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Little Women (2019)

little-women-2019-movie-review-posterDirector: Greta Gerwig

Genre: Drama, Romance

Runtime: 135 Minutes

Main Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep, James Norton

Plot: Based on the classic novel, Little Women is the story of the 4 March sisters each eager to live their own lives, as told by one of the four herself, Jo March.

My Thoughts: Are we talking enough about Florence Pugh? Because I don’t think we are. In January 2019 she went from an actress I’d never heard of to my favourite actress of the year. Which is how I found myself watching Little Women after Christmas. I’ve never read the novel, nor watched the original movie, and I don’t think there will ever be a day I can say I love period dramas but damn it, I will watch one for Florence Pugh!

I actually ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. With a cast like this, it’s hard not to enjoy it, and Saoirse Ronan was made for roles like Jo March. I found the sisters slightly irritating to begin with but it was so easy to warm to them. Timothée Chalamet gets more interesting the more I see of him too. Were we meant to both love his character and want to slap him at the same time? Because that’s how I felt!

From watching Friends all those years ago I knew there was going to be an upsetting moment somewhere along the way but I’d forgotten who/when/why. Ugh, even though you know what’s coming before it happens it doesn’t make it any easier. Why am I like this? When I left the cinema I was positive I liked the movie, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I actually enjoyed it. It’s one of those I need to sleep on.


Best Bit: Florence Pugh having a tantrum is big, floofy (yes, spellchecker, floofy is a word, take your red, squiggly line away from here) skirts is what I live for. Also, there’s a scene in which she’s wearing a flower crown and dancing in a circle and I got Midsommar vibes. So need to see that movie again.

Worst Bit: Time jumps! I’m not thick enough that I need a ‘7 years earlier’ stamp in every scene but oh man was I confused. One sister had a fringe in the old scenes that she doesn’t have in the present scenes but that was honestly the only way I could tell which timeline we were on.

Fun Trivia: Emma Watson took over the role of Meg March from Emma Stone, who became unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with promoting The Favourite (2018). Ironically, Stone previously took over the role of Mia in La La Land (2016) after Watson dropped out of the project due to the commitment of her role as Belle in the Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast (2017).
I love both Emmas but this definitely worked out for the best.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 peaches that thankfully Timeothée Chalamet was not holding at any moment in this movie.


24 thoughts on “Little Women (2019)

  1. I wish so badly that we got Emma Stone in this. I thought Watson was dreadful lol. I share your love for Pugh though. It’s not often Saoirse Ronan isn’t the best part of her own movies but Florence was just phenomenal here. I really preferred this version of Amy to the 94 one. Great review!


  2. I left the theater loving this movie! Admittedly, I have not seen Pugh in anything before this (I don’t recall anyway) and she was just fabulous, as was Ronan. I think Chalamet gave a lot of depth to Laurie too. Just a wonderful cast all around. I’m a fan of Emma Watson but she felt a little out of place here for some reason. Not enough for me to think she was entirely miscast, but it was just odd feeling for me.

    Great review!


  3. I liked Lady Bird and I thought this looked good based on the trailers. However, I keep hearing that the time jumps were incredibly confusing. I am also not thick enough that I necessarily need an expository intertitle anytime there is a time jump in any movie ever… but it sounds like this movie could have benefited from it.

    I like the cast and the director though so I will probably end up seeing this in theaters with my girlfriend (who loved Lady Bird). Glad to see that it was still enjoyable despite the lack of intertitles. Also, you made me look up what the hell the peach meant since I didn’t understand the reference. Huh… gives a whole new meaning to “peaches n cream”. I’ll never eat corn again.


    1. It just didn’t help that the issues in each timeline were so similar so there wasn’t much to go by to tell where we were. It got easier as the movie went on but to begin with it was a real headache!
      And oh no…it was from Call Me By Your Name. It won a ton of awards but I really hated it. Knowing how our tastes are so wildly different you might really love it, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I was happy when Jo cut her hair it made it so much easier to tell the time jumps! Much as I love Florence I had a hard time buying her as 12 or 13 in the flashbacks and Emma Stone would have been interesting as Meg. I did not know she was originally cast!


  5. Man, this film was way better than I thought it would be and I want to see it again on TV. In fact, the 1994 version was just on TV but I had to step out for errands and drop my mom off at a store with her cousin. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I’m kind of pissed that Greta Gerwig got snubbed by the Golden Globes for Best Director. Then again, the Golden Globes suck anyways.


  6. This was one of my favourite books as a kid. Fun fact: I read it several times, and still had no idea that it was American–I thought it was British and couldn’t figure out what war they were talking about! I finally figured it out when I was about 13:-)


  7. Finally saw this. One of my favourite movies of 2019. Beautifully shot, well-written, great acting from the leads (I wasn’t a fan of Watson or her character but she was more of a side character anyways). Just a very well-rounded movie. Also, I never felt confused due to the time jumps. For the most part, I was able to pick up on what time the scenes were in pretty quickly. I don’t think I could put the entire film in the correct order but I don’t think that the movie depends on a clear understanding of the exact time of scenes. Can’t wait to see more from Gerwig, Pugh and Ronan.


    1. I got into the time jumps after a while but to begin with there was so little to define whether we were in the past or present it was distracting! Really glad you enjoyed the movie, though.


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