Going Off Topic

Going Off Topic (#28) Thinking Of Jumping Ship

I’ve had a membership at my local ODEON for…almost 3 years now! That’s certainly longer than any gym membership I’ve ever had. But to tell you the truth, I’m thinking of jumping ship. My local ODEON is just fine. It’s not tiny, but it’s not very big, either. It has 10 screens but it doesn’t utilise them well. If I’ve ever wanted to see a more indie release (The Dead Don’t Die springs to mind) I’ve had to pay at another chain. Annoying, but not the end of the world. It used to have secret screenings almost once a month, but the year before COVID they slowed right down to maybe 3 a year.

And here we are now, in the first week that cinemas in the UK are allowed to open, and all mine seems to be showing is Peter Rabbit 2. There’s been some uproar on Twitter because ODEON aren’t showing the new Saw movie, Spiral. They first tried to say they’re still working on an agreement with the distributor, but now they’ve moved to ignoring everyone who dares mention the movie. Now, I’m not about to kick up a stink over a Saw movie, but it’s not a good sign, is it? Every other chain in the UK is showing it, so what’s ODEON’s problem?

It’s not just Spiral, either. I can’t find an ODEON near me showing Those Who Wish Me Dead, either. Here’s a quick visual guide as to what my nearest ODEON and my nearest Cineworld are showing tomorrow night:


You can see why I’m in this spot, right? Plus there’s already 4 advance screenings listed at Cineworld, and none for ODEON. But I guess what’s really stopping me is that my nearest Cineworld is quite a drive away, whereas ODEON is quite literally down the road!

For now, I’ll think on it, and book a ticket for Spiral at Cineworld and see what the drive is like. What would you do?!

12 thoughts on “Going Off Topic (#28) Thinking Of Jumping Ship

  1. I am torn too, only I had a yearly membership which is due to last till March with the extensions, my Odeon is a new building (well 5 years), while Cineworld is a place that needs doing up. I have heard from someone who works at Odeon, Spiral is due out next week, which I know isn’t good enough really, but it is info


    1. It’s so tough! My Odeon is really old whereas the Cineworld is new! It’s given me a lot to think about.
      That’s some really interesting intel! It’s a shame that it’s taken so much badgering to get them to make a deal though 😦

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      1. I have also found the website is pretty outdated, I was searching for the Conjuring 3, nothing on there, but on the app there is a limitless showing Tuesday


      2. I am putting it down as rust lol, even signed into the website, it should show the limitless ones, I can understand it not appearing on the site, as people could kick off. they also don’t seem to have the prepared for a Tuesday to announce the weeks showings, they need a bit of time to get back into the swing of things i guess


      1. That is a place I want to go. Why? David Bowie played his last concert as Ziggy Stardust on July 3, 1973 and then returned a decade later to that venue as a benefit concert for his hometown of Brixton. I love David Bowie.

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  2. I’m just jealous my nearest theaters don’t have memberships or advance screenings 😦

    But test out the drive for a while maybe Odeon will start picking back up as reopenings continue and everyone gets up to speed?


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