Thursday Movie Picks: Prequels

Happy Thursday, folks! If it even is Thursday. I should have stuck with Wandering Through the Shelves’ Thursday Movie Picks from the start of lockdown really, but it’s been so difficult to find any love for movies since the end of March. Now’s a good as time as any though, right? So this Thursday we’re talking about movie prequels.

The movie world is rife with sequels of varying quality, but prequels are rarer to come by. I have to admit, I couldn’t find 3 prequels that Ii can say I ‘loved’, but I did find some that I enjoyed.


Bumblebee (2018)

I haven’t seen all of the Transformers movies. I enjoyed the first one, as cheesy and silly as it was, and I’m fairly sure I watched Revenge of the Fallen. After that, I honestly couldn’t say. If it weren’t for my ODEON card I doubt I would have given Bumblebee a chance, but do you know what? It was a really decent movie! Full of heart and stunning action sequences, and Bumblebee has always been my favourite Transformer anyway.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Something funny I read online that I’ve never forgotten is “Noone hates Star Wars movies as much as Star Wars fans”. It’s so true! From the chatter I heard though, the consensus was that Rogue One was a solid addition to the series. It’s not one I find myself wanting to rewatch as much as the other movies, but I loved K-2SO so much. It had some pretty dodgy CGI that isn’t going to age well but the Darth Vader corridor scene more than makes up for it.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Are you ready for a confession? I’ve only seen 1 of the Lord of the Rings movies. I don’t know why I’ve not made an effort to see the others, they should be my ideal kind of movie, but it just hasn’t happened. I really enjoyed all 3 of the prequel movies, and I read the book for the first time afterwards, too. It’s wild how they made 3 movies out of such a small book!

28 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Prequels

  1. Rogue One I did enjoy a lot though I was underwhelmed by The Hobbit as a whole as it should’ve been just one whole film but not a bloated trilogy. Bumblebee I only saw a bit of as it actually look and felt different than those awful Transformers movies. Mainly because it didn’t involve Michael Bay since he’s doesn’t have a sense of humor, heart, or any kind of soul. He’s a no-talent misogynist, racist, pedophilic piece of shit.


      1. I did like Bad Boys and The Rock when they first came out as they still hold up. It’s just everything else afterwards was just… no including Pearl Harbor as it remains for me… THE WORST FILM EVER MADE!


  2. Rogue One is a great choice! I wasn’t a fan of the Hobbit prequels, but I always really liked the casting of Martin Freeman. I thought he was perfect. I’ve never seen Bumblebee but I’ve always meant to watch it. Some time I will.


  3. I liked Rogue One! And though I think The Hobbit could’ve been much better as a single movie, it’s still such a joy to see the story on screen in any form. Some other good prequels I can think of… Rise of the Planet of the Apes? And X-Men: First Class, if it counts!


  4. I loved Rogue One. Jyn Erso is easily one of my favorite Star Wars characters. I’m not sure if I’d call the CGI “dodgy” though. Considering they actually managed to make it look like they got Peter Cushing to return (despite him being dead) I’d say they did a pretty good.

    Oh I remember the Hobbit movies, though a lot of what I remember more is the controversies among fans prior to their release. The Hobbit was actually Tolkien’s first Middle-Earth book, and The Lord of the Rings was a sequel that ended up being a lot bigger than expected. With the movies, however, it was the other way around. So Peter Jackson tried to work with that by taking advantage of some of Tolkien’s later material that expanded on the original book (which is where the whole plotline with Gandalf and the Necromancer comes from).

    Some people were on board with this while others would settle for nothing short of a word-for-word adaptation of the book. Even some of the smaller things like the inclusion of Legolass resulted in lots of division. Detractors insisted he shouldn’t appear simply because he wasn’t in the book. Defenders pointed out that it actually made total sense for Legolass to appear because he was the son of the Elf king that encounters Bilbo and friends, and that the only reason he wasn’t in the book was because Tolkien hadn’t yet created the character.

    Also some of it was simply trying to add more depth to stuff that wasn’t given a lot of detail in the book, like trying to flesh out some of the various characters that are encountered during the story.


    1. John! I haven’t heard from you in years! Hope you’re well. With regards to the CGI – it’s onviously a hugely amazing achivement in itself, but it felt so glaringly obvious that he wasn’t an actual real-life actor and the technology has come a long way in even such a short time, that I don’t think it’ll hold up well at all in another say, 5 years.
      Thanks for all your insights!


    1. Thanks Ruth! Also I’m so sorry – I’ve only just read your Twitter message properly. HOW EXCITING! I absolutely cannot wait to watch it. I don’t currently have Prime but need to order some furniture for my little girl this week and getting a month of Prime will no doubt be worth it for the quicker shipping.


  5. I want to see Bumblebee because I heard it is quite good. I have no clue about the new Star Wars films. I only saw the first one where the brat was Solo and Leia’s kid. I loved LOTR and consider them Classics. I saw this set and thought them really well done…not as good as LOTR but still good.


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