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Thelma & Louise (1991) – Film & Wine Club

thelma-and-louise-movie-review-1991-posterDirector: Ridley Scott

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Drama

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Main Cast: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brad Pitt, Timothy Carhart, Lucinda Jenney, Jason Beghe

Plot: Louise (Susan Sarandon) is working at a diner and is having problems with her boyfriend who is never home. Thelma (Geena Davis) is married to a guy who prefers his wife to be quiet in the kitchen so he can watch football on TV. One weekend, Thelma and Louise decide to jump in the car and hit the road to get away for a while, but their time away soon turns into them being on the run after Louise kills a man who was trying to rape Thelma.

My Thoughts: Here it is, the final movie in round 1 of our Film & Wine Club and what a movie to end on. I’ll cut right to the chase, I loved every minute of this (almost). But then again that shouldn’t be a surprise as this little club has unearthed the fact I have a soft spot for movies where two characters are on the run from the law. Thelma & Louise has it all, though. Strong, female characters, a dark twist, some humorous moments, and an exciting story. Thelma is easily my favourite character as we watch her transform from this ditsy, naïve girl to a confident woman you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

One of Thelma’s biggest blunders happens shortly after Brad Pitt turns up (surprise, surprise, one of Mum’s movies stars Brad Pitt – something I have a feeling will happen again) and it’s something you slowly piece together after knowing that Thelma has all their cash and Brad Pitt confesses that he’s actually a pro thief. Just one of the many times I found myself saying ‘Thelma noooo!’ whilst watching the movie. She’s just so trusting!

What an ending, too. I was rooting for these girls the entire time and it eventually dawned on me that so was the lead detective in their case. Of course they’d committed crimes but they were justified, right?! This is the beauty of our club, introducing each other to movies we might not have watched or even heard of before. This is up there with my all-time favourite movies now. That’s not the end though, we’re now picking another 3 movies each to put into the hat ready to start again next week.


Best Bit: I think the most iconic scene is when Thelma robs the little corner shop after learning exactly how Brad Pitt did it, but my favourite moment was when the police were working with Thelma’s husband with a tapped phone to try and work out their location. They told him that when she called he should speak calmly and friendly with her, and obviously, he’s such a jerk to her normally that when he did answer the phone like that, she immediately hung up!

Worst Bit: Now, I never thought I’d be writing about a sex scene involving Brad Pitt and his FINE 90’s body, but when you’re watching said sex scene with your parents? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or a 31 year old woman, it’s still awkward!

Fun Trivia: The scene where Louise grabs Thelma’s headphones off her and scares her wasn’t planned. In the DVD’s audio commentary, Geena Davis commented that she was supposed to get up when Susan Sarandon called her from the car, but she had the volume on her Walkman up too high, and didn’t hear her cue, so Susan came over to get her.

My Rating: A full 5 out of 5 cars that you could park in the shadow of Brad Pitt’s ass, according to Thelma!


4 thoughts on “Thelma & Louise (1991) – Film & Wine Club

  1. Nice pick to end the film + wine club! I saw Thelma & Louise and it’s definitely has stood the test of time. I totally forgot this is a Ridley Scott movie, amazing how at mid 80s the guy is still working non-stop, I just posted yet another trailer of his movie starring our fave Adam Driver.

    As for Brad’s scene-stealing 90s body, yeah he was definitely in tip-top shape here. Oh man, it’s definitely awkward watching THAT scene w/ your parents, though I often saw a bunch of risque movies w/ my older brother in my late teens and it’s just as awkward!

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  2. Happy 30th Anniversary for Thelma & Louise. This film was a triumph for Ridley Scott who knew how to give us powerful female characters starting with Alien’s Ripley.

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