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ODEON Limitless: Is it worth it? An update!

Around 3 years ago, I posted some thoughts on whether an ODEON Limitless membership was worth it. (Original post here!) At the time, I’d been a member for 3 months and now that I’ve realised I’ve been a member for 3 whole years, I figured now is as good a time as any for an update!

Now obviously there’s been cinema closures during the pandemic lockdowns and it was a relief to have not been charged whilst my local ODEON was closed. When it did reopen but new films were sparse, the monthly cost was £9.99. This has now been raised but strangely, and wonderfully might I add, it’s still a lower price than it was pre-pandemic with no obvious signs as to if and when it might rise again. I believe the cost is higher if you’re living in central London but for the rest of us, our monthly fee is now £12.99. At face value, I’d say that’s a great price!

Of course, the cost of a general ticket widely varies depending on what day of the week you’re visiting, what kind of seat you’re booking, etc. On saver days like Monday a ticket could cost you as little as £6.00 but if you’re watching one of the biggest releases of the year your ticket could cost upwards of £15.


The perks of the membership, except from being able to see what you want when you want is 10% off food and drink. I have to admit, the only time I’ve ever used this has been on really hot days when I’m desperate for a tango ice blast, because cinema food is expensive as hell!

I do wish membership came with more perks. The Cineworld membership certainly smashes ODEON on that point. But, if you’re going to see two or more movies a month, than it’s pretty silly not to become a member! Here’s what I’ve seen since spring/summer this year when cinemas reopened:

17th May 2021 – The Unholy
24th May 2021 – Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
29th May 2021 – Cruella
31st May 2021 – A Quiet Place Part II
10th June 2021 – Dream Horse
14th June 2021 – Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
18th June 2021 – In the Heights
24th June 2021 – Fast & Furious 9
8th July 2021 – Black Widow
16th July 2021 – Space Jam: A New Legacy
21st July 2021 – The Forever Purge
25th July 2021 – Old
27th July 2021 – The Last Letter From Your Lover
30th July 2021 – Jungle Cruise
3rd August 2021 – The Suicide Squad
11th August 2021 – Free Guy
17th August 2021 – The Courier
23rd August 2021 – Free Guy (Yep, I went twice)
26th August 2021 – Censor
30th August 2021 – Candyman
4th September 2021 – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
13th September 2021 – Malignant
23rd September 2021 – The Many Saints of Newark
1st October 2021 – No Time To Die
9th October 2021 – The Addams Family 2
15th October 2021 – The Last Duel
18th October 2021 – Venom: Let There Be Carnage
20th October 2021 – Ron’s Gone Wrong
22nd October 2021 – Dear Evan Hansen
24th October 2021 – The French Dispatch

I don’t need to show you the math to get you to understand that for me, my ODEON Limitless membership is without a doubt worth it! I’d have missed so many of these movies if I had to pay for each individual ticket, and whilst in some cases I’d be doing myself a favour (here’s looking at you, Dear Evan Hansen), there would also be some great gems I’d have missed like Malignant and Censor.

9 thoughts on “ODEON Limitless: Is it worth it? An update!

  1. I just got a membership to a cinema close to me where I get 1 admission per month + 20% off concession + earned points for money spent that I can use on concession / movie tickets. If I don’t use the 1 admission per month, it carries over to the next month. The price of the membership is a little less than a normal movie ticket, so as long as I make use of the 1 admission per month, it is a great deal 🙂

    But holy crap, you have seen a lot of movies in the cinemas since May. I’ve gone maybe 10 times since then.


  2. Oh you’ve seen The French Dispatch already! I missed its screening yesterday as I already committed to seeing ETERNALS. I can’t comment about ODEON though since I live in the US, but sounds like a good deal to me.


  3. It’s a shame Movie Pass bombed so spectacularly. That deal was too good to be true. My theater doesn’t have a monthly subscription like this. I kind of wish they did, but they have a points system that helps. Thankfully it’s easy to rack up points with how spendy everything is.


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