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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

bad-boys-for-life-movie-review-2020Director: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Runtime: 124 Minutes

Main Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Paola Nuñez, Kate del Castillo, Nicky Jam

Plot: Marcus has just become a grandparent and wants to retire from the force to be with family, must to the shock of his long-time partner Mike. Things change however when Mike is gunned down on the street by a man on a motorcycle. Mike pulls through, just about, and the two team up with a newly created elite team to find justice.

My Thoughts: So, confession time. I’ve never seen the original Bad Boys movie. Or the sequel. I was actually quite shocked to find this is the 3rd Bad Boys movie? I always thought it was like the Fast & Furious franchise. Anyway, when you have a monthly pass for the cinema, the month is depressing and the bestie is offering a lift, you go to see Bad Boys for Life! And although it doesn’t stand a chance of making my Top 10 of the year list, it was still a fun ride.

I hope that Bad Boys fans enjoyed this, because there was a girl sat behind me who was a fan and she was loving every second. Bless her. I liked it for the most part, but the most interesting moments were when Marcus and Mike were together and they spent too much time apart really. The AMMO squad were a lot of fun, though. Especially Alexander Ludwig playing the beefiest guy in the room who’s only interested in being the tech guy.

It was just a bit too long to keep me entertained for the full runtime. If the final action sequence could have been merged with the penultimate one, that would have been much better. It needed that little bit more banter between Marcus and Mike, too. The story was alright, the twisty reveal towards the end surprised me but probably because this was my introduction to all these characters. All in all, a semi-decent watch. It seems we’re getting a Bad Boys 4 whether we like it or not, too.


Best Bit: Something you definitely don’t need to hear a passenger say to his friend sat next to you on a flight? “We fly together, we die together!”

Worst Bit: When that guy got shot in the head with a rubber bullet and it swelled up to the size of an orange…cringe! I’m actually shuddering just thinking about it! Blergh.

Fun Trivia: This will be the first Bad Boys film not to be directed by Michael Bay. However, he has a cameo in the film as a wedding master of ceremonies.

My Rating: 2 and a half boxes of Midnight Cocoa Bean hair dye, in case you want/need to dye your goatee like Mike.


12 thoughts on “Bad Boys for Life (2020)

  1. That was my score too. What’s crazy is that this one is actually better than the other two (especially Bad Boys II which is excruciating to watch). Overall, this just isn’t the franchise for me.


  2. Just watch the first one and avoid the 2nd one unless you want to have a hole drilled into your head. I have no interest in the third film unless it’s on TV if I watch it out of boredom.


  3. I highly recommend that you go back and at least watch Bad Boys 1 – it’s pure 90s action-nonsense Bay-hem! Yeah, that rubber bullet bit had me cringing and laughing!


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