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Cherry (2021)

cherry-movie-review-apple-2021-posterDirector: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Genre: Drama, Crime

Runtime: 142 Minutes

Main Cast: Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo, Jack Reynor, Michael Rispoli, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Forrest Goodluck, Michael Gandolfini, Suhail Dabbach, Daniel R. Hill

Plot: When Cherry’s (Tom Holland) childhood sweetheart Emily (Ciara Bravo) drops the bombshell that she’s moving away, Cherry throws everything away and joins the army. However, Emily never left and when Cherry returns home from Iraq, he’s suffering badly with PTSD and falls into a life of drugs and crime.

My Thoughts: Tom Holland must be the busiest guy in Hollywood recently, he’s in movies left right and center! I’d rather be watching Chaos Walking (2021) than this if I’m completely honest, but with no cinemas open and a VoD release still a few weeks away, I’ll settle for Cherry (2021) quite happily. It’s not getting great reviews but the Russo brothers directed 4 MCU movies that I loved so I was quietly optimistic going in. It’s riddled with problems for sure, but I think it’s far from being a disaster. The biggest issue is that it feels like two very separate movies.

It’s almost 2 and a half hours long, and split into different parts or chapters. However, the moment around half-way through when Cherry comes home is very much the ending of one story and the beginning of another. The direction and point of the story changes completely from that moment on. I liked the first half much better than the second – the first focused more on the issues of masculinity but the second half was mostly depressing. If the drugs and robbing banks half of the movie could be cut right down and made to blend in better, I think this could have been a great movie.

Tom Holland is brilliant. He’s whizzed to fame from landing the role of Spider-Man in the MCU and with his baby face it would be so easy for him to be typecast into similar roles but he’s really trying to show a wider range and I think he’s got buckets of talent. After last year’s The Devil All the Time and now Cherry, I’m excited to see what he does next. If you’ve got the time to spare and an open mind I’d urge you to give Cherry a watch, it’s not going to be in my Top 10 of the year by a long shot but it’s far from being rubbish.


Best Bit: Tom Holland’s character narrates his life in some scenes in a ‘breaking the fourth wall’ manner, looking at the camera and talking to the audience. I love things like that- and it’s reflected in other hidden jokes too. The banks that Cherry robs all have made up names like ‘Shitty Bank’ and ‘Credit None’, and the doctor he goes to see has a name plate on his desk that says ‘Dr. Whomever’. There are probably more that I missed!

Worst Bit: It’s the scene that the movie is going to be most remembered for but oh man. Yes, you read all the other reviews correctly. There is a POV shot from what is supposed to be the inside of Tom Holland’s bum hole. I’m laughing just typing it!

Fun Trivia: Tom Holland’s brother, Harry Holland appears in a cameo as one of the drug dealers. He is set to reprise the same cameo in Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021).

My Rating: 3 and a half bottles of bleach that I need to wash my eyes out after watching that particular scene!


5 thoughts on “Cherry (2021)

  1. I heard this film is pretty fucked up as I saw Assholes Watches Movie’s review on YouTube as they mentioned that Holland’s girlfriend takes a shit in the shower and you see it. I was like…. “OK then… but then again I saw Salo“.


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