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Lockdown Day 14 & Downhill (2020)

Here we are, at the end of week 2. I feel strangely better about all of this than I did this time last week. Maybe I’m starting to accept this as my new life now. Who knows when our lives will be back to normal and we can see our family and friends again? One thing is for sure, my Facebook feed is as toxic as ever. Our lockdown rules allow us outside once a day for exercise and yes, there are people ignoring the rules. They’re gathering in huge groups and filling parks, etc. So today’s big news was that if that doesn’t stop, we won’t even be allowed exercise.

My question? What are the police/government doing about these large gatherings? Because if they can’t control them now, how do they expect to be able to enforce a full lockdown? It’s an empty threat, at the end of the day.

For our little household, we’ve been enjoying the nicer weather in our garden and in the woods for our 1 trip out, as well as doing lots of arts and crafts at home. It mostly leaves me too tired to really do anything else by the time the little one is in bed, but it fills our day so what more can I ask for? My daughter wakes up each morning with a big smile on her face, and never wants it to be bedtime in the evening so if all my efforts mean she’s shielded from this mess, I reckon that’s enough.


Last night I watched Downhill (2020) which was a movie Ii really wanted to see at the cinema, but the times were always rubbish and it only showed for 2 weeks. That’s a thought though, I don’t think I’ll complain about crap timings at the cinema again when they reopen. I’ll go and see everything I can, at whatever time they show it!

Anyway! I was expecting Downhill to be a complete disaster, and it kind of was. I almost turned it off after 15 minutes from sheer boredom but it got better. The mood and vibe of the movie was all over the place, though. With Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the leads I was expecting a comedy but it was surprisingly…more of a drama? Like, it wanted to be Marriage Story (2019) but it just felt…awkward. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was brilliant though, she stole the show in every scene.

I’m sorry I haven’t been catching up with anyone else’s’ blog lately. Weirdly, in a time we’re all stuck at home I’ve found myself with less free time on my hands than ever before, but I’ll make it up to you eventually, I promise. For now, I just hope you’re keeping happy and safe ❤

10 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 14 & Downhill (2020)

  1. Hate to do this again, but “which was a movie Ii really” should be just one I :p

    I’ve been wondering what I want to watch next but I am having a hard time deciding. I thought of Bloodshot because there isn’t much else I am interested in. Downhill just looks too boring.


  2. Here in Spain, and I’m talking about its fourth largest town, the lockdown is enforced well (and we cannot go out unless we need food or medicines). A police helicopter flies over the city once a day, there are police patrols going aroubd constantly, and everyone is telling everyone else to stay home. Quarantine day no. 22 today, and it’s working, somehow (and I’m actually surprised)!

    At the moment the government announced 42 days lof lockdown so we’re half way through, although we all think it will be longer than that… :–(


  3. I have no interest in seeing Downhill as I’m getting tired of Will Ferrell’s man-boy schtick and plus, there’s no reason to see it knowing what’s going to happen as it’s really a remake of Force Majeure which is a great film.


  4. We are just going into our 4th week of social distancing and over here (Netherlands) in general it’s going pretty well. Mayors have gotten the ability to close down parking spots and roads towards beaches and parks and a lot of people do stay at home. But there are still people that don’t take it seriously and realize what the consequences can be for themselves, everyone they love and of course the people in the hospital having to take care of the sick. If it keeps going like that it’s either having a stricter lockdown or giving people fines (this is something the police can do over here as well)

    As for Downhill. I’ve seen the original this movie is based on (which I thought was OK) and I couldn’t imagine this one being better. So seems to be the case reading your thoughts.


  5. Hey Allie!

    Glad to see that you guys are making the most of this new world (like the rest of us).

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Downhill, something was missing that would bring it up at least to the level of Force Majeure and it just wasn’t as powerful as the original was.


  6. I hear you. I have all this extra non-commuting time on my hands and I’m just too mentally exhausted to write. Well, we have a four day weekend coming up so maybe I can finish Chapter 6 of the new novel!


  7. Great to hear you and your family are settling into this new life. And stoked to see your little one having so much fun. I think my kids are feeling the same way…but the amount of Animal Crossing is…concerning.

    I really hadn’t heard of this film til I was at the theater, but even with the cast, I stayed away. My wife is interested because she loves JLD (but who doesn’t?), so I might give it a shot eventually.

    Stay safe!


  8. Hi Allie, hope you’re doing well during the lockdown. It’s hard to stay motivated and keep on blogging these days. I haven’t seen Downhill yet though initially I was curious about it. Sounds like something I shouldn’t bother, I probably should check out the original film Force Majeure instead.


  9. Hang in there! I’ve been home for about 4.5 weeks now. I’ve been out to take walks around my neighborhood, but that’s been in. Some days are fine, but some days are really rough. I’m trying to stay off FB and Twitter because it’s so full of misinformation, selfishness and an enormous lack of empathy. It’s more depressing than the quarantine.

    I’ve been wanting to see Downhill, but every one I’ve talked to who saw it did not like it. Meh. Maybe someday.


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