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People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

When you aren’t able to go on a foreign holiday yourself, why not read a fictional story about a couple who go travelling all the time? That won’t feel like rubbing salt in the wounds, right? In the words of Ross from Friends, “I’m fine!”. No seriously, I am. I think. I finally got a return to work date. It’s going to be part time for a while, 40% of my hours spread across 5 days which is going to be ridiculous, but it’s a start, I guess. You’re here for a book review though, aren’t you!

People We Meet on Vacation is a delightful little romance novel by Emily Henry. Poppy and Alex met by chance in college and mostly hated each other at first. Poppy is a dreamer and a wild child, always setting her sights on her next destination. Alex is a home boy with ambitions of his own, but is much happier sat by the fire with a book. Their differences make them the best of friends when it comes to travelling together, and despite Alex getting into a serious relationship and Poppy bagging herself her dream job, the two always find the time to go on a summer vacation together. That is until one fateful trip where something happened to leave them not speaking at all for years.

What happened? We as the reader don’t get to find out until much later into the story, but what we do know is that Poppy is struggling in life now and thinks her broken friendship is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Somehow she convinces Alex to join her for one more trip, and there they find themselves forced to face what happened between them and work out whether their friendship can survive.

This book is less to do with the people that Poppy and Alex meet on vacation and more about them and their relationship. There are some fantastically weird people they meet along the way, that’s for sure, but this is very much a romance story. I don’t mind that, and they are an ADORABLE couple (think Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in terms of sarcasm and banter) but I wanted just a little bit more from the story for me to truly love it.

Still – it’s a really good read and if you’re lucky enough to jet set away on vacation yourself sometime soon, this is a fine choice for something to read whilst sipping cocktails.

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