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Thursday Movie Picks: Horror TV

Welcome to the last Thursday of the month, or as anyone who takes part in Wandering Through the Shelves’ Thursday Movie Picks calls it, TV edition Thursday! She’s picked spooky themes for the whole of October and this week is no different. Thing is, I’ve struggled enough with picking horror movies, and I watch so little TV! I could name you 3 horror TV shows quite easily but it would make for a sucky post.

Here, there’s Sleepy Hollow which I never watched past Season 2, there’s The Haunting of Hill House which scared me so much I couldn’t make it through the first episode, and the follow up The Haunting of Bly Manor which I also haven’t seen more than one episode of (because it bored me to tears, to be frank).

So I’m going to have to think out of the box. Thankfully one of my favourite shows ever, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has a Halloween episode every season, and they are FANTASTIC as every one is a Halloween heist. So, I bring to you, ranked, my 3 favourite Halloween Heist episodes.


Season 3: Halloween III

Jake and Amy are one of my favourite ever fictional couples so their first Halloween Heist together was always going to be a memorable one. I just loved how both Jake and Captain Holt wanted Amy on their team for fear she was a double agent, leading to a great twist at the end, albeit one you all probably saw coming.


Season 4: Halloween IV 

This one was great for so many reasons. Firstly we have Gina taking more of a lead role which is never a bad thing. Then we have Rosa and Amy pairing up, two characters with so little in common that it was somehow a match made in heaven, and how can I not mention the Boyle lookalike?!


Season 2: Halloween II

It’s no secret that Captain Holt is my favourite B99 character, I made a list of my Top 10 Captain Holt quotes which is crazily my most viewed ever post on this blog. It takes all comedy shows their first season to really establish their characters and to be honest Season 2 as a whole is probably still the best (in my opinion!). I think that’s why Captain Holt coming out of his shell and getting stuck into the spirit of the heist was such a pleasure to watch, especially when he played Jake for a fool and won.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Horror TV

  1. Oh I LOVE Brooklyn Nine-Nine too!!! So off kilter and goofy but the fact that no matter how outrageous they may be they all love their jobs grounds the show from becoming ridiculous. Great way to go with the theme, I’ve seen all these episodes and thought they were hilarious.

    By accident since I only glanced quickly at the theme before looking for picks I ended up with a theme within the theme. Thinking it was supposed to be holiday horror on TV I searched high and low for things that fit and I’d love to say i came up with three gems but the pickins were slim so only my first is a decent flick.

    Home for the Holidays (1972)-Wealthy autocratic Benjamin Morgan (Walter Brennan), frail and seriously ill, insists his four daughters-Alex (Eleanor Parker), Freddie (Jessica Walter), Jo (Jill Haworth) and Chris (Sally Field) (he had wanted boys)-come home for Christmas to his enormous but isolated mansion. Estranged over their shared belief that Benjamin drove their mother to suicide they reluctantly return to be informed by their father that he suspects his second wife, Elizabeth (Julie Harris) is now trying to kill him. Shortly afterwards the girls learn that their stepmother was accused of killing her first husband and they begin to fall prey to a killer dressed in a yellow rain slicker!

    What would normally be a rather standard, though well directed, scare flick is elevated by the fact that the cast is ridiculously overqualified for this sort of endeavor-Sally Field (2 Oscars), Walter Brennan (3 Oscars), Julie Harris (5 Tonys and 2 Oscar nominations), Eleanor Parker (3 Oscar nominations) and TV stalwart Jessica Walter (a handful of Emmy nominations and a win)!

    A Vacation in Hell (1979)-When their excursion boat sinks four women including Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) and Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) and a man (Michael Brandon) who have been holidaying at an exotic vacation resort must fight for survival after they become lost in a remote jungle while being stalked by a murderous native tribe. Terrible Movie of the Week incredibly was directed by the same guy who helmed Roots!

    The Midnight Hour (1985)-In the New England town of Pitchfork Cove a group of rather stupid teens (though the actors playing them are at minimum in their mid to late 20’s) pinch some costumes and artifacts from the local museum on Halloween and chant in the graveyard calling forth all manner of ghosts, zombies and other ghouls who they spend the rest of the movie running away from like the idiots they are.


  2. Brooklyn 99 is, in my opinion, the best comedy in the history of television. There hasn’t been a single episode where I haven’t been blown away by the quality of the humour:-)


  3. I’d like to watch Brooklyn 99 but my hubby would not be into it. I already tape so many that I would not be able to keep up but it sounds like my kind of shows. You sound like me with very scary shows….I usually have to turn them off or I have nightmares.


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