Top 100 Movies of the Decade: 2017

There’s one good thing that’s come of me taking way too long to make these lists. A lot of the great 2019 movies are only just coming out now in the UK and it’s given me time to watch them before making my Top 10 of last year! In fact, if I wasn’t notoriously late for everything, you might even believe me if I told you that was my plan all along. We’re approaching the end though, and this has been a lot of fun to put together.

2017 was easier to be strict with, but I still had to cross 4 off my original list, and it took a lot of going back and forth before I could decide what 4 they were going to be. My original Best of 2017 list had 15 movies in and I’ve seen loads more since then! As always, you can find my other lists here.

2017 Movies Watched: 86
Movies that just missed out: Coco, It, Lady Bird, Logan


#10 Dunkirk

I’ll forever be kicking myself for not watching Dunkirk in the cinema, but I’m glad I at least gave it a chance because it was the war movie that made me realise that I do in fact enjoy a good war movie! I’ve since finally watched Saving Private Ryan which was fantastic.


#9 Beauty and the Beast

Here’s my unpopular choice thrown in for good measure. Yep, it was virtually a shot for shot remake, but the original is perhaps my all-time favourite Disney movie so that’s not a problem for me. The extra song, Evermore will forever be one of my favourite songs ever, too.


#8 Baby Driver

Fun fact, Baby Driver was the last movie I watched at the cinema before giving birth to my little girl. I had to watch it again once it was out on DVD because I missed at least half thanks to running off to the toilets every 5 minutes!


#7 A Ghost Story

I really want to watch A Ghost Story again. It’s not a horror, if you’ve never heard of it, but a quirky little mysterious movie with a cracking ending. Just be warned, you’ll be put off from eating pie for quite a while afterwards.


#6 The Florida Project

Who knew that just a stone’s throw away from the most magical place on earth is…a very unmagical, sad place, where families struggle to get by and raise their children. Poor Willem Dafoe plays the manager of the Magic Castle Motel and despite the kids there making his life hell, he loves them still. It took me a while to warm to the movie but I haven’t forgotten it since.


#5 Battle of the Sexes

I never expected to enjoy Battle of the Sexes so much. I find biographical movies can be quite dry sometimes, and I have no interest in tennis at all, but I gave it a go for Emma Stone and Steve Carell, both of which I’m a big fan of. I don’t know what to tell you, I just found the story absolutely fascinating!


#4 I, Tonya

Speaking of biographical movies to do with sports…oh boy was I, Tonya a lot of fun! Margot Robbie was the perfect choice here. I just love how her story was told, I laughed so much but at the same time, it’s really quite emotional. Just excellent performances all round, here.


#3 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A fantastically dark story about how a mother uses any means necessary to solve the case of her murdered daughter when the police fail to come up with an answer. Three Billboards is a must-watch.


#2 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Yeah, I put The Last Jedi up here. You didn’t expect anything less of me, did you? I’ll always have a soft spot for The Last Jedi, just like a have a soft spot for any Star Wars movie. We were blessed with unmasked Kylo Ren, the most beautifully shot lightsaber fight/team-up ever, and a whole host of galactic creatures and beings.


#1 The Greatest Showman

Is the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman the most sold album of all time yet? I think it was #1 in the UK album charts for over a year! I didn’t realise until recently that it got quite mixed reviews, but for me it’s everything I want in a movie, and I honestly couldn’t fault it!

21 thoughts on “Top 100 Movies of the Decade: 2017

  1. love that u also have gs as ur #1 (for me that and dunkirk keep flipflopping between the first two spots) such an amazing film that I wish i had seen in the theater.
    (btw Both dunkirk and SPR are amazing to watch in the theater and 1917 is now part of that club of war movies so beautifully shot)

    still haven’t seen bots,and ive been meaning to for a while.

    very solid list overall.

    keep up the great work Allie!


  2. So great to see Three Billboards on the list! It’s an underrated gem. 2017 was just such a good year for film. I personally loved Good Time, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Mudbound. Dunkirk’s a solid pick too! 🙂


  3. Awesome seeing The Greatest Showman on top. Loved that movie, and that soundtrack is still in my head to this day.

    Also pleased to see A Ghost Story appear here. One of my favorites from this year as well, and one of the best examples of a film doing so much with such a simple premise. 🙂


  4. You knocked Lady Bird (my #1 film of 2017) off your list? I don’t know about that. But I do know there are some quality movies on your list, especially Ghost Story, which I loved.

    And I still need to see The Greatest Showman. I was put off by bad reviews, but have realized that’s not the type of movie where one should necessarily heed reviews.

    (Right now I’m procrastinating writing a review for 1917. So thanks for the distraction.)


    1. I know – I KNOW. There are SO many movies I missed off that could be in my Top 5 on another day.
      You should definitely give The Greatest Showman a go! It’s going to go one way or another, you’ll either get swept up in the magic and musical numbers or think it’s a complete joke, but either way I’d love to read your thoughts.


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