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My Year in Movies: 2020

I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages now, but I keep putting it off. Mostly because I don’t think it would be interesting for anyone else to read, but I’ve always used this blog primarily as a journal for myself anyway and if I don’t write it soon, I’m going to forget things and it’ll be pointless!

You know how certain songs, or even smells can remind you of a place and time? I get that, but with movies too. A lot of them just fade into the back of my memory but some I always associate with whatever was going on when I watched them. So that’s how this idea was born – I wanted to look back on 2020, the movies I watched that have specific memories attached to them. I’ve used Letterboxd to keep a film diary since 2014 so finding the dates is easy as pie.

January 2nd: Five Feet Apart (2019) – Went into work, found out everyone else decided to work from home and didn’t tell me. Joke was on them, I watched Netflix whilst manning the phones!

January 2nd: The Gentleman (2020) – Same day, first cinema trip of the year. Found myself wondering whether the first cinema watch of the year was deserving of a full 5 stars. It was!


January 9th: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) – 3rd rewatch of this, a cinema trip to celebrate the bestie getting a cinema membership. We cried over Ben Solo (again) in the car on the way home!

January 31st: Cats (2019) – Finally decided to see for myself if it was as bad as everyone said it was. Still certain that it was the start of the world turning to s**t.

February 9th: Birds of Prey (2020) – Got a ‘code green’ text from my husband and had to leave half way through to assist with a sick toddler. Went back the next night to finish it, and I freaked out at that same moment in the film.

February 14th: Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – Our annual Valentine’s Day watch! Will it ever get boring? Nope!

March 1st: Dark Waters (2019) – Watched this with the bestie, we came out of the cinema terrified of our Teflon pans. Little did we know what was around the corner!

March 7th: Contagion (2011) – Pretty sure we all watched this around that time, didn’t we? Remember how we laughed at the time, never thinking things would get so bad?

March 16th: Misbehaviour (2020) – There was only me and 1 other person at the cinema. The next day, UK cinemas announced they were all closed indefinitely. Lockdown 1 happened just a few days after that.

April 2nd: Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020) – My husband was working late shifts due to his work staggering shifts, and I was watching terribly mediocre movies after putting my daughter to bed. These were bad times!

—– Then a huge break of still watching movies but not really enjoying them. Things sucked and I definitely lost my passion for movies and blogging during then —–

May 20th: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend (2020) – When our daughter was a newborn and things were tough, we watched a lot of Kimmy Schmidt to cheer ourselves up. So this movie came at a great time!

June 26th: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) – The real Eurovision was cancelled but Lockdown 1 was lifting and hope was in the air. This was the movie that reignited the spark in me. JAJA, DING DONG!


July 5th: Hamilton (2020) – The first of MANY, many watches of Hamilton, followed by an absurd amount of listens on Spotify. I’m still absolutely OBSESSED.

July 10th: Black Water: Abyss (2020) – Cinemas were reopening, although there was virtually nothing to see. I vowed to watch anything and everything, and although this movie was garbage, it felt so good to be home.

July 19th: Back to the Future (1985) – With no new releases, cinemas were showing the classics. With hindsight, I wish I’d watched more, but it still felt pretty awesome to watching something as grand as this on the big screen.

August 11th: Host (2020) – Ah, the first movie to feature COVID. We’ve got many more to come. Host scared the living daylights out of me, I had to watch the last 20 minutes on mute!

August 26th: Tenet (2020) – The only summer blockbuster we got! And a few days after my birthday too, what a treat. Love it or loath it, I’m still grateful for it. It was hugely instrumental to actually keeping the cinemas running through the few weeks they could open!

August 28th: Twilight (2008) – There were signs that a second COVID wave was coming, reading the news was depressing. Tenet had reignited my Robert Pattinson obsession and those things combined led me to start a Twilight marathon…

September 13th: The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020) – All of the big movies were being pushed back again, leaving the smaller movies no-one had really heard of to pick up the slack. This ended up being one of my all-time favourite romcoms!

October 31st: It Follows (2014) – Halloween! Boris decided to ruin everyone’s fun by giving us a week’s notice of Lockdown 2. Tried to make the best of it with a family movie night.

November 1st: Horizon Line (2020) – Knew this would be my last cinema trip for a while. Didn’t realise it would be the last time my local cinema would be open for another 7 and a half months…

November 14th: The Gift (2015) – Watched this for a ‘virtual’ movie night I had with my family where we watched at our own homes and tried to synchronise our pause breaks!


November 26th: Happiest Season (2020) – Christmas is the best time of the year, hands down. I’m still so sad I couldn’t watch this in the cinema but I was grateful that we were still getting some new releases through the streaming platforms.

December 16th: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) – Lockdown 2 lifted at the start of December but with the country divided into ‘Tiers’ depending on the level of infections. Cinemas were banned in Tier 3 (my area) so I ended up driving for an hour to see this. Bittersweet!

December 21st: Promising Young Woman (2020) – I got emailed a screener for this as part of the Online Association of Female Film Critics, and with the buzz surrounding the movie I was absolutely over the moon!

So there we have it, what a year! A lot of lows but still some highs in there, too. It was fun to look back over the year and reflect on what happened and how I felt at the time! If you ended up reading all of that, you deserve some internet points for sure!

15 thoughts on “My Year in Movies: 2020

  1. “Mostly because I don’t think it would be interesting for anyone else to read, but I’ve always used this blog primarily as a journal for myself anyway”

    It’s your blog – I come here because I like that you are you and I like reading what you have to say 🙂 I feel like most of your followers would say the same thing.

    Anyways, this was a lovely read! I really enjoyed following the timeline of your year. It is such a great way to humanize yourself as a reviewer. You aren’t just a reviewer – you are a human who happens to do reviews.

    I love how you described losing your film and blogging passion at certain points before that passion would get revitalized. I have experienced the same thing before. Sometimes I lose all interest in watching anything new before I suddenly go on a month long movie binge.

    Keep being yourself and making great posts. I will always be here to read them 😀

    P.S. where do I redeem the internet points I earned for reading the whole thing?


    1. Ahh, thanks so much! I’ve always written for myself first of all but it’s such a bonus to have regular readers like you so it’s always in the back of my mind to try and make what I write interesting to other people too!
      I didn’t even realise myself those periods of time where I lost my passion until I looked back at my film diary and found either chunks of time with no movies logged or chunks of time with no real recollection of what I’d seen.
      I’m so ready for the cinemas reopening today!
      P.S. You can redeem your points right away for a promise that I’ll watch Malick’s next movie with an open mind! ;D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so excited for you that cinemas are re-opening today over there! We are in the middle of a stay-at-home order here in Toronto, Canada and pretty much everything is closed except food stores and gas stations 😦


  2. I love keeping track of stuff like this so it was a great read!

    I’m going back Monday for the first time since Onward last March and as much as I may complain about certain elements of the movie theater experience I’m bouncing with excitement!


  3. I love your blog and it’s always interesting to me! A great year of movies if nothing else. Which The Gift was it? There are a couple but my favourite is the one with Cate Blanchett.


    1. Ahh, you’re too kind ❤
      It's the 2015 one with Jason Bateman! I had no idea there was another one but I've just looked it up. Definitely not a remake as they sound totally different BUT that older one sounds like something I'd really enjoy so it's going on the watchlist!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is such a nice idea for a post!

    I’m one of the few people who didn’t watch Contagion. The pandemic and lockdown were enough for me, and I decided to spend my free time watching enjoyable things, like Money Heist. I also did a Twilight marathon last year but it was before Tenet came out , when pretty much everyone on Twitter was doing it because Netflix added the movies on their catalogue. I thought it’d be fun to rewatch it to see how bad it was and I never watched the last two movies so I just did. They weren’t as bad as I was expecting.


    1. You definitely spent your time better than all of us who watched Contagion! I was definitely in a state of mind at that point where I didn’t really accept or believe it was all as serious as it was/is!


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