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Hidden Gems: Margot Robbie

Goodness me, I think this is the first Hidden Gems post that I’m writing at the very last minute rather than scheduling well in advance! There’s just too much fun to be had – it’s a 3 day weekend here in the UK and the weather has been STUNNING, meaning very little time to hide indoors and write! But alas, the end of another month is here and so it’s time once again for a Hidden Gems post, a challenge created by the amazing Mettel Ray. Her pick this month is James McAvoy and I’m excited to see what she’s seen – I’m a huge fan but definitely haven’t watched many of his movies. My pick this month if you haven’t seen already is Margot Robbie!

Why Margot Robbie?

Margot has only flown onto my radar in recent years but she’s an actress who I’ve never found any big faults with, I’ve tended to enjoy the things I’ve seen her in. That was until I, Tonya and Bird of Prey where she simply blew me away with her talents! From what I’ve seen of her in interviews she seems like a genuinely lovely person in real life too so I definitely wanted to explore some of the movies she’s been in that I’ve overlooked or simply not heard of.


Letterboxd has 30 projects listed under Margot Robbie, I took out 8 (shorts and unreleased movies), leaving 22. Of those 22 movies I’ve already seen 13, a lot more than I thought I had, to be perfectly honest. My favourites include I, Tonya, Birds of Prey and About Time.

I’ve also seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Suicide Squad, The Big Short, Focus, Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit 2, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Goodbye Christopher Robin and Slaughterhouse Rulez.

My picks for the challenge were for a variety of reasons and ended up being Z for Zachariah (2015), Bombshell (2019) and Mary Queen of Scots (2018).


Z for Zachariah (2015)

This movie was actually already in my watchlist so there’s a blogger out there who watched this years ago and wrote a review positive enough that it made it a desirable watch for me! It’s a bit post-apocalyptic, just hunkering down and getting by, lonely kind of movie that winds up focusing on a love triangle between Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine.

And there’s my problem, I guess. There’s no scenario where I wouldn’t pick Chris Pine and those ridiculously blue eyes every single time. On a serious note, it’s a good movie, just too quiet and slow for my liking. Loved the ending, though. That was tense!


Bombshell (2019)

Obviously this is quite a recent pick that was a January 2020 release for me in the UK. If I’d known what was around the corner I’d have been at the cinema for it in a heartbeat but at the time there were other things to watch and although I loved the cast, the story didn’t seem compelling enough to get me to commit to a cinema trip for it. It’s based on the real-life story of how a group of women take down the head of Fox News for abusive behaviour.

Now, the tale is an infuriating watch and as always with movies like this, the screen of text at the telling explaining the aftermath made me angry as hell, but from the trailer I was expecting this to be told in a style similar to The Big Short or The Wolf of Wall Street, and it really fell short of the mark. An intriguing tale, but told in a dull way, which is a shame.


Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

I don’t like period dramas, ok? I’ve tried to dance around the subject before but there’s just no point. A period drama featuring royals is, quite frankly, the worst – in my mind at least. But if anyone is going to get me to change my mind it’s going to be a dynamic duo in the form of Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. It’s a fight for the throne and all I really knew about it was from memes mocking the way Margot Robbie’s character looked.

News flash – I still hate period dramas. The ending to this one was powerful, I’ve got to give it credit for that. The final 15 minutes were something fantastic to behold, it’s just a shame everything before that bored me to tears.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say. I did not find a gem this month. Not even close to finding one. But I can say I’ve seen over half of Margot Robbie’s movie work now and even after watching a few duds, I couldn’t say she put in a bad or a lazy performance. I’ve heard about all the work she’s putting in to push for Gotham City Sirens and I hope she succeeds, she’s certainly the perfect choice for Harley Quinn. Next month is Paul Rudd’s time to shine!

15 thoughts on “Hidden Gems: Margot Robbie

  1. I have the opposite reaction of Chris Pine and his love triangle movies 😉 That one with Tom Hardy would have been over super fast for me!


  2. Have seen your last two picks and liked the last one the most. Bombshell is a good story but it was indeed told in not a very good way. I think I liked it more right after seeing it but now I don’t care. Queen of Scots was way better as it has had stayed with me longer.
    First one I haven’t even heard of! lol
    But welcome to the “last minute” hidden gems part of the challenge, it’s how I do most of mine. 😀


    1. I’m happy to be joining you in the “last minute” club but this so isn’t the way I normally work, haha! Saying that, I’m now paranoid that I haven’t even picked my 3 movies for this month yet!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Of those gems, Z for Zachariah is the one film I’ve seen so far as I really liked Robbie in that film as I think she’s phenomenal as she can do drama and also be hilarious. More than just being a sex symbol as she’s got so much more to offer.


  4. I’ve seen all three of these! I actively disliked the first one. I can’t even remember why, I barely remember the movie now. Bombshell I enjoyed. I wish they would’ve went a little harder, but I rewatched it again recently and it held up better than I thought it would. Mary Queen of Scots was just ~fine~ nothing more, nothing less.


  5. It was a 3-day weekend here too Allie, and w/ the nice weather I tried to be outside as much as possible so not much time to blog, ahah. I LOVE Margot Robbie and I’ve seen two of the three. Glad to see you enjoyed Z for Zachariah, I should definitely see that as I love the cast!


  6. Z for Zachariah is on my list for that same reason. I will definitely have a problem with the slow pace but I will check it out sooner or later. And I’m with you, there’s no way I would pick Chiwetel when Chris is the other option.

    I’m sorry to hear Bombshell didn’t work for you. I enjoyed it way more than The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street, but it does have some flaws.

    I think watching Mary Queen of Scots made me hate period dramas even more haha.


    1. I’d probably put Bombshell on an equal level to The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street, what one lacks the others do well in. It was a really moving story! I think I came across harsher on it than I meant to.
      So glad to have found someone who hates period dramas as much as I do haha!


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