime, a week will pass without me mentioning Keanu Reeves. This week is not that week. How can I not mention Point Break?! Keanu plays an FBI agent going undercover as a surfer to catch a group who are suspected bank robbers. I only watched it for the first time recently (before Keanu fever hit, thank you) but it was so much fun! I ended up watching the remake straight after and actually compared them – excuse the self-promotion!

28 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Undercover

  1. You can mention Keanu Reeves every week – I won’t raise any objections.

    Anyway, I absolutely loved the Jump Street movies, they are so insanely funny and quotable and now I need to watch them again!


  2. 21 Jump Street (and 22 Jump Street) and Point Break are awesome! Great picks! Confession time: In one of the strangest holes in my viewership, I’ve seen Miss Congeniality 2, but not the original.


    1. Ooooh now that is strange, ha! If you ever find yourself bored with nothing to watch (although this never happens to us bloggers!) you should give the original a go, the sequel is kind of rubbish 😦


  3. Great picks! I loved watching Miss Miss Congeniality! Sandra Bullock was so hilarious in that movie! I need to watch 21 Jump Street. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about that movie!


  4. Yeah, you can’t go wrong with those 3 films. I enjoyed the hell out of all of them. As a triple feature, people would have a hell of a time where they can laugh and be excited.


  5. I dunno how you guys do these cos whenever I see one I always think, goddamn, I could maybe think of one, max two films that match =/ My memory is soooo bad. Nice job tho, you made it a theme within a theme, nice work. See I would have NEVER remembered that Keanu was undercover in that movie and I rewatched it not long ago =/

    good stuff


    1. Haha! When I’m actually on top of it I try to think of my picks a couple of weeks in advance, I normally have to look back at my Letterboxd account to remind myself of some movies. Then when Thursday rolls around I kick myself when others pick great ones I should have thought of!


      1. I really enjoy using mine! Although I have to log movies as and when I see them otherwise I notice a gap in the diary and I literally can’t remember what I watched…even if it was a week ago!

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  6. I haven’t seen 21 Jump Street because I can’t stand Jonah Hill but it is popular today with many saying it is hilarious so I might give it a try. I love Miss Congeniality which is another favourite this week. It is funny especially Michael Caine. I haven’t seen Pointe Break just looks so stupid that I never gave it any chance..maybe I will one day:)


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