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Thursday Movie Picks TV Edition: 2019 Freshmen Series

I really thought I was going to have to skip this week’s theme. I just don’t watch a lot of TV anymore, and because I don’t have a lot of free time I’m suspicious of new shows. I don’t want to sink hours into a brand new show that turns out to be garbage 5 seasons later when I’m too invested to stop!

So yes, this week’s Thursday Movie Picks theme is dedicated to TV shows that premiered in 2019. I knew I had 2 that I could contribute. And that was about it. But then I remembered a show that I started and didn’t finish, so perhaps you can all tell me if it’s worth sticking it out.


The Witcher

I haven’t read the books that the show is based on, but I’m a huge fan of the games, and I hated it when Henry Cavill was announced as Geralt. He’s not my Geralt. But I was too curious to stay away, so I gave it a go. I have to say…he’s a good Geralt. You can tell that Cavill himself is a huge Witcher fan and I see a lot of the video game Geralt in him. I just hope that Netflix throws a lot more money into Season 2 because it’s so painfully obvious that 99% of the budget was blown on Cavill’s salary!


The Mandalorian

But Allie…aren’t you from the UK? The UK doesn’t get Disney+ until the end of March? Well, you know what Disney? Spoiler alert but we’ve all watched The Mandalorian. Perhaps next time you should plan your releases a bit smarter. The entire world fell in love with Baby Yoda late last year, me included. The Mandalorian is a fun little show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and feels accessible for the newest of Star Wars fans whilst still providing enough fan service for the hardcore fans. It’s just an all-round crowd pleaser!


Living With Yourself

This is the show I didn’t finish. I love Paul Rudd, and him being the lead in a TV show where he has to work out how to live with the better version of himself sounded like the right kind of crazy. It just didn’t turn out as fun as I expected it to be. Has anyone else watched the whole season? Is it worth sticking with?

37 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks TV Edition: 2019 Freshmen Series

  1. I love The Witcher on Switch, and the show is a lot of fun! 🙂 Living by Yourself sadly isn’t. Both Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea are fantastic as always, but the potential of that fascinating premise is largely wasted.


  2. I watched all of “Living With Yourself”. I gave it a 3/10 in my review and basically said it should have been a 90 minute movie instead of an 8 episode TV show. It just drags out way too long and it isn’t that fun for what it is. So I would say don’t even bother.

    Also, LOL at The Mandalorian. Ever since I was a kid, I hated UK release dates even though I live in Canada. I was always so thankful I didn’t live in the UK for that reason.

    Side-note: You tweeted that you have been getting a lot of views from Canada… Well I have been visiting your blog quite a lot to look at new posts (and also to reply to comments and look at your top 100 again)… but I also shared the link to your top 100 of the decade list on my Facebook. I have a few friends that click everything I share so that’s probably accounting for a few dozen of those views :p


    1. LMAO I just remembered that I went through ALL of your reviews last night to find everything you gave 5 stars to. Sometimes I get obsessed with an idea and my OCD takes over and I can’t let go of the idea until I have the answer (it started as a simple “What has OOT given full marks to?”). So I would say I account for a couple hundred of those views, at least. But hey, if you ever need a list of movies you have given full marks to, I wrote them down! My OCD causes me to check the same thing over and over sometimes even when I know the answer or when I know nothing has changed, so I wrote them down so that I don’t do that again.


      1. LOL! Literally it’s you, you should see my stats graph because it’s hilarious. Do you use Letterboxd at all? I’m on there and use the diary feature all the time, my ratings should be in there too. But hey, I mean I’d rather have the blog views!! 😂


    2. It’s so frustrating being in the UK sometimes! The only upside is we got the Star Wars sequel trilogy and all the Harry Potter movies slightly earlier than the rest of the world.
      Thanks again for my stats boost, ha!


      1. Yeah, I never understood why the UK gets the short end of the stick sometimes. Do you even know why? I would love to know. Or do you just accept it without knowing the reasons? Or do you know why you get things like Star Wars sequels and Harry Potter early? I kind of get it for Harry Potter, but not Star Wars.


      2. You know, I’ve never really looked into it, but I feel like I should! I know a lot of the technical/green screen stuff for Star Wars is flmed in the UK but it’s such a worldwide phenomenon I wouldn’t expect that to mean an earlier release.

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  3. I know of Letterboxd but I only go on there every couple of months to check overall ratings. But I mostly use RateYourMusic which has music and film. Phenomenal website that has changed my life and it is the reason I got into writing reviews (I loved reading people’s reviews and my entire film /music taste has changed so much because of it).

    Good to know that you have Letterboxd though. Definitely going to bookmark your page for easy reference! Glad that I had that much of an impact on your stats graph though because that’s hilarious. Single-handedly giving you a few hundred views from Canada.


      1. That’s why I use RateYourMusic, for the ratings and the film charts. I don’t like what the top rated movies on IMDb are, I just don’t think that they should be considered the best movies ever. Some of them are pretty good but definitely not masterpieces. Like, Stalker is #179 on IMDb and The Dark Knight is #4. I don’t think The Dark Knight should even be in the top 250, let alone 175 places above Stalker. The Dark Knight is still top 100 on RYM but at least Stalker is #8.

        Letterboxd is much better but still a bit too close to IMDb’s tastes as far as my taste goes. RYM is way, way more aligned with my own taste but I still disagree a lot of the time (modern Malick movies are very low-rated). Also, for awhile, Twin Peaks: The Return was the highest rated thing on Letterboxd and I absolutely loved it for that.


  4. It’s interesting that your Letterboxd ratings slightly differ from your review site ratings. Films that you originally gave 9/10 or 4.5 stars are now 5 stars (e.g. The Force Awakens) and some 10/10 or 5 stars aren’t given that rating (e.g. Shaun of the Dead). Also, I didn’t realize you gave Arrival full marks since its not listed under your Flick Chicks reviews. Sorry it ended up on my end of the decade list 😐

    Also Song to Song still 1.5 stars 😦 Interesting to see Heat with 2 stars. I know people on RateYourMusic that swear by Michael Mann’s films.


    1. I tend to do my Letterboxd score straight after seeing a movie but once I’ve gotten my thoughts written down, I change my mind on a few things!
      Song to Song was one of the most frustrating movies I’ve ever watched, haha!


  5. Disney+ really hasn’t planned this entire thing out too well, from the delay for the UK to not having a few new shows ready to go. But The Mandalorian was so good! I can’t wait for Season 2.


  6. It’s insane that Disney+ didn’t launch worldwide at the same time Kinda offensive too, tbh, so lol at Disney that pretty much everyone already watched the show


  7. Oh baby yoda, I love you with all my heart.
    As for The Witcher, I just finished watching it the second time and I have to say it was far more enjoyable on the second run as I didn’t spend most of the time being confused. Also, Jaskier is an adorable cinnamon roll and Geraskier is my new favorite ship.


  8. I like The Witcher enough to want to watch season two. I haven’t read nor played the games, but I didn’t like Cavill that much as Geralt. I sort of wish they went with someone less recognizable.

    Disney’s staggered launch of its streaming service worldwide is offensive. Though seriously, even Amazon, which does offer its streaming worldwide(I think) is terrible at making their full Amazon Original content available equally, some places just don’t get some of their shows. I would say only Netflix is on the ball in streaming their original content everywhere at once.


  9. I really like Paul Rudd, but I’ve never seen ‘Living With Yourself.’ I bet I’m probably one of the only people in the world who doesn’t care at ALL about Mandalorian- I’m just not a ‘Star Wars’ fan. :/


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