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Loki Episodes Ranked

Loki has always been my favourite MCU villain and I doubt anyone else will take that spot for me, so of all the MCU shows to be released this is the one I’ve been waiting for. I’m a huge fan of time travel and alternative universe theories so this show was always going to tick all my boxes. So here are all 6 episodes, ranked from worst to best (although they were all great, so more like least awesome to most awesome), by yours truly! Spoilers ahead of course…


Episode 2: The Variant – I’ll admit, for the first half of this episode I was getting slightly frustrated by all the dialogue. It was expected and accepted in the first episode, but it was starting to get a bit much. However – the scene in the store in the future? Fan-bloody-tastic. I didn’t expect to see this other Loki so early on, it really felt like some final episode level of drama!


Episode 1: Glorious Purpose – Talk about information overload! I purposely avoided trailers and any news for the show before its release though, so that’s on me. This was such a great set-up episode though. Loved the introduction and the explanation as to what the TVA is. I’m a sucker for time travel and alternate timelines so I was drawn in immediately. It’s also so nice to see Owen Wilson again!


Episode 3: Lamentis – I didn’t want this episode to end. This was like, Mandalorian levels of despair when the credits started to roll. I could watch Loki and Sylvie bicker for hours, and the singing on the train? Loki getting to smash a glass and shout ‘ANOTHER’ was the absolute highlight. The chatter on Twitter and Reddit also reinforced the fact that I love these weekly releases. When a whole season drops online it’s impossible to talk about it. You’ve either binged the lot and are waiting for others to catch up, or you’re desperately trying to get through the episodes to avoid spoilers.


Episode 4: The Nexus Event – Oh, this episode really grabbed the pace of the previous one and ran with it. I’m glad in a way I fell behind and had to watch 4 and 5 back to back because that cliffhanger ending would have killed me! Just like Mobius…that death totally took me by surprise, although it wasn’t long before I realised he wasn’t really dead. I loved the bad memory time loop that Loki got trapped in, such a cool concept. Also, why am I totally on board with Loki falling in love with himself…herself? They’re both just so charming.


Episode 6: For All Time. Always. – I had no idea what to expect from this episode, other than the fact I was pretty sure the timelines were going to be unleashed. What an emotional finale, though! How far Loki has come, and grown since the Loki we used to know. “You can’t trust, and I can’t be trusted”. That line actually broke my heart. And I feel so guilty, because for a split second I didn’t trust him either, I put my hands over my eyes because I was expecting him to stab her in the back (figuratively) and well, I just proved his point, didn’t I? I’m so excited to see what Season 2 brings, it’s so great to have Loki back!


Episode 5: Journey Into Mystery – On any given day I could change my mind about whether Episode 5 or 6 is my favourite, but this one has to be up there with the greatest things to ever come from the MCU. Alligator Loki? I want one. A massive brawl of Loki’s fighting each other after double-crossing them? Love it. But Richard E. Grant as classic Loki conjuring Asgard itself and finally finding glorious purpose? That laugh just before he met his end? I am HERE for it. What a paradise of easter eggs, too. I spotted a couple myself, read about at least 5 more on Reddit, and I’m sure by the time the series is over there will be full lists somewhere. Oh, and was that a variant Pizza Planet van?!

14 thoughts on “Loki Episodes Ranked

  1. I agree with you about weekly releases! (Or for shows longer than six episodes maybe do it like the Boys the first 3 drop and then week to week?) I know there’s a lot of disagreement but I’d be happy if Stranger Things dropped week to week. I mean I go to bed before that drops and by the time I get up people have watched the whole season and I need to stay off-line, including news sites more often than not. So I vote week to week.

    Hopefully somehow we see Classic Loki again somewhere!


    1. I can see the benefits from both angles but the chatter on social media is so much more fun with weekly releases and everyone being on the same episode. I have to accept that with shows like Stranger Things, I’m going to have things spoiled because I just don’t enjoy binge watching something new.


  2. This is probably how I’d rank them too. Sadly, i think this show was at its best when Loki didn’t have the spotlight. For me Grant (and Alligator Loki) stole episode 5 and Majors stole episode 6 and those made it the most interesting for me.


  3. I would totally agree with this ranking as the 5th episode was just awesome as I just enjoyed watching Richard E. Grant, the kid who plays Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki. I want an Alligator Loki plush doll for my niece and nephew. The acting from the cast alone was incredible as I really enjoyed the last episode with Jonathan Majors who is just fucking cool. Can’t wait for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where Dr. Strange, Wanda, Wong, Loki, and America Chavez team up to save time. Hopefully Sylvie, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, Mobius, Hunter B-15, and Dr. Christine Palmer show up to help as well. We’re going to need them for more MCU stuff and to get Mobius his jet-ski.


      1. Right on!!!! Plus, can we have Sylvie fight bad guys with Captain Marvel, Yelena, Lady Thor, and the rest of the bad-ass ladies of the MCU and then they all have margaritas after the fighting?


  4. Wow, this is almost the exact opposite of how I would rank them. I think episodes 1 and 2 represent the MCU at its most experimental and forward-thinking. They are the best thing that the MCU has ever put out imo.

    Really looking forward to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


  5. Interesting list! I LOVE Loki and he is my fave villain as well. However, I can’t say I like episode 3 though, but I might be in the minority. “… I could watch Loki and Sylvie bicker for hours” Sorry but I feel the exact opposite, somehow I find Sylvie irritating. Still, I’m curious to see what season 2 has in store, more Hiddles is always a good thing!


    1. Ahh I totally understand your reasoning behind that though, Ruth! For me, I’m just a sucker for an enemies to lovers romance and this just got me hook, line and sinker.
      So glad you still loved the show though!


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