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Lockdown Day 3 & The Hunt (2020)

Hi guys, you might have noticed I haven’t been around lately. The Coronavirus pretty much ruined my creative writing and my appetite for watching movies. I’m trying though, so whilst I’d probably say I’m still on some sort of hiatus, I thought it would be therapeutic to carry on using the blog as some sort of diary for now.

Today is what feels like Lockdown Day 3 for me in the UK. I’m working from home for the foreseeable future, but I work in a service industry that is essentially closed right now. In the background, my boss is trying to secure government funding to cover our wages whilst we have no work, and hopefully he’s successful. Even so, if work doesn’t pick up for us once this is over, I’m out of a job, and with a mortgage and a child depending on me, that’s causing me real mental issues right now.

So is social media. Our UK lockdown guidelines allow us out of the house to do essential shopping, as well as 1 form of outdoor exercise per day. I’ve been using my time to take my little girl to either the woods or a large outdoor park to run around in, obviously keeping our distance from everyone else. Now, they’re starting to close parks and I’m running out of options. It seems so counter-productive, and sometimes I don’t even dare share photos or videos of our walks because others have interpreted the rules as ‘DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE EVER’ and I feel like I’m passive-aggressively being told I’m a terrible person. I need to get out for my own mental wellbeing, and being out in the woods is far less dangerous than being in a supermarket complaining about how busy it is.

So anyway – that’s how things are right now. Every day is something to overcome, but hey, we’re all in this together. And I guess that’s why it makes me sad when I see so much aggression on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

I managed to watch The Hunt (2020) though, on Monday night. I already had my cinema ticket booked for it and then, of course, the cinemas got closed, so I was so glad I could stream it! It was absolutely bonkers.


I’m so impressed that everyone is doing a fabulous job of not mentioning spoilers, but at the same time I’m GUTTED I didn’t see it in the cinema because those first 10 minutes were jaw-droppingly brilliant. It had a real B-Movie vibe about it, but in a good way, and oh that ending! It reminded me a lot of Ready or Not (2019) for all the right reasons.

We also got Disney+ at long last in Europe yesterday. I got a week’s free trial, for now, to see how I get on. I’d love to say I’ve been making the most of it but so far I’ve only watched The Muppets (2011) and way too many episodes of Phineas & Ferb. Whoops.

Tonight I’m either going to watch Bloodshot (2020) or start tackling my never-ending watchlist, I’m undecided yet. Watch this space. For now, I hope you’re all keeping well, and I can’t wait till the day we can complain about someone chewing popcorn too loudly at the cinema! Love to you all ❤

19 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 3 & The Hunt (2020)

  1. I can’t believe Disney made Europeans wait so damn long for their service. It’s ridiculous but I’m glad you have it now!

    The weather here has been so gloomy and rainy I haven’t left my house in days. I’m working from home too but in a very uncertain industry with everything going on. ugh.


  2. Heyyyy Allie – good to hear from you. Hopefully, things will get better soon.

    The Hunt sounds like a good time, and I think it’s the VOD I’ll end up watching (though if Trolls 2 streams…that’ll be number two guranteed!). Stay away from Bloodshot!!! At least for now.

    Wait…so have you not watched The Mandalorian, then??? Whuuuuut???


    1. I just heard the new Kumail Nanjiani comedy is out on VOD so Bloodshot is going to have to wait!
      I’ll uhh…deny it all if asked by officials but…the whole of the UK found its own way to watch Mando last year 😁


  3. This pandemic sucks. I admit to not being outgoing but I really don’t enjoy being stuck at my home with my mom right now as we can’t really go anywhere as things are getting bad right now with nearly 900 people dying in the U.S. already.


  4. This pandemic is horrible. I’ve had to limit my time on social media because it’s doing terrible things to my mental health. I’m also working from home, with my 3 kids, and have had zero motivation to watch movies or work on my writing. I’m finally finding some footing and getting back into it, but it’s been tough. At the same time, I know so many other people have it worse and I’m trying not to go down a horrible path myself. I hope things are going okay for you and you’re hanging in there. ❤


    1. I really feel for you! There’s always going to be someone who has it worse but it doesn’t mean we can’t feel rubbish about our own situations. Once you lose the enjoyment in your own hobbies is when things really start to feel dark, too. I hope you and your family are doing okay, we’ll all get through it in the end ❤


  5. Here in Canada, I have been locked up for almost 2 full weeks now. School moved classes from in-class to online so I have been doing that, watching Netflix, playing video games, and going on walks. Honestly, my life isn’t impacted too much by it except for the fact that I can’t go out for dinner and then see a movie right after with my girlfriend. I miss it the most 😦 I have also missed seeing regular posts from you. Also, Phineas and Ferb is great. Used to watch it in high school all the time.


    1. I really hope things start to look up for us all soon. Some of us are hermits at nature but justhaving the option of going out taken away is so horrible!
      My little brother used to watch Phineas & Ferb all the time so I ended up loving it. The soundtrackis such a guilty pleasure of mine!

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  6. also watched The Hunt this week (and Bloodspot). Your review is spot-on.

    Here in Israel, we’ve been in lockdown for two weeks with things getting stricter and stricter as days go by. WE now can only go 100m from the house, no exercise time and ppl can only go out to the supermarket or for medical reasons.

    The situation is frustrating and with 4 kids at home, its much harder to both work and find time for watching movies and reviewing, so things have slowed down a bit (even for me)

    I’m optimistic that we will all get thru this soon and get back to our regular lives.

    I second ur motion about missing the ability to complain about someone munching too loudly or talking during a film in the theater.

    Looking forward to it again!

    Hang in there!


  7. It’s (as of 27th) my lockdown day 15.. I basically put myself in this heavy lockdown before the harder restrictions were finally applied today. I’ve only gone out to buy food and for my nail salon which was a personal pampering I needed to help me just feel better about this situation.
    It’s incredibly saddening to see all these places being shut down not because it’s sad to stay at home, it’s the jobs and the people who are losing their income because of this. I’m lucky, I have a job that never stops (I work for an online media site) and I can’t imagine the stress of not having that sort of.. stability in my life right now.
    I hope we get through this, I hope we survive and things don’t get worse. If anything, we are in this together and nobody has to go through this alone.. literally.. there’s nobody left who hasn’t been affected by this.
    Sending you good thoughts and positive vibes!


    1. Thank you! I am so grateful that although I can’t work right now, my job is safe for the short term thanks to some government funding, and there are so many people who still have to work who wish they could be at home, but oh man. I need the routine in my life. Every day is just blending into one right now!
      I hope you’re keeping well and positive! ❤


  8. I’ve been working from home for over two weeks–we have a lockdown here, but no one is worried if you go out walking; in fact, that’s what most of the town is doing now. You can have a conversation with a neighbour but we’re all staying a good 6 feet away from each other–lots of good-natured yelling:-)


    1. Got to love some good-natured yelling! It’s actually been really nice going for our walk each day and waving hello to people as we pass on opposite sides of the street. Usually us Brits keep our heads down but we’re all craving a bit of social interaction now!

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