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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Considering the fact I don’t read that many books in the space of a year, I try to make an effort to read from a variety of genres, as well as authors. However, after I read Malibu Rising and loved every page, I couldn’t turn away from author Taylor Jenkins Reid straight away. I’d already heard about another book of hers, Daisy Jones and the Six, but the book I saw a lot of hype about was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. At face value, it didn’t seem like something I would find that interesting, which in actual fact made me want to read it all the more. How better to find out if I love the author’s style of writing so much?

Evelyn Hugo was a huge name in Hollywood, most well-known for her looks and her string of relationships. But now she’s nearing 80, and she’s ready to tell her story. That’s the gist of the entire book. Evelyn offers the book to the young and career-hungry Monique who jumps at the chance for such an exclusive opportunity. But Monique could never be ready for the truth behind Evelyn’s life.

I think it’s safe to say I have a new favourite author. I don’t know how Taylor Jenkins Reid does it, but I think she could write about paint drying on a wall and I would still be excited about it. She just has a way of writing that I find exciting, and it leads to books that I just can’t put down. Evelyn’s story is fascinating, and she’s a really complex character. She isn’t a good person, but it’s somehow easy to find sympathy for the things she had to go through and the truths she had to hide, whilst also condemning her for the terrible decisions she made.

Throughout the book there’s one glaring question begging to be answered which is, why did Evelyn choose Monique to tell this story? The link isn’t clear at all, and it isn’t until the very end that it’s revealed. In any other book this would have frustrated me no end and it would have felt anti-climatic, but not this time. I was desperate to know, of course, but I was so swept up in the events on the pages that I was more than happy to wait.

So this won’t be the last Taylor Jenkins Reid novel that I read, but I do need to give a couple of other books a read first. Has anyone else read her books? Would you recommend I look at Daisy Jones and the Six next?

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