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Lockdown Day 4 & Bloodshot (2020)

How are we all coping today? My parents decided to let my little girl have her Easter present early so this morning my Dad dropped off a trampoline to our back garden! Contactless delivery of course, couldn’t even say hi which really sucks. I did tell them that a trampoline is very extravagant for an Easter present but they really do spoil her. Anyway, most of the morning was spent in the garden building it and the little one LOVES it. It’s definitely helped that the UK is finally having some decent weather.

My husband is working late shifts this week so he set out after lunch, and me and sprog hopped into the car to drive to some woods we’ve never visited before. I’m trying to use our allotted outdoor exercise time to visit some new, secluded areas. I really enjoyed the walk, but it seems my hatred of staying indoors wasn’t passed down to my daughter, so it was a short walk.

This evening we watched far too much Cory Carson on Netflix. Are anyone else’s kids obsessed with this show? I’ve had to learn what episode my daughter wants to watch based on some rambled clues she gives me. Some are easier than others.
“The ice cream one”
“The doctor one”
“The bye-bye one”
“The stink stinky head one”

Last night, against all advice, I watched Bloodshot (2020). It was pretty much as I expected. Not a total flop but not really a great movie. If it were made and released 15 years ago it would have felt like a better movie, but the techy, superhero-style movies have just moved on way too far now.


It did get better as it went on though, I quite enjoyed Guy Pearce’s character and the reveal about what they were actually getting Vin Deisel’s character to do. The kind of movie where if you saw it in the cinema it might feel like a wasted visit, but man, I would actually go and watch Cats right now if it meant I could go to my local cinema.

Right now I’m watching The Upside (2019), a movie I really wanted to see and then totally forgot it even existed. More on that tomorrow. For now, keep safe, sane, and happy ❤

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 4 & Bloodshot (2020)

  1. Noooooo! I tried to warn you! But at this point, desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose.

    A trampoline??? That sounds super fun. I bet your little one will have so much fun.


  2. In the second last paragraph, “if it went” should be “if it meant”.

    I avoided Bloodshot because of the writers. I wasn’t even confident that it would be “so bad its good”.

    As for the lockdown, I wouldn’t even want to leave for something like Cats.


    1. Ah, thanks for that!
      I was actually hoping for ‘so bad it’s good’ but it just fell into mediocre territory instead.
      Hell, I would watch a Cats and Suicide Squad double feature right now!


  3. A yard… I wish I had a yard. I have a balcony I go out to smoke (yes, ad habit, I know, but like I can’t quit now) but it’s boring to stay out there for long. And we don’t have a car so we mostly stay indoors.

    I will try to watch Bloodshot soon though, it seems like ridiculous fun and awful.. I’d love it!


    1. I totally get how lucky we are to actually have a bit of outdoor space that is our own. I wouldn’t judge you on a normal day for smoking, let alone right now! I’m avoiding alcohol (for now) for fear of becoming a full time alcoholic!


  4. I find it so difficult to read anything these days, even blog posts. I’m so stressed. I don’t drink at all not to cripple my immune system and I’m trying to quit smoking which is probably the worst possible habit to have right now. I’ll probably watch that piece of shit movie too because I cannot focus on anything substantial rn


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