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Yearbook by Seth Rogen

Finishing this latest read is such a monumental moment for me in the Goodreads Challenge! I’ve taken part twice before, in 2017 and 2019, with a year skipped in between which is a strange coincidence. Each year I’ve set my target at 20 books for the year. It’s not a big number at all but I only read before going to sleep at night so I average around 2-3 weeks to finish a book, so the goal is manageable. Take a look at my stats below for the previous two years, I stopped at 18 books and have never hit the target.

goodreads-reading-challenge-progressWell, after finishing Yearbook by Seth Rogen, I’m at 19 books for the year! I’m going to smash my target for the first time and it feels great. 2021, you might have started out like a disaster, but you’re not so bad at the moment. Let’s talk about Yearbook though, shall we?

Just like how I don’t know how to review documentary movies, I don’t know how to really review biographies or autobiographies either, so just bare with me this time. I’m not sure what category Yearbook falls into actually, because it’s a collection of short stories from Seth Rogen’s life, recounted by him. I’ve always found Seth Rogen funny, but I don’t follow celebrity news and gossip so I know nothing about his actual life. I think that’s why I had such a blast reading this. I rarely laugh out loud when reading but this had me laughing many times!

From how Seth’s comedy lifestyle began, to the difficulties and hilarities of being Jewish, and through Seth’s movie work, there’s so much to enjoy. Of course, some stories stand out more than others but I enjoyed them all. I wasn’t a fan of The Interview (2014) but it was fascinating reading about the backlash and controversy around it. I was always convinced a lot of it was just a publicity stunt but reading this was a real eye opener.

I don’t think there’s much that Yearbook can offer you if you aren’t a fan of Seth Rogen, but if you’ve ever enjoyed his comedy work then I think you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.

6 thoughts on “Yearbook by Seth Rogen

  1. I do like Seth Rogen not only because he’s funny but for the fact that he is a good human being that cares about people and always feel the need to speak out against some kind of bullshit.

    I’m glad you’re one book away from completing your goal as there’s some I hope to finish before the end of the year as well.


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