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Badly Drawn Movie Posters: My Zoom Quiz Round

Right in the depths of lockdown, it seemed like every man and his dog was taking part in a family Zoom quiz on a weekend – our family took a while to hop onto the bandwagon but we’ve Zoomed 3 times now! Of course, our latest easing measures mean we can meet up in groups of 6 as long as we stay outdoors but in true British fashion, that’s when our good weather ended, so who knows, we could be quizzing again soon.

Anyway, for our first family quiz we each picked a category and put together 6 questions; we would host our own round. It won’t surprise you that I picked movies! However, as us bloggers always do, I wanted to pick a theme within my theme, and so I chose to badly recreate 6 movie posters with the first marker pen I could find in my toddler’s craft box.

None of my family got all 6 right, the last one stumped them all – but I’m guessing you could probably guess them all…unless my drawings really ARE that bad.

I included the movie’s tagline in each poster, and they’re all movies that were 2019 releases in the UK! Let’s see how you do…



16 thoughts on “Badly Drawn Movie Posters: My Zoom Quiz Round

  1. Okay, if those are badly drawn mine would be horrid. It’s Aladdin, Shazam,??, Midsommar, Joker, and Parasite, right? The third I’m not so sure..maybe Doctor Sleep?


  2. I got Aladdin, Shazaam, Joker, and Doctor Sleep and I missed Midsommer and Parasite. But to be fair, I haven’t seen either of those. These were fun! You should do more of these regularly.


    1. Ahh well done! Midsommar and Parasite were the ones my family struggled with. They’re both really good movies!
      And do you know what? I think I should make them a running feature!


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