Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#18) Summer Lovin’

I’ve been so active on the blog for a few months and yet I haven’t posted anything for a week. You know why? I haven’t watched a movie for a week! Can you believe it?! It’s down to two things. The first being the UK had a bit of a heatwave and I honestly almost melted. The other being I got sucked into the reality show Love Island which took away all of my almost non-existent free time. The final is tonight though so I’m hoping to get back into a regular schedule this week!

What’s coming up next month though is…my 30th Birthday! Urgh. I’m going to be 30. It feels weird to be hitting that milestone age but yet I don’t feel too badly about it. I’m married, I have a gorgeous and hilarious little toddler, we have a house and mortgage, and I feel fairly accomplished with that. Any chance of a career has been pushed aside but hey – you can’t have it all!

So on my 30th Birthday, 23rd August, I’ll be flying out on holiday with said husband and toddler, as well as my parents and littlest brother, to the USA! We’re going to New York for 4 nights and then over to California for 10 nights to do Disney, Universal and chill at the beaches. I honestly can’t wait. I obviously won’t be on the blog for those 2 weeks but I’ve got some of my reviews from my older blog scheduled so at least there will be something posted from here regularly whilst I’m gone.

In other news, I’m almost finished with S3 of Stranger Things. It’s been a slow start and I don’t think it’s better than S2 (yet!) but there have been some amazing moments so far, like Daddy Hopper and the antics at Scoops Ahoy. I’ve heard it ends with a bang so I’m looking forward to it! I’ve also made a start on S2 of Big Little Lies which is looking promising so far.

The cinema releases seem to be unusually quiet for this time of year, but I’m chalking that up to no one wanting to release anything at the same time as The Lion King. I might venture out to see The Current War just for the cast, but other than that there’s nothing worth seeing until this weekend when Hobbs & Shaw comes out! I’ve only seen 2 of the Fast & Furious movies but Hobbs & Shaw looks like so much fun – I can’t wait!

So thanks for bearing with me while I haven’t been around – I’ll be catching up real soon!

12 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#18) Summer Lovin’

  1. Dude you are married and have a child. I also will be 30 soon – September – and I have been watching interviews with David Harbour for the last 5h. Clearly, you are a functioning adult and should be proud not to be a mess like me lol I hope you’ll finish season 3 soon, it’s my favorite season! and yeaaah Hobbs & Shaw is almost here!


  2. I am 2 years away from 40! I miss being 30. LOL. I hope you have a fabulous vacation though! I’ve been to NYC and it was a lot of fun.

    I think the season 3 finale of ST is one of my all time favorite ST episodes, so I hope you enjoy that too 😀


  3. Cool, 30 is a big step and it’s cool you’ll spend it with your family, and more importantly, it’s cool that you’re happy!
    p.s. Love Island is apparently HUGE in the UK, everyone must be watching it. I find it fascinating, that this type of show can attract so many people, and especially so many types of people (from young to old, to cool to hippie and hipsters)


    1. It’s ridiculously huge! I avoided it for the first few seasons and then this year got home from the cinema to find my husband of all people watching the first episode and we were hooked from then!


  4. I turned 30 two years ago, it was a dark time lol. That’s awesome you’re taking a vacation thought! I love both NY and CA, I hope you have tons of fun both places. (and I hope your daughter is good for you during those long flights)


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