Top 5 Friday: Vivo Soundtrack

Welcome to the start of a series I’d like to try to keep up with. I get a bit of a creative spark for list making every now and again but committing to a schedule is just tough when life likes to throw hurdles at you all the time. So I can’t promise you a Top 5 list every Friday, but today certainly won’t be the only one!

After watching Vivo (2021) on Netflix this week, I’ve fallen in love with the soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda and I’ve listened to it countless times already. Rather than subject my husband and three-year-old to listening to it on repeat while I tell them all my favourite lines, I thought I’d bore you instead with a ranked Top 5 songs from the movie! Here we go…


#5 Inside Your Heart

“And the world will soon adore you
As I learn to live without you
Every melody is for you
Every song I write about you”

This is the song that is the reason for the movie, the song that Vivo and Gabi are trying to deliver. It should probably be the best song of them all, so I guess it’s a testament to the rest of the soundtrack when it’s only my number 5.


#4 One Of A Kind

“You and I, we are one of a kind
Keeping time, every time”

This is the opening number, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the movie. There’s only one other musical that had me grinning from ear to ear in the very first song, and that was La La Land (2016), so there’s an idea of how much I enjoyed Vivo.


#3 Running Out Of Time

“We’re out of time, the sun is going down
And when I thought we were done for
My new friend gave us an encore
Let’s reach the shore of this Miami town”

In a family movie like Vivo, we all know our heroes are going to achieve their goal by the time the credits roll, but this song is so fast-paced it gets your heart running! I dare you to listen to it in the car and not get the feeling of panic set in. I had to keep checking my speed!


#2 My Own Drum

“I bounce to the beat of my own drum
I’m a wow in a world full of ho-hum
I’m a wild young lady
But you know ‘sum?
I’d rather be at home with my own drum”

Gabi is such an amazing character. She stands out in a crowd and isn’t afraid of being true to herself, even if it means making friends is difficult. Her song is loud, brash and so full of life!


#1 Keep the Beat

“And all I can do when the tank’s run dry
Is see what’s in reserve
And all I can do when the plans break down
Is stay on my feet”

This is the song that inspired the list- if I had the writing ability I’d have just dedicated a whole post to it. It’s a song all about staying strong when the world is crumbling around you, and I just love the lyrics so much. It also incorporates parts from other songs in the movie too which I always find so clever. Definitely my theme song for 2021!

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