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What I Watched: September 2021

Spooky season is upon us! I’m a bit all over the place these last two weeks. Furlough has come to an end in the UK and I’m back to work full time, which is great to be honest because I’ve really missed having a full wage at the end of the month. I’m also back in the office one day a week (for now) as of today so that’s pretty cool! I’m starting to feel like a normal person again. Anyway, September sucked for new releases and thankfully October is looking much better. It gave me the time to catch up on a few 2021 movies I’d missed though, so it’s not all bad.

You know the drill by now, I’m here with a few words on all the movies I watched last month but didn’t find the time to write a full review for.


He’s All That (2021) – Wow, I actually forgot this movie existed until I loaded up my film diary to remind me what I watched. Did you know there’s a scene in He’s All That where one of the characters is doing karaoke and because of the green screen their arm disappears for a second? It came up on my Twitter feed and it’s the only thing I remember from the whole movie and that’s all you need to know.


Vacation Friends (2021) – Lil Rel Howery has been in everything this year, I swear. I barely knew who he was until the start of 2021 and now he’s one of my favourite comedic actors. This movie, also starring John Cena sounds absolutely awful on paper but it’s actually pretty decent thanks to the chemistry involved. I regret only half-watching it whilst doing chores so I’m going to rewatch it soon.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)Full Review


Wrong Turn (2021) – This was awful. I had no idea it was part of a franchise but Netflix was throwing it in my face so often I watched it in the hopes it would stop. Terrible characters, some fun gory deaths but a dull plot and I very almost gave up and turned it off.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021)Full Review

Fargo (1996)Film & Wine Club Review


The Green Knight (2021) – The hype got me so excited to see this! I was gutted when the UK release got shelved for a while. It’s definitely one of those arty movies that feels like style is favoured over substance but I was kept interested throughout and any movie time spent watching Dev Patel is good movie time.

Malignant (2021)Full Review


Best Sellers (2021) – What an adorable little movie! Once I knew the leads were Aubrey Plaza and Michael Caine I didn’t care what the plot was, I was in. Aubrey’s character runs a failing publishing company and Michael Caine plays a once great author roped into writing another book. It didn’t turn out to be as amazing as I would have hoped but it was still really enjoyable and had some stellar moments. Aubrey Plaza really knows how to yell at someone!

Fear of Rain (2021)Full Review


People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan (2021) – I’d never heard of this BBC show until my brother explained it to me, I saw the trailers for the movie and genuinely thought Kurupt FM were a musical act I just wasn’t cool enough to know about. I’ve since watched a few episodes and it’s really funny. I don’t know how well British comedy holds up overseas but if you’ve watched and enjoyed The Inbetweeners then you’ll like this too. I’m told there are inside jokes that are funnier when you’ve seen the whole show but it’s definitely not required to enjoy the movie.


The Many Saints of Newark (2021) – I was clearly having a dumb week because the very next day I went to see this at the cinema. I’d never heard of it, I hadn’t seen a single trailer but like I mentioned, September was awfully quiet at the cinema and it was this or nothing, basically. Despite not being a fan of gangster movies I quite enjoyed this, but I was hoping the questions that I raised would be answered by the end and they weren’t. Turns out this is a prequel to the hugely popular show The Sopranos…which I’ve never seen. Doh.


The Starling (2021) – If you can get past the awful CGI bird and the first 10 minutes of this movie, the rest isn’t actually that bad. It desperately wants to be an Oscar movie and falls well short of the mark, but it wasn’t as melodramatic as I first thought. Melissa McCarthy is someone I always enjoy watching, and I’m a huge fan of Chris O’Dowd. For someone who plays comedy almost exclusively, he does an amazing job here.

I also watched Smashed (2012), Luce (2019), and Paradise (2013) as part of Mettel Ray’s Hidden Gems Challenge. September was Octavia Spencer month, and you can check out my post here.

TV wise, I’m still watching Season 2 of Ted Lasso although I’m 2 episodes behind right now. I’m loving this season just as much as the last one, but oh my goodness Nate is irritating me. I was so happy he got the confidence boost he needed but he’s getting close to irredeemable for me now. The reason I’m behind is because I finally gave into the hype of Squid Game, and everything else got put on hold. That show really is as good as everyone is saying! I get the feeling we’re going to see a lot of those tracksuits around Halloween this year. I also gave the first episode of Midnight Mass a try but it hasn’t gripped me like I hoped it would. Does it get better?

8 thoughts on “What I Watched: September 2021

  1. Oh Nate is coming pretty close to irredeemable at this point for me. Part of me imagines Ted Lasso doesn’t want that but Sudekis has described this season as The Empire Strikes Back season so I think we’re in for a rough finale!


  2. Oh man I can’t imagine watching The Many Saints of Newark without seeing The Sopranos! At least you probably didn’t feel beat over the head with some of the references, but uh..spoiler alert about Christopher lol.

    I forgot about Best Sellers. That’s one I think I’ll check out if I get the chance.


  3. I refuse to watch He’s All That as I never liked She’s All That when it first came out just as I was finishing high school and hated high school movies at that time because it bore no relevance to what I was going through at the time. I was upset to learn that they stopped a COVID-vaccine area just to film a scene where it went on for hours because Addison Rae can’t act for shit. I also heard there’s a scene where she and a guy throw horse shit at each other. That’s fucking revolting and I watched Salo mind you.


  4. Great recap! Oooh now I’m curious about Best Sellers. I also feel the same way about Green Knight. It’s style over substance but Dev Patel makes it so watchable!


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