Top 100 Movies of the Decade: 2010

This is going to a popular subject amongst all the bloggers right about now, but honestly? Trying to put together a Top 10 of the year list is difficult enough for me, there’s absolutely no way I could do a Top 100 of the decade, so I’m splitting it into ten posts, one Top 10 for each year, and that, essentially, will create a Top 100 of the decade. Make sense?

An interesting little note to be aware of, I started this blog right at the very end of 2016. I co-ran another blog with a friend that we started in 2014, but before then movies weren’t my main hobby. I’ve obviously gone back and watched older movies but looking at my stats, it’s quite shocking how few movies I’ve seen at the start of the decade! For example, I’ve seen just 39 movies released in 2010, compared to 75 for 2019, when we aren’t even at the end of the year yet!

In other words, you’ll have to forgive me if my early Top 10’s are a little…lacking.

Traditionally I went by UK release dates for these lists but it’s too difficult to keep track of, so I’ll be using the general release date instead. My aim is to post each day in the run-up to the new year, wish me luck!

2010 Movies Watched: 39


#10 The Social Network

Not going to lie, The Social Network was probably the first biopic I ever saw. It damn sure set the bar high, though. It’s not surprising anymore, considering it was directed by David Fincher.


#9 Toy Story 3

Toy Story was such a huge part of my childhood so it’s no surprise that the third movie was going to end up in my list. I was wary going in – I wasn’t keen on the new characters, but I was easily won over. The same happened this year with Toy Story 4.


#8 Blue Valentine

Before Netflix released Marriage Story and made us all wonder if we would ever be happy again, we had Blue Valentine. I haven’t been able to ever bring myself to watch this one again, to be honest.


#7 Despicable Me

Forget the sequels which don’t even stand close to the original, Despicable Me is a brilliant animated movie. Great story, fun characters, and something to enjoy for everyone.


#6 Buried

I searched this one out on my Ryan Reynolds binge years ago and it probably remains my favourite movie of his. It’s not for everyone, the entire movie takes place in the box that the main character has been buried alive in, but oh my goodness that ending.


#5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

I don’t need to even try to justify this one. It wasn’t the best movie in the Harry Potter universe was (that goes to Prisoner of Azkaban and I’ll fight you if you say I’m wrong) but Deathly Hallows: Part 1 marked the beginning of the end of a wonderful franchise.


#4 Tangled

Can anyone easily answer the question, ‘what’s your favourite Disney movie?’. There’s too many to choose from but if I had to, it would be Tangled. It’s the soundtrack that does it for me. A Disney musical is nothing without some catchy tunes, and Tangled has them in spades.


#3 Shutter Island

Annoyingly, I watched Shutter Island in 2 parts. That’s not so bad, you might think, but I watched the second half first. Not deliberately, my parents were watching it and I walked in halfway through and joined them. It tainted the experience slightly, but it’s still a bloody good movie.


#2 Incendies

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve seen shockingly few foreign-language movies, but Incendies was my first and I’ll never, ever forget it. It’s such a powerful movie about a broken family, and when things all come together at the end, it’s such a gut-punch. A brilliant movie, but not for the casual movie fan!


#1 Inception

It’s been 9 years and I still love throwing suggestions around about that spinning top at the end. I think 2010 was the year I discovered my love for crazy, twisty, open endings, and Inception is probably the best example of one out there.

25 thoughts on “Top 100 Movies of the Decade: 2010

  1. Pleasantly surprised to see Blue Valentine and Incendies on the list. These are all wonderful choices. And Inception definitely deserves its top spot! I remember being obsessed with the film when I first saw it, the cast, concept, and everything. It’s about due time for a re-watch. 😉


  2. I have been making top 10’s since 2010 (You can find the list here:, so I could say my work is done, but I’d probably change a lot looking back. I hadn’t seen Incendies back then, so that would probably end up very high on my list.

    Have been thinking if I would make a top 10 for this decade and I want to, but honestly it feels like an almost impossible task. There would be so many great movies that I couldn’t pick….


  3. Yeah, you can’t go wrong with these movies though my list of the best films of 2010 is still in the works while I have more than 20 films in my watchlist of films released that year that I still haven’t seen. I plan on doing a 2010s list really soon in about a few years.


  4. The whole list is super interesting. I personally put The Social Network on top of the list! But, it’s great to see Incendies and Blue Valentine. Both are great movies and they deserve more. It’s also surprising to see Despicable Me on the list. My list is currently under maintenance and I also prepare list of best movies of the decade. Can’t wait hear your thought, though.


  5. Our tastes are wildly different. Movies that I despise show up on your lists of the best movies, movies I love show up on your lists of the worst movies. Despite that, I always enjoy what you have to say about the movies and seeing your ranking for everything.

    Are you planning on doing lists for the worst movies of the decade?

    Also, have you seen Scott Pilgrim? I still haven’t been able to completely figure out what your taste is but I feel like you might like it. Very stylistic and enjoyable film.


    1. Hey Jesse – sorry it’s taken me so long to dig your comment out! I don’t know why WordPress does this to me!
      It’s funny isn’t it – but I guess it’s one of the best parts of being a movie blogger, seeing all the different opinions out there. I’m glad at least we’ve always been able to chat properly rather than react like the loud internet users out there!
      I’ve seen Scott Pilgrim and I’ve seen Kick-Ass, but only once when they were released, and although I know I liked them both, my memory keeps merging the two together!


      1. Proper discussion is one of my favourite parts about sharing the love of film with someone. I’ve never understood people who get angry and violent over simple differences in opinion. I think Inception kind of sucked but I’m not about to call you (or Nolan) an idiot because of it.

        I’ve never heard of anyone merging memories of Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass together but it kind of makes sense in a weird way. Both films star an awkward teenage male protagonist who has to be a hero in some way.


    2. Oh! I forgot to reply about a worst movies of the decade list. It would be so hard to do! Mainly just because of the first half of the decade, where I haven’t seen a lot of movies. It’s definitely something I’d like to do, but it would maybe be half the size.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome list! If I did a top ten, Blue Valentine, The Social Network, and Deathly Hallows Part 1 would be on there. In my best movies of the decade list, Inception is actually number one pick for 2010 too.


  7. I’m late catching up on these, but this is certainly an interesting way to tackle the whole “best of the decade” idea. And very much agreed with your #1 choice there. Good stuff. 🙂


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